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  2. Bouncing floor

    Your floor is a sandwich. Two sheets of 6mm ply wood and 25mm of polystyrene, bonded together to make a rigid floor. Because of age or dampness the bonding has broken down. The treatment can be done DIY by drilling holes at 6" centres through the top plywood sheet and the polystyrene, then using a resin to pour into the holes. The holes are then filled with dowels and when set, are smoothed flush. Needless to say, carpet or vinyl needs to be removed first
  3. Caravan cover

    The point just unscrews, and yes remove it, or it will tear through straight away. Just remember to pop the spike inside the Caravan or you will loose it. ..
  4. Caravan cover

    Status aerial spike just unscrews, no need to remove all the aerial. If you need to remove all the aerial, then there should be a cover to fit over the exposed aerial tube.
  5. Bouncing floor

    Sorry Chris-Can't offer any advice as I have the same problem on my 2012 Quasar 544 with a floor opposite the entrance door similar to my grandson's trampoline! I crawled underneath and got the wife to walk up & down, it didn't show any movement so I'm assuming the ply is de-laminating. I suspect that unfortunately it means taking up the plastic floor "lino" to get to it. Not sure if it is the fault of Lunar or their flooring suppliers. I think I'll just live with it for now.
  6. Caravan cover

    Me too. Never use covers. I would think that covers meant for a specific caravan would have something to deal with this issue, but any other cover that fits the size of any type of caravan, may not, so don't know. Sorry
  7. Caravan keys

    as we have gotten older and this also applies to folk with bad memories, we have found that you have to have a routine and a place for everything, so start from there. When you get to the site, open the door and lockers and put the wheel lock and hitchlock on then put your keys in the designated place until you need them again, each time returning the keys to the place that you have agreed on.
  8. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    How did we ever live without mobiles? Back in those pre-historic days we even used to go caravanning! This is the future - if you can afford it https://www. theguardian. com/technology/2017/nov/17/tesla-roadster-electric-supercar-elon-musk-fast
  9. unicorn 4 pampalona has arrived

    Hi Glynnis I was at the dealers earlier today it looks as though all the single axle vans have the mains hook up point behind the wheel arch. With the twin axles being at the front. However they all have the same mains socket which will stick out once the plug is inserted, the cover sticks out above the plug. regards Doug
  10. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    Don't understand all the negativity on here. Electric vehicles aren't the norm yet as they have a journey to make, but they will make it & with all the major manufacturers investing heavily, solutions will be found. Infrastructure may take longer as that has to come from central government which moves slightly slower than continental drift, but it will come. Battery technology has moved on a pace - remember those mobile phone batteries that were the size of a small suitcase compared to the small slither that now sits in the back of your mobile?
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  12. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    Dunno, but without innovation we would all be wondering what was outside the cave.
  13. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    The UK is a sideshow to global sales for the Prius. That UK company car drivers chose them due to the CO2 ratings based on an artificial cycle performance makes no difference to that.
  14. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    Long term gamble more like, which has paid off so far, but will the success continue?
  15. Bouncing floor

    I'e a lot of movement on my floor of my quasar 462 2009 any help would be welcome thanks
  16. Caravan cover

    I thought covers have a hole for the aerial, but I'm a non-cover user.
  17. Help!

    Having difficulty reading sideways and because you've circled what I assume are two different models. An upright picture of the car's actual weight plate would be better. Anyway I've reverted to the Peugeot website where it says that a current 1.6 100PS 2008 the Gross Vehicle Weight i.e the maximum a loaded car can legally weigh, is 1705kg and the Gross Train Weight i.e the maximum weight of loaded car and loaded trailer together is 2655kg. The difference between the two figures is 950kg. This means that if your car is loaded to it's GVW (1705kg) you can only pull 950kg. However Peugeot have also said that the car can pull up to 1270kg, which on the face of it is contradictory. What it actually means is that the car can pull up to 1270kg but mustn't exceed the GTW of 2655kg. So if the car is pulling 1270kg you must ensure that the car doesn't weigh more than 1340kg (1705kg minus 365kg). Given that the car's Mass in Service is 1330kg there really won't be any way that it can operate legally in such circumstances unless it's loaded to whatever Peugeot use as load to achieve the MIS figure. My guess is that it's based on driver only, no passengers and no load whatsoever. Of course you can reduce your caravan's load so that it doesn't weigh it's MTPLM and that will mean you can put more weight in the car. If you run your caravan totally empty and it's MIRO is 970kg, then you car can weigh up to 1685kg and still be legal.
  18. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    Prius hybrid sales in the UK would struggle if the BIK tax wasn't artificially low - it's a popular choice among company drivers but it doesn't deliver any real fuel savings.
  19. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    Toyota lost money on every mk1 Prius, exactly the same comments were made but it was a long term investment to the business to learn and continually improve, being the masters of ‘Lean’. Now they make a fortune out of the technology. Innovation isn’t always the easy option.
  20. Help!

    Right, from my cars handbook I've attached a picture with info on towing. Yo be honest all the abbreviations don't make much sense to me. The MAW of the van from the VIN is 1270kg. So am I right in thinking the van is too heavy for the car? Thanks
  21. Caravan cover

    Hi everyone We are about to put our cover on the caravan. We've followed the caravan talk guide to preparing it. The only concern we've got is the ariel, we have a status ariel, do we just take the spike off or the whole ariel and how? Thanks
  22. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    It's too early to tell - Lexus put a 8-year warranty on their hybrid batteries, with few replaced in or out of warranty - if the life of 2nd/3rd generation EVs improves, as it's likely to, then it'll last the effective life of the car - there's no reason to expect EVs to extend the 14-year old average scrappage age as the non- powertrain components will be the same as at present
  23. Les Pinedes Cote d'azur

    We stayed here a couple of years ago. It used to be a vineyard, hence the terraces. From the entrance is a very steep climb up to the pitch areas, if you did not want to attempt the climb with the caravan the site offered to take the caravan up with a tractor, I did it myself? We were on one of the terrace by the lower toilet block, only problem was that we were on a pitch which was 3rd in, so when it was time to leave the German family next to us had to take the awning down so we could get out? The cars are not on pitch but in a parking area next to the toilet block. As said the toilets are immaculate. the pool is down the hill. The pitches at the top of the campsite are very large, with room for the car! Would we stay here again YES!
  24. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    What do the battery packs for these vehicles cost ? , obviously they won’t last for ever & if they need replacing after X thousand charges is it going to be a viable proposition to replace them.
  25. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    Even welding cable would get no where near to passing that current. I think it is the wrong solution to a difficult problem, with politicians glossing over the practicalities.
  26. 2012 hobby stolen

    I had a Hobby a few years and they are like a magnet to thieves which is why after 6 years of ownership I got rid. ( broken into twice and things stolen ) Ironically the van could well be on it's way to Spain via Ireland. A large number of stolen Hobby's were found in Spain a few years ago
  27. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    The big car manufacturers - VW & some of the Japanese for example - are spending millions on the development of their EV platforms at the moment. It will take time to make the change over as it's taken us over 100 years to get where we are with the 'conventional' car as we know it today, but we have the advantage now of a pretty decent starting place. What the government announced a few months ago was that they wanted to move away from internal combustion engined ONLY vehicles, not a ban on the engine itself, but a forward plan of eventually getting rid of it. We are at a very early stage yet. If they can make trucks, then they can certainly make suv's if & when mass demand wants it. The truck tesla have launched would seem to me to suit the 'logistics' industry here as it will do what time is allowed by a tachograph & can be charged in the down time the driver must have. As I said it's very early doors, but get used to it as it will become the norm & we will be seen as the dinosaurs.
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