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  2. We only travelled from Gothenburg down to Malmo - sites were ok nothing special, never seen so many trees in my life - quite boring scenery broken by lakes, pretty expensive. Certainly wouldn't go back to that area but would, if it's OK for the caravan, to get up to the north of the country.
  3. Unicorn 4 Pamplona has arrived

    I saw that one yesterday, found it through a thread on the Caravan club forum. Hope it works ok.
  4. Not been myself but my in-laws did an 8 week campervan tour earlier this year from here in Germany, into Denmark, ferry to Norway, up the coast to the top, into Finland and back through Sweden. They loved all of it and were impressed with the majority of campsites, they did say there were quite a lot of mosquito's in Sweden (June)
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  6. Damp Certificate Query

    Not by law, sounds like your park wants to earn a few extra quid. H.
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  8. Will a Skoda do the job?

    (2) it will cancel the stop/start (Bluemotion) when the caravan is attached. why would you want this to happen ?
  9. Went a couple of years ago via Denmark, through Sweden and Finland to North Cape in Norway. there is quite a lot of information on our blog of the trip if you rummage about on it. The address for the Scandinavia trip is http://www. thirdtrip. opopanawaman. co. uk. I was a great trip that I'm sure Mrs Plod would enjoy. Steve
  10. Another place to try is MagBaz Travels. They have toured Europe no stop for 20 or more years in both motorhome and caravan. Their website is a mine of information. http://www. magbaztravels. com/ for the main page, http://www. magbaztravels. com/content/category/8/88/30/ for the Sweden index.
  11. Unicorn 4 Pamplona has arrived

    Might have a look at the €42 one, though I have found a connector without the 2pin flap from CAK Tanks http://leisurelines. net/mains-inlet-90deg-blue-cee-connection-lead-socket-3772-p. asp . .. which I've now ordered
  12. Diesel tax increase and fuel duty

    I'll let you know middle of next month when I renew the tax. .....
  13. Tyneside Leisure World

    We purchased a new Buccaneer from Leisure World Catterick, the sister outlet to Tyneside last January. We too cannot praise them highly enough for the service given. When we had to take the van back in May for some adjustments, they couldn't have been more helpful. Even when we purchased a new Bradcot awning and had a problem with it, Leisure world took the awning back and gave us a brand new unit. You could not ask for better service and I agree credit should be given where credit is due.
  14. Bailey Pegasus 514

    It is the wooden floor inside the side lockers. You will need a Pozi2 driver (as small electric like the Bosch IXO V makes life very easy and is useful to keep in the van anway) to remove the four corner screws to get the tray out. Don't be worried if the wood is discoloured and looking as if it is delaminating - the repair job will fix all that. The floor of the front locker is metal with a grille at the back centre (a good place to put you external wireless weather sensor if you carry one - dry and out of the sun.) I think the Kuga is one with a smart alternator. Of the three I would go for the CRV but you don't need a 4x4. A decently sized saloon or estate is just as good so long as it has a power equivalent to 40bhp or more per tonne of train weight of which you will be about 3 tonnes. We have a Passat estate - in your age range you should be able to get a B6 version with the 140TDi CR engine (note CR, nothing earlier) which pulls like a horse, but will do mid 40's mpg around town and well over 50 on a trip solo. Towing expect around 30.
  15. roof omnivent

    Wretched things fail for a pastime since they went to full electronic control. As soon as the motor wears a tiny bit the current draw goes up and the electronics trip out. I bought a brand new one for our previous Swift and it was faulty on delivery.
  16. roof omnivent

    Been out in van today and was going thru my checks before service and noticed that the omnivent was faulty. worked on full each way. but when on just tick over stopped and had the flashing back and for lights. so rang dealer and said yes covered under warranty
  17. Dorema Daytona air awning

    The awning shown above is the one I currently have, The new one is pictured here.
  18. Tyneside Leisure World

    I cannot praise the service from this company highly enough. We were over-nighting in Durham, en-route to Edinburgh. As we connected the Truma Ultraflow and turned the water on, water poured out of the fitting! On inspection, the unit was cracked. This all happened at 3pm. We feared the worst, but to our delight, a phone call to the above company and it was all sorted. I spoke to Carl the service manager who said “we have one in stock, so get here at 9am and it will be sorted”. We duly arrived at 9am, the van was taken straight into the workshop, the part fitted and we were on our way to Edinburgh. We were delighted with the price and quality of the service. It is about time we take the time to give credit to companies, instead of criticising them. This one was amazing!!! John.
  19. Malaga area

    It's not going to be on a site. I will be on a plot of land so no site fees as such. I'm not governed by size of unit or anything else like that. Planning on being over there setting up next March has there's a bit of work to do before I can pitch the van up
  20. Would you tow on this highway?

    can't see the problem, not steep, good surface and a few hairpin bends.
  21. Calor Lite - Replacement

    I had 2 heavy duty padded bags, with handles, made for my cylinders and store them securely inside over the axle when travelling.
  22. Unicorn 4 Pamplona has arrived

    That looks better! thanks for taking the time to try it and post photos 👍
  23. Calor Lite - Replacement

    If noseweight is an issue - low consumption users should use 2x 3. 9kg propane cylinders - high consumption users should use 1x Safefill - if noseweight isn't as issue the 2x 6kg propane steel cylinders aren't an issue.
  24. Alan Rogers has an excellent book. ..worth a read. Try this site for a few tips but not sites. https://www. routesnorth. com/planning-your-trip/camping-in-sweden-the-ultimate-guide/ geoff
  25. Calor Lite - Replacement

    Well said. . geoff
  26. Will a Skoda do the job?

    I thought the NW limit was 75kg for the superb?
  27. Calor Lite - Replacement

    You really are making a mountain out of a molehill! There are far more important things to worry about than lobbying toothless, clueless camping clubs for light weight gas cylinders. You managed without them before 2008 so I'm sure you'll manage again for the next year or two until (assuming they materialise) Calor release the next generation Lites. Until then, being the massive international company they are, they can make whatever policies they like. Supplying campers with small lightweight cylinders is just a drop in the ocean to their business. I fear you've gone beyond twisting your underwear, you've snapped the elastic. 👙😉
  28. Unicorn Series 1 or 2?

    You told me about the problems you had mate when I put up a thread when I purchased my Series 2 Pegasus last year. Like everyone else my biggest fear is damp so I will check everything out and buy a van with full service and damp reports. Out of interest what make would you recommend in terms of most well made and unlikely to suffer from damp?
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