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    • Hi We have had 2 motorhomes and moved to them in late 2012. Both of ours were AutoTrail and we did buy new (fortunately we did buy cash so could do a good deal with both). Our first was a 'toe in the water' and was a 2 berth end kitchen and washroom layout - this was really good but you find that there are limitations in respect to storage. We kept this for about two and a half years before looking for something larger and we got a 7. 6 metre long MH with singles beds, L shaped kitchen and separate shower and toilet/hand basin   areas amidships.   This had a lovely large 'garage' area which met all our storage needs and more. We go to France for about 14 weeks overall in a year and our holidays normally are touring inasmuch as we move on every few days but sometimes stay for a week if we like the area so MH really suited our needs. However we do take a later European holiday where we meet up with friends and stay on site for a few weeks and this is where we felt trapped without having a car to get around with. We did take our MH's out though both shopping and visiting sights of interest. In England we found having the MH a pain as wherever we went no one wants MH's especially car parks etc. so we always chose sites that had public transport reasonably nearby. We loved our last MH, great driving position, comfortable, easy to set up and leave especially if the weather was inclement and do still love them. Another plus is the MH fraternity is much more friendly and we have been 'camping' for 40+ years. However last year we decided that we might change back to a caravan partly for the reason of missing having transport when on site but also being greedy, we did miss not having a 2nd car (I always had to use my wife's car when it was available !). This year we have toured exactly the same as we have done in the MH but this time we have taken the car solo to places we would never have done with the MH (and in the past we have taken our MH's through some tight areas as we always travelled cross country and not via autoroutes unless the were free). One final point is that the lounging space in a MH is always restricted - yes we had a lovely bedroom area and sanitary accommodation plus a L shaped kitchen but you do not have the sprawling space that we have in our caravan. Therefore now, if the weather is inclement we have no problems lounging about, walking around a making a cup of tea, etc. On the other hand when on the move and you need a comfort break it was so easy with the MH - just park up and stop, just move to the loo in the MH whereas in a car/caravan combination it is a different matter. Servicing is another matter - one service for the habitation area and a separate one for the vehicle (often MH dealers cannot or do not have the facility to do both) and thereby this can also be an issue to find a garage that could lift up and service a heavy MH (we used a very good HGV main dealer for ours). If you had something wrong or a warranty issue with the habitation side and the dealer kept the MH you were then without a vehicle - luckily we were never in this position. In all, so many fors and againsts - as I said we still love MH's and who knows we may change back at some time in the future and if we do it would be an A Class next time around.   Hope this gives you some food for thought. Alan  
    • Why was the thread on pet passports and the thread on your passport merged as the pet passports effects people now as it takes 4 months and anyone hoping to travel .     RIDICULOUS .     Dave
    • In the course of my job in the auto industry I had a lot to do with regulations as they apply to vehicle design. It's purely out of curiousity that I'm still interested in the subject since my retirement.
    • toby6033.  and Black Grouse   I would suggest it’s not worth taking the risk of towing with the cable looped round the tow ball, both in terms of safety and  legality. Just Talk to Westfalia UK in Deeside and ask them if they have a solution for your particular bar, I’m sure they will have a solution. I did and for only £13 including fitting and VAT I was sorted out (see my earlier post in this thread).   I can’t understand why they don’t supply the fix with all new bars given that everyone has the same problem.   https://www. westfalia-automotive. com/uk/contact/
    • We had our first motorhome in 1973 and went over to a caravan in 1975 when we started a family. Since then we've had numerous examples of both and have toured all over the UK and Europe so maybe I qualify to pontificate on the subject?   Motorhomes and caravans require a completely different attitude to get the best out of them and in my experience ex-tuggers (motorhomer slang for caravanners) don't transfer to the ways of motorhoming easily. You'd need to forget most of what you know about touring caravans and start again from scratch.   Family size is important. A motorhome can very cramped in relation to a similarly sized caravan so personal privacy is at a premium. As a result I would recommend motorhoming to young couples or retired couples but NOT families. Second important point is that if you do most of your touring in the UK a caravan wins hands down. The UK is very anti-motorhome and you'll be unable to use one to its full potential. If however you tour overseas than you'll find that a motorhome has huge advantages over a caravan. Massive choice of very cheap and interesting stopovers. almost unlimited freedom, easier driving experience, complete absence of the need for forward planning etc.   Read the comments from Mr Plodd, what he says is valid and correct - but IMO it's more about attitude rather than cost (although you obviously need to be in a position to afford the change).   Having used both for many years I don't decry either - but they are VERY different, don't assume that you'll be able to move from one to the other easily.   BTW: You don't get the "real" motorhome experience by hiring, they need to be "personalised" to get the "full" experience.
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