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Caravan & Motorhome Talk (CMT) Guidelines
with Terms and Conditions





While the public can see most forum areas, we would encourage you to register in order to participate fully. Registration is free and will not only allow you to view additional forum areas not visible to guests but among other things let you ask questions, and, should you become a supporter use the personal messaging service with other members. Initial registration gives you limited forum access as a "Registered Member" but as soon as you contribute to Caravan Talk by posting on the forum, your profile will automatically be upgraded to "Approved Member" to give you full access.

Important: By registering you are agreeing to receive automated email notifications from our system (e.g. alerting you to replies to your posts) and occasional Caravan Talk updates that may contain relevant marketing material from our Trade supporters. This is one of the ways that we fund our forum. To stop receiving these emails all you need to do is to unsubscribe by cancelling your membership.

When a member cancels their membership, sometimes their posts are left online and so will appear as a "guest" post. We do not however permit non-members to post on the forum and membership registration is required to contribute to caravan and Motorhome Talk.        



To sign up, click the "Sign Up" link at the top right of any page. You will then need to provide a contact email address, choose a password and confirm it.

You can choose whether to accept news and updates but you must indicate your agreement with the  "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" before finally clicking on the "Create my account" box.

As above: accepting news and updates is a condition of membership of the forum. The related tick box is just for our information. We average less than one email send per month and aim to make it relevant and useful.



Once you have signed up for an account, you can log in by clicking the "Existing user? Sign In" button at the top of any page.

This will open a pop-up menu allowing you to enter your chosen ID in the upper box, and your chosen password in the lower box. There is an option to "Remember me" if your computer is secure. We do not recommend you opt for this if using a shared computer.

Finally click on the "Sign In" box to load your details and gain access to the forum.



Security is a feature on this board; therefore all passwords are encrypted when you register. This means that our staff cannot read your password and email it to you.

If at any point however you forget your password, in the blue header bar click on "Existing User? Sign In" and from the pop-up box, click on the blue text "Forgot your password?" Enter in the box the email address you used to register and click on "Recover Password". Email instructions will then be sent to your email address used for signing in. Please check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive within a few minutes.

Note that if you locked your account by typing in the wrong password too many times, you will still need to unlock your account before you can use your new password. Please contact an administrator by email to Admin@caravantalk.co.uk for assistance if you encounter trouble with a locked account.   



We recommend that you change your password from time to time and this can be done automatically from your account settings. Once logged in, click on your profile name and select "Account Settings" from the drop-down menu and next to the key symbol click on the word "Password". You will then be asked to supply your current password. Enter your new password and confirm it. Note that this may contain numbers, letters and/or other characters such as * or # but not spaces. Finally, click on "Save" and your new password will be saved in an encrypted form that not even Admin can decipher.        



This can be done automatically from your account settings. Once logged in, click on your profile name and select "Account Settings" from the drop-down menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

In the event that your new email address is rejected please email Admin@caravantalk.co.uk and we will investigate and if possible change the email address for you.    



To log out click your profile name at the top right of the page and from the drop-down menu select "Sign Out".



Scroll to the bottom of the page where a list of users online is printed. Those names in red are moderators or administrators. Click on one of these names to open their profile and then click on the envelope symbol in the black header to send a personal message. In the pop-up window, enter a post title, followed by your message, then click "send". Alternatively, an email can be sent to Admin@CaravanTalk.co.uk and information can be passed on but note that such emails may not always be acknowledged.

CMT Supporters always have priority with communications.    



If you wish to report a specific post to all moderators and administrators, at the top right of all posts there is the text "Report post". Click on this to draw this post to our attention. There is also an opportunity to add a short comment before clicking on the "Submit Report" button. We will not necessarily reply, but you are assured that the reported post will receive our attention.



Please note that when you first register with Caravan Talk you are granted restricted access to the forum. As soon as you submit your first post (many members like to say, "hello"  in the "New member introductions" section) then registration checks are automatically completed and your profile is upgraded to "Approved member" and granted unrestricted access most forum areas.

If your first post on the forum is asking for help or advice, it is really appreciated if you can let the members who reply know if the advice was useful, and if not, how you overcame the issue.



Apart from browsing the various forum areas, we also have a "View New Content" option that allows you to customise what you see from everything that has been posted since your last visit, to specific topics you have chosen to follow.

Members with Personal Message access can set their preferences to be notified either by email or message when given topics are added to. Also when browsing, clicking on the spot to the left of the topic title moves to the last unread post. A star indicates a topic previously contributed to.   



At the top right of the screen, there is a search box. Click in this box and type a word and click on the magnifying glass symbol or press "enter" key. By default this will search the whole forum for your word. Clicking one of the options from the drop-down menu can customise the search. If that does not give the result you seek, there is a further option to edit the search word(s) and if necessary "More search options" allows you to refine your search, before clicking on "Search Again" in the black box.

To help new members we will indicate if a topic has been moved to a more appropriate sub-forum area but for members with ten or more posts, we will assume this is unnecessary, as they should be conversant with the search system.  



General discussions will be in Caravan Chat, otherwise please select a topic area appropriate to the subject you wish to discuss.

Please note: When starting a topic, you will be automatically subscribed to replies to that topic and will receive email notifications.

Click on the green "Start new topic" box at the head of the forum area. This will open a window headed "Create new topic". Under the "Content" tab enter a topic title, and optionally add a Tag" word that may be searched for by members.

Click in the text box and type your comment, question or other information. You can drag small images etc., into the attach file box, or click on "choose files" to browse your computer for a file. By placing the cursor in the text box and then clicking on the plus symbol of an attached file, that file will be inserted into the post at the cursor location.

To quote a link to another URL from a word in your reply; first highlight the address to link to and copy to the clipboard, then go to your text reply and highlight the word to be used for the link. Click on the chain link icon at the head of the text box, and in the popup window, paste the link from the clipboard into the "URL" box and click "Insert into post".

Finally, click on "Submit Topic" to upload your post. If you notice an error, you have 30 minutes in which to edit the post, after which it will be locked for editing.   



In addition to posting text, it is possible to initiate a poll. Click on the green "Start new topic" box at the head of the forum area. This will open a window headed "Create new topic". Under the "Poll" tab enter a pole title, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Click on the "Poll-only content" to prevent text replies, leaving this box blank allows respondents to add comments in addition to answering your posted questions.

Finally, click on "Submit Topic" to upload your poll. If you notice an error, you have 30 minutes in which to edit the poll, after which it will be locked for editing.   



Hovering your cursor over a thread title opens a box showing the opening post while a topic can be opened and all posts read by clicking on the thread title.



Please note: When replying to a topic, you will be automatically subscribed to additional replies to that topic and will receive email notifications.

Either use the "Reply to this topic" box at the head of the thread or scroll to the last post and click in the "Reply to this topic" box. Type your response in the text box. You can drag small images etc., into the attach file box, or click on "choose files" to browse your computer for a file. By placing the cursor in the text box and then clicking on the plus symbol of an attached file, that file will be inserted into the post at the cursor location.

To quote a link to another URL from a word in your reply; first highlight the address to link to and copy to the clipboard, then go to your text reply and highlight the word to be used for the link. Click on the chain link icon at the head of the text box, and in the popup window, paste the link from the clipboard into the "URL" box and click "Insert into post".

Finally, click on "Submit Reply" to upload your post. If you notice an error, you have 30 minutes in which to edit the post, after which it will be locked for editing.



To close your account with Caravan Talk, please send an email request to Admin@CaravanTalk.co.uk giving your forum ID and registered email, if different from the one used to send the request. Account deletion is a permanent action that cannot be reversed.

Please be aware that your posts on the forum will remain visible but at your request can be anonymised if that request is made when asking for an account deletion.






Our Aim:

We strive to make our website/forum a family friendly, respectful and relevant place for members to share information and support.


Forum Terms and Conditions



All rights for the website and forum caravantalk.co.uk along with associated websites, remain with AlphaQuad Limited, Unit C, Wixford Park, George's Elm Lane, Bidford on Avon, B50 4JS - hereafter referred to as Caravan & Motorhome Talk, Caravan Talk or CMT.


All Members:

All members joining the CMT forum agree to the following terms and conditions.



Individual memberships can be revoked at any time by the admin team, at their discretion. If your original membership has been revoked, you are not permitted to rejoin or access this forum, and attempting to do so will be considered unauthorised access to, and misuse of, our systems and services. You will be informed by email that your access has been revoked and rejoining the forum may incur charges based on our standard hourly rate at the time. Multiple registrations by one person are not permitted without the express permission of a forum administrator.

By registering, all members agree to receive occasional Caravan Talk updates that may contain relevant marketing material from our Trade supporters. This is one of the ways that we fund our forum. To stop receiving these emails you will need to unsubscribe by cancelling your CMT membership.



Members wishing to resign from the CMT forum may do so by sending a PM or email (admin@caravantalk.co.uk) to any member of Admin. Their access will then be removed, but they may rejoin the forum at any time with a new profile unless their membership has been revoked.

Any member known to be using or encouraging the use of advertisement blocking software will be deemed to have resigned from this forum and at our discretion may have their profile closed and membership revoked.


Free Forum:

This is a free members-only forum, not an open public forum or chat room, we do not require contributions or subscriptions, although donations in the form of a subscription are always welcome should you wish to become a supporter. The board may be withdrawn at any time without notice.



Whilst it is possible to view a number of areas as a guest, it is not possible to see all forums or contribute unless first logged in as a member. Posts from ex-members may be shown as being posted by a guest.


New Members:

New members are encouraged to make their first post within the welcome forum. Please click and start a new topic to introduce yourself, as doing so will allow an automatic upgrade to "Approved Member" status and allow access to additional areas of the forum. Please be aware that if your first submission to a forum is one of complaint about another company, it is most likely that it will be removed.


Caravan Talk Supporters/Patrons

Some members may choose to pay an annual fee of £15 including VAT to become a CMT Supporter. These members are given additional features and levels of access. If one of these members leaves the forum then a full refund for the current year's subscription may be offered on request.


Trade Members:

If, to the best of our knowledge, a member represents a commercial organisation or professional body related to the leisure industry, by invitation these members may be listed as "Trade Members". Following an agreement with Caravan Talk, such members may optionally add to their signature, a small logo and/or URL, a visible email address, and a telephone number that relates to their business. They will also receive permission to promote their latest special offers, new products and other items they feel will be of interest, in the relevant section.

Given that there is a commercial advantage to posting as a trade member, we ask that if such members wish to promote their business via this forum, and they have a website, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed, they clearly link back to the forum homepage from their home page, and respond positively in the unlikely event that we ask for the format of this link to be changed.

Our trade membership listing will be monitored and if a member has not logged in for a year or more, or we feel has not contributed positively to Caravan Talk, has removed their website link to Caravan Talk, or has closed their website, we reserve the right to withdraw the privilege of "Trade Membership" without consultation. Should your trade membership be removed for any reason, this will be a decision taken by the CMT team and will not be a subject for discussion.


Moderators and Administrators:

Most who help run the board, do so on a voluntary basis to help build a better community. As a result, our time resources are limited, so please help us to keep things running smoothly by following the guidelines given in these Terms and Conditions. CMT has entrusted these volunteers to assist with focusing topics of discussion and enforcing the terms of membership if needed. They can delete posts; move, close, delete or merge topics; and may temporarily hide a post or topic while carrying out these actions and/or contacting contributors. Please understand that we are not attempting to censor any messages or opinions, but we expect members to show respect for those holding differing opinions. With prior agreement from Caravan Talk, Administrators and Moderators may add a small logo and/or URL within their signature field.

Important: Moderators and Administrators (referred to also as Mods and Admins) do not represent the views of Caravan & Motorhome Talk (also known as Caravan Talk, CMT, or AlphaQuad Ltd). Any views they express are their own and AlphaQuad Ltd can accept no liability in respect of those views or information that they post or information that they hide or delete. Mods and Admins are subject to the same responsibility as other members as set out below.


Your Responsibility:

You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless this forum, and any related websites. We also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or any information we have about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any information posted by you.


Your Account:

You have the ability, as you register, to choose your personal username. This can be different from the name you choose to display on your profile but we advise that you keep both names appropriate to a family orientated forum. You agree never to give the password for your user account to anyone else, for your protection and for validity reasons. You also agree to never use another member's account to post messages or browse this forum.


Duplicate accounts:

For the purpose of posting anonymously and also known as "sock puppet accounts", these are not permitted. Use your own account for posting personal opinions as posts from known sock puppet accounts may be deleted, and both the "puppet" and "original" account may be closed to prevent continued use of this forum. An exception to this rule is the use of the clearly identified "Admin" IDs that can be used by several of the team to post official notes, and to receive PMs, although a quicker response is likely if PMs are addressed to a named moderator or administrator.


Your Profile:

After your registration has been approved, you can log in and edit your profile. It is your responsibility to present, to the best of your knowledge, clean and accurate information. Any profile information we deem inaccurate, inappropriate, or vulgar will be removed. We particularly would like members to add something in the location field (just the county or nearest town) but please refrain from using animated images for your avatar, or signature, unless you have prior permission from admin. Approved Members may add the URL of a private website, however, commercial links should only be added after permission from admin is received. This is usually only granted to trade members.


Participation in the forum:

There is no requirement for members to post in the forum but if you do we expect you to treat other forum participants with respect. Please choose an appropriate forum area when starting new threads and ensure that the topic title has some bearing upon the content.



Posting the same message, or an unsolicited commercial message, to one or many topics areas is considered spam, and not permitted on CMT. Duplicate messages may be deleted or consolidated by our moderators. See also "Personal Messages" and "Emails".


How We Work:

Healthy discussion is promoted, dissent, rudeness and deliberate confrontation is not. The moderators and administrators of this forum reserve the right to relocate, remove or edit, any post or thread, for whatever reason they deem necessary, and the members concerned will not necessarily be contacted regarding these actions. However, we cannot guarantee that moderators or administrators will review all postings or threads. If your posts are removed, please do not question the removal, or re-post the same again. Volunteers give their limited time freely to run the board, so cannot be expected to enter into discussions. We will do our best to let Supporter level members know why their posts have been moderated.


Locked threads:

Generally, we aim to keep threads open for all members to contribute and we endeavour to keep the number of locked threads to a minimum, however, there are occasions when this is not appropriate. Examples include (i) announcements that are not intended for discussion (ii) where inappropriate thread submissions require time to assess and/or remove (iii) where there is little benefit from further discussion (iv) a duplicate discussion running (v) when a thread has run off-topic. If a thread is locked we reserve the right to remove any new thread that attempts to circumvent our decision and reopen the topic.


Bad Language:

This is a family site, therefore swearing, foul language and profanities are not acceptable in any form, and where seen will be removed. Even if you do not find a particular word or phrase offensive, please respect others who may. Swearing includes direct swear words, abbreviated swear words, net-speak swearing, and disguised words where symbols or other characters are used to circumvent our automatic word filters.


Automatic Word Filters:

Automatic word filters are used to prevent the posting of prohibited text. This text will include both unacceptable words and the names of certain companies who have expressed a wish not to be mentioned on this forum. Do not circumvent our automatic word filters.


Accuracy of Posts:

Note that it is impossible for us to confirm the validity of forum posts. Please remember that we do not actively monitor all posted messages and are not responsible for their content. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information presented. The messages express the views of the author, not the views of this forum.


Negative Posts:

Please avoid posting overly negative, aggressive or abusive comments about companies, organisations or individuals. Such posts may be removed if we see them, but ones taking a more subtle approach will probably remain. If you have a legitimate complaint against a company or individual, there are accepted routes through which these can be made. This forum is not one of them. Any members that the administrators feel are not contributing to the well being of the forum will be warned and if they continue in that manner their membership will be revoked, this decision will be final. We reserve the right to disclose such information as we hold regarding any member who posts damaging or defamatory statements about individuals or companies.


All Posts, including images:

Any posts or images you add to this forum may remain available to the public for as long as CMT is online and we will not generally edit the content unless it contravenes the membership terms and conditions. In the unlikely event that we do edit your post and you do not like the changes, we can at our discretion delete the message and at your request. Posting content of any type indicates that you have given permission for CMT to make royalty-free use of that content on this site and you waive your right to be credited as the author. 

Please only start a topic in the 'Chat' section if there is not a specific sub-section for the subject


Copyright Material:

You should not post, or supply to us for addition to the website, any copyrighted material, whether text or images unless you own the copyright or you have consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. If you see such material, please alert us by using the report button. In the case of copyright infringement we reserve the right to pass on your supplied contact information to the copyright holder or their representatives.


Manual Post Removal:

If any individual or company believes that a thread or individual post is objectionable, they are encouraged to notify an administrator or moderator of this forum immediately whereupon appropriate action will be taken. We will remove objectionable content, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary. This is a manual process, however, so please realise that we may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately. This policy also applies to member profile information.


Report Button:

There is a report button on every posting and personal message. Please use this to alert a moderator or administrator to that post, and add a brief line of text giving your reason. If in our opinion any rules have been broken, we will take appropriate action. Please note that reports will not always be acknowledged personally.


Informal Warnings:

For minor transgressions this is all that may be all that is needed, however for persistent or deliberate breaking of the T&Cs we may escalate our response to the procedure outlined under 'formal warnings'. The formal warnings procedure is a guideline only and we may vary from what is written below.


Member Formal Warnings:

If a member's posts are reported to us as being unacceptable, or they disregard the T&Cs, we may choose to issue a formal warning. The guidelines we work to comprise of three stages however, in severe cases we reserve the right to increase the warning level or impose an instant ban.

1. A first formal warning will consist of a personal message to the member combined with a 7 day moderator preview requiring all of the member's posts to be approved manually before becoming visible on the forum. The member will need to acknowledge the warning before being able post.

2. If the member breaks the terms of membership again, or has an inappropriate post reported, a second-level warning may be issued. This will comprise another personal message, combined with a one-month posting ban, and backed by a copy of the warning to the member's registered email address. The member will need to acknowledge the warning before being able post on the forum.

3. If after this a member breaks the terms of membership for a third time, an IP ban will be imposed upon them, backed by an email to their registered email address revoking their membership.


Trade Member Formal Warning:

Since trade members are perceived as representing the industry we can reasonably expect exemplary professional behaviour from them on CMT, and if the T&Cs; are disregarded, each case will be reviewed by the forum administration and appropriate action taken.


Warning Points:

Members can only see their own warning points (that for most will be zero) although our moderators and administrators can see all members warning points.

No warning points are added for informal warnings.

In the case of formal warnings, generally, one warning will attract one warning point, although we reserve the right to increase this in severe cases.

An Approved Member who accumulates three warning points, can expect their membership to be terminated if they further disregard the T&Cs; of this forum.

A Trade Member will be treated more strictly, and if a second warning point is received their trade status will be removed, and if they are permitted to continue as an approved member of this forum, their warning points will remain against their profile.

The content of any formal warning is permanently logged and our moderators and administrators have no ability to remove this data once it has been archived. Warnings are reviewed from time to time (usually annually) and warning points may be reduced or removed if it is felt appropriate.


Commercial Content:

There shall be no commercial content within an avatar or personal signature without prior permission from Admin. CMT reserve the right to include, or permit the inclusion of, limited commercial content anywhere on any forum it owns. Companies may not promote their own business without first submitting their contact details and registering as a trade member with CMT.

Classified Adverts:

Any approved member may place personal advertisements in the 'Classifieds' sections of our websites. Trade members can also place advertisements in the 'Classifieds' section of the website, and may also submit advertisements in the 'Special Offers and Competitions' section of the forums. CMT take no responsibility for the validity of any advertisement, and all posts, remain the responsibility of the member submitting them.


Personal Messages, Emails and Confidential Communications:

You agree not to publish on CMT, the content of emails, PM’s or confidential communications unless you have written permission of the sender. You also agree not to publish the content of emails from this forum in any public area without prior written consent from CMT. Additionally posting the same email to many, or an unsolicited commercial message, is considered spam, and not permitted on CMT. If such action is reported to us we will take appropriate action to prevent a recurrence. Note that members can receive a personal message from Admin, even if they do not have permission to initiate a message, or their inbox is full.



There is a gallery section, in which members can place pictures. These must comply with the same T&Cs as text submissions and are the sole responsibility of the person posting them. The maximum image size for the gallery is currently 1024 x 768 pixels but may vary. Small images may be added to the body of a posting in the form of a thumbnail, provided it enhances the posting. All images should be compressed.


Animated images:

Animated images are not permitted anywhere on the board without prior consent from Admin.


Help Button:

For more information on how the board works, please click on the 'Guidance' tab in the header bar.


Flood Control:

There is a minimum time limit set between consecutive posts or PMs from any individual member. This is to both protect the forum from unwanted forum spam, and to prevent our forum being used to emulate a chat room.


QR Codes:

Members using QR codes anywhere on CMT remain solely responsible for their content. They may be used as an avatar, but will be checked, and if any are found to be inappropriate, CMT reserves the right to delete them, and take any action deemed necessary to prevent their resubmission.



There is no restriction on fonts that can be used in signatures, but we ask that you minimise the use of bright colours and large fonts and images. URLs are not permitted in the signature field without prior permission from admin.


Your Agreement:

You agree, through your use of CMT that you will not post any material which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racist or invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of ANY law. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or you have consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Posting content of any type indicates that you have given permission for CMT to make royalty free use of that content on this website and forum, in the case of copyrighted material, that you have procured permission from the owner of that material and accept full responsibility for the inclusion and later use of that information.

Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate to this forum. You may place occasional relevant links to commercial websites, but you may not openly promote your own, or any other website without express agreement in writing from CMT. Computer misuse is a crime, and submissions to this forum can be traced, so for your own protection, think before submitting a post.



Whilst Caravan Talk makes every effort to ensure that the information posted in our forums is accurate, under no circumstances will we be liable for any loss or damage including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage or any loss or damages whatsoever arising from use, or the loss of use of, data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, information or advice offered. Consequently, CMT assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information and will not be liable for any claims by third parties for any damage or injury arising from reliance on the information given.

The decision of the forum administration on the interpretation of these rules is final and binding on all members and no discussion will be entered into. AlphaQuad Ltd reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time without notice.


Updated May 2021

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