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Caravan Gas

Propane vs butane? The dangers of LPG? Which cylinders are best. .. discuss them all here.

Gas (also known as Liquid Petroleum Gas - LPG) - a hugely important commodity for caravanners, the safe and efficient use of which is vital to almost any caravan holiday.


Calor Gas are our resident Caravan Talk Experts in Gas and monitor these forums, so if you post a question they may be able to help.

For new caravanners in particular, understanding gas safety for storage, transportation and use is paramount. If you are ever in serious doubt about caravan gas safety, then contacting a registered Gas Safe engineer should be your first port of call.
However, for all non-urgent or general caravan gas queries, information and advice, you’ll struggle to find a more knowledgeable bunch than the Caravan Talk members. Perhaps you’re having problems with a gas cooker or heater, or you want to know more about SafeFill cylinders. Or, you may be a new caravanner simply wondering whether you need propane or butane, and how much LPG you’ll need for an upcoming caravan holiday.
Be sure to check through our Caravan Gas threads in your search for answers, and feel free to post your own query if you can’t find the information you need.

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