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Prumtal Camping

Borussia 1900
  • In der Klaus 17, D - 54636 Oberweis 2016 September Don't know 4 Pitch surface was a bit gravelly and someone 'stole' my pitch!! They arrived about an hour before me, liked the look of my pitch and the receptionist asked them if they were me by name and they said they were (even though they were German and I have an English name). When I arrived they refused to move, my wife (she's German too) had to calm me down, it could've turned nasty. No Sat TV reception due to trees. Yes Yes 101+ Yes Yes Yes 5 Yes 16 4 Yes Yes No access problems Oberweis is a small village in the Eifel, it's a short drive from Bitburg (Germany's most popular beer is brewed in Bitburg). Not for from the Luxembourg border and the Moselle Valley. Probably in Bitburg 5 The toilet/shower facilities are very modern and spotlessly clean. <br />A clean & tidy site<br />Excellent outdoor pool and central bar/restaurant complex 5 Yes A relaxed and friendly site (apart from the pitch thief) www.pruemtal.de

Lovely area
Nice Pool
Great toilet/shower facilities

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Here's a link from ACSI

https://www. campingcard. co. uk/germany/rhineland-palatinate/oberweis/prumtal-camping-oberweis-100156/?campName=Pr%FCmtal-Camping%20Oberweis


And here's one for the site itself (the link from ACSI is broken)

http://www. pruemtal. de/home-en?lang=en


Stayed there in 2013 and really enjoyed it. Excellent restaurant and you can smoke in the bar ! :blink:

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