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Camping Du Loup

  • Route de la Forêt, 65100 Lourdes, France 2017 June No 3 Dated facilities but cheap and only 2 star so as much as can be expected. Washing machine, WiFi in a very limited area close to office, pay for showers (1 Euro tokens)<br />No English spoken I don't think! Yes Yes 51-100 Yes Yes No 3 Yes 6AMP 4 No Yes Approach from D13 to south of site difficult - very sharp turn into site. Best to approach on D13 from the north then easy access. Lourdes! Supermarkets etc short drive. 5 Yes. Grass cut and toilets clean but dated. Uni sex area 4 Yes Quiet and pleasant - relaxing. http://www.camping-du-loup-lourdes.com/ https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-54184400-1499779856.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-80310300-1499791067.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-45086500-1499791082.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-31507000-1499791091.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-26064600-1499791097.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-18467300-1499791106.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-77120600-1499791114.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-71205800-1499791123.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-61349600-1499791135.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-62057900-1499791142.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-85271500-1499791149.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-49056200-1499791174.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-64626300-1499791204.jpg,monthly_07_2017/ccs-40823-0-97045500-1499791248.jpg
Proximity to the Grotto etc if this is the focus of your visit (20 mins walk). Also nicely situated for touring around, Cirque de Gavarnie within easy reach.
Open grassy site with shade. Reasonably flat. Very quiet and peaceful. More suitable for couples without children I think. Friendly for caravans and motorhomes.
Small site of 60 emplacements.
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