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  2. Coming back from York a few weeks ago with the caravan, I got caught by a mobile camera van. Unusually in my limited experience, the single carriageway stretch of the A19 had fairly light traffic and I was bowling along quite happily keeping up with the flow, so no excuses. However, what has prompted this is that both the initial letter confirming the driver and the one I've just received outlining my options tell me that my alleged offence is "Speeding - exceed 50 mph for a goods vehicle" - which of course is wrong - I was towing a caravan and although subject to the same limits, my offence is, I believe, covered by a different section of the Road Traffic acts. So I'm interested to know if anyone else has had this unfortunate experience and whether the same wording was used. Is it just lazy terminology or a mistake? I'm not trying to get out of this as even if it went to court I assume I'd have to travel to York and they would, I assume, get the charge correct when preparing the court documents. Having committed the crime, taking the Speed Awareness Course seems to be the sensible option. John M
  3. What exactly do you need to know?
  4. Must admit that's a new one on me too. I'm hoping the other tips, better access and the right tool will see me right! Doubt I'll get chance to do this for a week or two as we are away in the van all next week and both weekends!
  5. My guess is you’ve simply been unlucky - a bit of towing clutch abuse on the back of a previous owner that rode the clutch; I’ve never rode the clutch and have no idea why anyone would but there is every chance the previous owner did.
  6. Hello, does anyone know of a cheap insurance for Hobby caravans? My van is worth around 4000 pounds.
  7. I have been doing some research and I am still baffled- the 2L 180hp engine in my Mondeo is the same as in the Ford Edge which is a much heavier car - the Mondeo can tow 2 ton the same as the edge. How does this work?!
  8. You are correct - the old one only had the EU symbol on it.
  9. If we are going 'who towed with the smallest engine' . My first tow car was an 803cc Morris Minor towing 10'6" 4 berth Fairholme .. towed with no problems, including around Snowdonia .
  10. Have you created an 'account' to start with - if you purchased your package direct with ACSI you don't need to do this again. Did you download the correct ACSI App - it should be the one with the blue cc logo on it ? You should have no problems with either Samsung phone or tablet as I run it on my Samsung phone. Alan
  11. Plus me for this CL, not a good option as MalH says but a brilliant option
  12. Svime I'm not an engineer, but someone I respect with much more experience told me that, although counter-intuitive, if he encountered a difficult bolt he always tightened it a little before unscrewing. Apparently works best for steel bolts in an aluminium housing. I have done this on a number of occasions since and it has generally been successful.
  13. Today is the sixth anniversary of writing off a brand new van at Blois in the Loire
  14. Thanks all for the advice, I might see if my dealer has a sample piece they can post out. As it's a 200 mile round trip to Swindon Caravans, Swindon I'd like to sort it myself.
  15. I think that you were very accomodating. It is of course quite unreasonable that his satellite dish should have any bearing whatsoever on your use of your allocated pitch. It is typical of a certain type, like those who cover every inch of their pitch with equipment and then try to park on a neighbouring one. There was one chap on a site in Spain that had his caravan and awning on one pitch another awning on the other side with his car on a second pitch and a third pitch for their washing. He was Dutch too.
  16. I do the vast majority of the work on my car and have done since I got my first car and was told it was fully serviced. 6 months later at MOT time it was found to have no material left on the rear shoes. I now have little to no faith in any garage. Any garage that says they do a full service for X amount and I’d walk straight out. A ‘full’ service for little fiesta that is at the point that it only needs an oil and filters change is very different to an X5 needing belts, all fluids, filters and brakes doing. My xc60 gets new oil and filter every 9k rather than 12k, it had a full set of mintex disks and pads not long ago, I even fitted my own tow bar. Only things I don’t do are tyres and god forbid any bodywork.
  17. As the OP here is what I did - I talked to the guy, he explained that, as the site is in a pine forest ( as many are in this area of France ) he only had a limited area “ to aim at “ with his dish. He had tried other parts of his pitch but with no success. Said I would think about it. We decided where we would locate our van and deliberately put it right in front of his dish. Called the guys wife ( he had gone off on his bike ) out to have a look and for comments etc - was not, as one could imagine, best pleased. Then, as she stood there, I used the mover to take the van just to the edge of the dish and said I was, of course, joking with the first position. She broke out laughing, was appreciative of what we had done, and I think we might have made a friend. We are happy where the van is and, who knows, we might get invited to look at some tv soon, although I assume it will be in Dutch! When the guy came back he was happy, but then totally persisted me off by telling me that Brexit will be very bad for Britain!! Not followed that one up in detail yet, but, if I hadn’t today put the awning up, the van might have been moving again😀😀
  18. Hi all, Thanks for all your replies. I think I have sorted it now. I went to our storage place today armed with multi meter, checked output of solar panel on the connection panel inside my van the output was over 20v so great then I checked input to battery after I disconnected it and it was 3v. Anyway pushed a set button on the internal panel and the numbers changed! and low & behold I now have 13.3v going into my battery. I'm not sure what the actual setting should be as my manual is in foreign. I think I have it set on 5. Seems to be working now at last. Thanks again everyone
  19. I am having the same problem.I purchased the card, guide and with it came App with unique access code. Have downloaded App on my Motorola e5 mobile but only get Italy. Go to 3 bars in top left and every time just describes downloading. Have uninstalled it as per the advice above several times but still no joy. Installed it on my Samsung tablet and it is the same. Stuck with Italy. Is it because my phone and tablet are not up to the spec needed as ACSI state: Suitable for smartphones and tablets (Android 4 +, iOS7 + and Windows 10) and for laptops and computers (Windows 10)? Or do I need to buy the French package for £2.99?
  20. interesting some would all pitch no matter how the other person is a/effected. That seems to be a selfish approach. None have suggested that the OP suggests that together with the other camper, they see if they can relocate the dish so the other camper still has reception or the op even finds another pitch. I am of course taking it, that the only reason they are being asked to park in a certain way, is for tv reception and no other reason. I would try to come to an amicable agreement macafee2
  21. We watch TV, downloaded videos etc on a lap top with the sound from a speaker via Bluetooth. We don't have any issues with pictures and sound synchronisation. But I guess it depends on the quality of the Bluetooth devices.
  22. We run a number of 3.5 ton Renault vans, normally cost us around 23k with discounts, they now do an electric version, price coming in just north of 60k, that’s right 60k, no discounts, payload is 300kgs lower, and with a loaded range of less than 100 miles, that is in the summer, the range is less in the winter with the use of lights, wipers and heater.
  23. The delay is horrendous, I found it unpleasant to watch. However, you can buy Bluetooth transmitters with zero delay, but they are more expensive. Search Amazon for "Bluetooth transmitter low latency".
  24. Ah! Yes, Sango Sands. Durring a trip around Scotland a couple of years ago I was at Dunnet Bay when I phoned Sango Sands to book a pitch. Upon arrival at a virtualy empty site I spotted a lone notice on a lonely pitch with my name crayoned on it.
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