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  2. Can anyone recommend a sat nav app for iPhone the is good for caravans ?
  3. So after over 4 month's my Caravan is finally finished. Hoping to inspire few people as I got to the point when I was going to give up. But I didn't 😀 And I'm very pleased with the results. https://youtu.be/1VOjUgRC_3g
  4. Must agree regarding German phone/broadband technology and speed. In my 30 years experience of German hardware routers cable and mobile networks Germany is several years behind us. My pals Berlin phone/modem/cable fail on a regular basis. Last time I helped buy a lap top in a big Berlin retailer it was still selling lap tops with out of date windows software. When our Berlin broadband goes faulty it’s not just a Virgin phone call to book an engineer it takes weeks to get it put right. Love that phone joke West Berliner boasts to East Berliner about his phone repair speed. East Berliner replies “comrade my phone repair man appears before I know it’s broken”
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  6. Central bathroom, bedroom windows open, lounge windows open, through draught, sorted. I have a 2019 Bailey, more than happy with it, but I don’t feel the need to start a thread on the whys and wherefore of what I like and dislike. It suits ME and that’s all I care about. Andy
  7. We have a petrol tow car, it is OK but it doesn't have the power of a diesel and uses a hell of a lot of fuel when towing. But the car is not towing for most of the time and unless a diesel car is new it will not comply with emissions regulations. Our daughter has a year to change her diesel car or pay a huge tax to take it home. Because of the regulations her car will not be worth much when she sells it.
  8. Additional fresh air for a start. Having an opening window at each end of the van gives a welcome breeze through the van on a hot day, in addition to any skylights.
  9. I noticed on the video some of the bed lengths are 6' 12" surely this is 7' lol
  10. Too Late! Bought used Magnum 340 last night on eBay which we pick up in a couple of weeks time, but thanks for all replies.
  11. They shouldn't need topping up once the level has stabilised after a fill/refill.
  12. Stevan, May I suggest you read the attached. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Data_Protection_Regulation It's absolutely an EU initiative and the changes weren't just about opting in and out. They encapsulated opting in and out of multiple marketing methods such as email / SMS / phone etc etc. The changes to capture and store this additional information were massive . Also companies couldn't use old contact details without re-confirming permission which is why most folks noticed a huge decrease in emails following its implementation.
  13. Hi Jon, More advice and info can be found HERE
  14. I live with a Cadiz and find the bathroom quite adiquate for its use. The beds suit me and my better half just right. We spend the most of our time, in the caravan, in the bed, the lounge or the awning. We are well pleased with the 24 grand we spent on it. Your choice is your opinion, but it is YOUR choice, the Cadiz is ours. Horses for courses.
  15. Like you, I prefer petrol power, but have a diesel because the choices are very limited!
  16. GDPR is largely a development of the UK Data Protection Act and required very little of the US tech companies other than to reconfigure a few default settings so that they require opting in rather than out. Most of GDPR requires functionality already installed to comply with the ISO 27000 series of standards, which, in turn, came out of British Standard 7799! The rules about cookies are a bit of a pig's ear because they do not differentiate between different types of cookies. As PandR said, some cookies are almost essential for web design however, users should be aware of tracking cookies and these should require permission and it should be possible to opt out.
  17. The expansion tank level is just below the minimum mark. The system has been on every night this week as it’s been pretty cold at night with these clear skies. The level returns to the same mark when it cools back down. My question is do these systems need topping up often ? Or do they stay at the same level. Thank you 👍👍
  18. Because you don't want to start a thread on 2020 caravans does not mean I can't, does it?. I am aware that there are many different designs to suit all tastes I always look at all models/manufacturers before deciding on a purchase. It is nice to get natural light in through a window in the shower room instead of two very small skylights not even a Heki. I presume you have sighted these two caravans, you opinion of the caravans might be of some worth.
  19. ...and they work significantly better on DTTV than on analogue.
  20. Think I need to change my tow car. Any recommendations for a petrol model? Needs to tow up to 1350 kg. Thanks Paul
  21. I always accept Cookies. Doesn't mean it's safe to do so but if you don't accept them 9 out of 10 websites wouldn't work.
  22. But what are you saying? You'll have to spell it out I'm afraid. Do I need to worry? Should I just agree to the request? Does it matter anyway what I do? I seem to get a lot more advertising popping up since all this stuff started.
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