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  2. Yes I am having another moan. We are on Start Bay CC site at present. Now this is Devon, and that means narrow roads, and with the council letting the hedges grow they are far narrower than normal! I am absolutely fed up with caravans and Motorhomes driving along with a 2 or 3 foot on their nearside making it difficult for me to pass. I now adopt the locals policy of stopping, so they have to ease their way past me. If you don’t know how wide your vehicle is please stay away from Devon! I was going to say about the Motorhome coming towards me who stopped and forced me to stop! I got out and walked down the side of his Motorhome pointing out that he had 3 foot on the nearside! That’s a story for another time methinks.
  3. I use a Specialised cover. Takes five mins to fit by myself and protect the front from stone chips and bug splats. Would not be without it
  4. Mine doesn't click into alignment, you can keep turning and turning so when you take the green thing off it becomes unaligned again. Going to fit a new plug
  5. A tow cover is a very worthwhile extra provided it is a quality well fitted product. I've seen 'universal' covers which I suspect cause more damage flapping about than doing good. Obviously a cover won't protect from any major impact but will stop damage from stone chips etc. and just the avoidance of baked on insect debris and general road grime makes one worth it for me. I can recommend a Specialised TowPro.
  6. I agree re benefits of diesel but SWMBO is concerned in 3-4 years time a used diesel will be unsalable. We also visit Germany and Austria regularly (my wife is German) and is concerned the greenies there will ban diesel from many areas. I am hoping a petrol hybrid will make up for the torque albeit accept mpg on long journeys will not be so good. My current diesel hybrid is superb but too big (long) for the boss to drive.
  7. Currently towing with petrol LR Discovery. The only downside with petrol is mpg.
  8. And you could buy a 6cyl Marina in Australia… God knows how that got round corners.
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  10. Volvo for me. Pipe and slippers! Excellent.
  11. Thanks. It's a lot to read and I clearly skim read it!
  12. Casino Ash is their official colour description
  13. My 29 year old cousin has one and my 22 year old nephew a Fiesta ST. Hardly pensioners.
  14. Just been to the launch of the Kia EV6. which they claim will be a game changer for electric cars. Call it £40k to £50k, which they say it is OK for towing 1.5 tons. They also claim to be installing their own network of fast charges at a hell of a rate, and to top up 200 miles from them takes less time than queueing for a coffee and obviously the cars can be charged with any other chargers. 2 or 4 wheel drive and massive torque. The four wheel drive 321 bhp and loads of torque from 0 revs looks interesting. They are claiming a range of over 300 miles (not towing I wish). My offer of putting the Alicanto Estoril on the back and seeing how it did in the real world was not taken up. It has a lovely big boot for all the kit, bigger than the Sportage. So much tech It'll take you all night to read up on it, including 'intelligent head up display and even doors that will not allow you to open them into the path of moving vehicles, cyclists etc. See Kia web site, which is still light on technical details but I am assured they will be up soon. As solo car I'll be interested to see how it performs, certainly the Electric Nero was impressive.
  15. At the risk of dragging the thread off the rails, Ford in SA and Aus turned out some very nice family saloons with engines much larger than anything we got. Perana Capri & Granada with the American 5 litre V8, 3 litre mk5 Cortina in normal family trim and the XR6 which was a more sporty version, Sierra XR8 (Ford V8 again) etc, etc….,
  16. I wonder if they have started to fit Thule racks as they seem to have gone that way with the wind out canopies? Glad you found the instructions useful. David
  17. My mistake 12kph which = 8 mph. Because 8 mph on the road is far too slow and restricts normal traffic and if someone isn't aware, they may forget to reduce their speed on the pavement. I KNOW they are allowed to use roads and pavements but there are plenty of opportunities for those rules to be broken and problems to occur.
  18. The number you've entered has errors in it. The first character isn't 5 it's S and together the S and the G indicate the caravan was built in the UK. The third character indicates the make. The 10th character - V indicates that the van was built in 1997. You won't find a manual for the Mayfair because that was a name used by a dealer as a special edition. Look for a manual covering the Dart range. There's one for listed for 1999.
  19. It only has one plate on the chassis shows 1000kg. This can be changed to one that shows 1300kg. I bought it in Belgium last yr. The dealer said I could have an upgrade to 1100kg or 1300kg at extra cost but I did not need it.
  20. A Focus RS is hardly a young man’s car. It’s only old blokes who can afford the insurance.
  21. The QR codes on the app pass only last for a month but don’t really matter as the QR codes do not scan onto French system. We only have one smartphone between us as wife don’t do tech so I have done us separate logins for NHS app so I can access both vac passes from the same phone. For convenience I have saved both passes to files on phone so they can be quickly shown one after the other. If you want current QR codes you can repeat the process as required.
  22. NCC and AWS are in essence the same, as in the AWS is owned by the NCC, Caravan and Motorhome Club and Camping caravan club. Manufacturers quote NCC but they actually mean AWS, so could be said to be who to look at.
  23. My only Fords have been the epitome of reliability - Sierra XR4x4, Mondeo ST24. Both were great cars.
  24. Class 3 mobility scooters are limited to 8mph on the road. They are limited to 4mph on the pavement as are Class 2. Class 2 scooters should use the pavement if there is one. Sometimes there is a problem with access. Also sometimes the pavement is obstructed forcing them onto the road. Why do you find it worrying?
  25. My previous tug was an Audi S4 Avant. Lovely car but an absolute dipsomaniac especially when towing. Current Cayenne Diesel S is not only more powerful and capable of towing much greater weights but is also much more frugal. I maintain that currently one still cannot beat diesel for the best compromise of performance/towing capacity/economy. I intend to keep my Cayenne for a considerable time because better alternatives seem a way off although technology advances quickly so who knows?
  26. I've learned from hard experience, one of the most lethal things on the road is a Range Rover driven by a yummy mummy entering a roundabout.
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