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  2. I own a Swift Charisma caravan and the surface of the Lower Bed Surround has become very soft and sticky. Any suggestions how to clean. Meths and Terpentine completely removes the surface
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  4. Maybe it's because until you have posted it, I didn't know the person was a warden! Broken my rule about not going back on that forum to check this! So see how helpful this thread is being! I will happily sing the praises of the CMC, as I have over the cancellation protocols, ideal for people who share our on off weekend working lifestyle, this flexibility matches Michelle's, so very beneficial indeed. But likewise a valid criticism should also be made. Now I do take access roads into account, but I dont agree with this denying a pitch. As I said before I'm very relaxed about the whole thing, after what must be 18 years of Michelle working these kinds of shifts we have to be! My intent was hoping to hear from other weekend workers.
  5. I had a similar problem on a commercial site, we had booked a long weekend and had a series of meetings thrust upon me on the Friday afternoon so my "early dart" was scuppered and as the Thelwall viaduct was being repaired at the time it would have meant arriving after 10pm. I called and explained the problem and was assured that I could drop off my van on the Thursday lunchtime without any extra charge thus allowing me to use the ferry to miss the viaduct and all the tailbacks on the Friday, the plan worked out just fine and I am still a regular customer at the said site! Sometimes it pays to Talk to the organ grinder.
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  7. Anyone who has used the CMC site at Bunree will know it has a single-track road. Last time I stayed, I was leaving at about 11am with the van on the back only to come face to face with someone coming the other way at the narrowest part. Reversing back on that road was a right pain in the behind, especially knowing that there might have been other outfits behind me. I believe the early arrival got a proper telling off from the warden. Thats why I stick to the rules.
  8. The 'old' type is the J-shaped one with the flat spring clip (on the left) - and I think this was phased out on new vans last year, but is still available to buy. This cable always has to pass around the towbar assembly and clip back onto the cable. The 'new' one is the caribiner type (on the right). This cable can either clip to a dedicated mounting point on the towbar or pass around the towbar assembly and clip back onto the cable. Richard, I think you'll find it much easier to clip the new type onto "the hole under the tow hitch". John
  9. This whole "don't arrive before noon" business is a farce. We were booked into a CMC site last week, and timed it to arrive at 12, but a problem at storage delayed me and actually it was 25 past the hour. As I was signing-in the warden said "Thank you very much", I said "What for?" and she replied "I've already had to book in 7 units - thanks for being the first one to arrive after 12 !" If a site has tight access, it's no use new arrivals coming in at 11am and meeting vans trying to get out. These people say they're prepared to wait until the gate opens, completely missing the point about early arrival. Whilst at the site we were going out for a drive, but couldn't actually get out of the gate due to a parked car-and-van who couldn't back-up due to 2 vans behind … this was at 11.15am! Although I originally objected when they introduced it, I now think the C&CC have it right with before-noon departure and 1 o'clock arrivals. John
  10. Seeing a warden has given a definitive answer on the CMC forum, I wonder why Welly is still not satisfied. That response said if Welly advised the site he was not arriving until the next day, as he must to avoid being a 'no show', then his booking for the first night would be cancelled so another person could possibly benefit from the pitch. His first day on site would be, in this case, the Monday and he would be subject to the normal earliest arrival time of 1200/1300 unless the warden was able to use his discretion to allow early access. It seems quite simple to me and what commercial sites do has no bearing on this. I agree the plan by Welly is a huge faff just to gain a couple of hours on site.
  11. As per the above post; If you already have 12v spots fitted to your Bailey you could swap them for these dimmable led spots with 2A USB outlet, they are what Bailey fit. I retro fitted them as it saves running extra wires. The price from Baileys is well over the top at £38. 99 (Now Prima Leisure) https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1010271 Or exactly the same unit (MENSA 1 SMD Dimming Spotlight with switch and USB port) from an alternative supplier at £14.24 = £4.99 p&p https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/electric/12v-appliances/12-v-appliances/switched-led-spotlight-with-usb-12-volt
  12. I may be completely wide of the mark here, but is it possible that a 13 to 7 adapter has been fitted? I have heard some people advocating this as a way to avoid the 13 pin socket being tested during the MOT, as 7 pin sockets are not tested.
  13. One other thing to bear in mind (I have had recent personal experience) is that if you have a 13 pin socket, it will be tested as part of your next MOT. If the lights do not work properly, it is a Fail.
  14. Why on matters like this don't you first ask the organ grinder. If you dont get the answer you want then by all means post an ask if you have been unfairly treated not that it will make any difference. However if they give the ok your post could say what great guys the CMC are. Keep us updated.😁
  15. How can one tell an 'old' type from a 'new' type??
  16. I wouldn't know. I usually arrive around 12.15 amd may have had a few vans in front on occasion. Never been aware of a mad dash.
  17. Maybe the difference is a commercial site is more flexible since they are a business wanting to earn money so if they can still get paid for an empty pitch it makes no financial difference to them. A CMC or C&CC site though may be more concerned about pitch occupancy being maximised for the club members. If the site you want has narrow access roads then this has to be a factor on arrival times. Another possible consideration is the site wardens do their cleaning late morning so may not be available to book people in. In your case you might be better still setting off early to try to avoid bank holiday traffic but finding a layby not too far from the site where you can stop for a break so you do not get there too early.
  18. I never said you were. ID did say that you need to ask staff. I suspect that you will not be able to pay for the night that you do not attend also and that it will result in an unused booking. By all means ask.
  19. Our last Coachman VIP in 2010 didn't come with a jack and I can only remember Bailey supplying one prior to that on their caravans. It does seem penny pinching but that goes for most caravan manufacturers now. Alan
  20. That's a wealth of information! I have been a bit remiss I'm afraid and I really must bring myself into the 21st century satellite -wise. Thanks again. PS our seasonal pitch is at Woodhall Spa so I'm hoping for decent reception.
  21. Can someone please tell the advantage of an on board water tank for the uk climate and caravanning season? Its like the two Aqua rolls and only one waste master?
  22. Further cost cutting John, when we change I will be keeping our jack
  23. It's no consolation but it's a sign of the times I'm afraid. Neither our 2017 nor our 2019 Coachman came with jacks. Our 2015 (different make) didn't either. Similar with other makes too, apparently.
  24. The only problem with those routes is forcing yourself to concentrate on the road rather than the absolutely stunning scenery. You will see what I mean when you drive them. That said, they are both comfortable tows but with lots of bends in some stretches.
  25. The new carabiner type is to be fitted to a fixed point on the tow bar frame. This keeps the Dutch Police happy. The older type is used for looping around the tow ball neck. That's how I understand it.
  26. We have only been to one CMC site, car in front at the barrier, lady jumped out the car, I thought toilet, but no, went and sat on her chosen pitch till caravan arrived! Us, took the first one we passed.
  27. The engineer is right. The old style J clips are not strong enough to use just clipped to tow hitch and must be looed back on themselves and clipped to the breakaway cable. The newer style Carabiner clips are meant to be clipped to the towbar mounting point.
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