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  2. Inserting the tow ball (or alternative as above) causes the friction pads in the hitch to slightly close around the ball which releases the handle. You can achieve the same with your fingers - feel inside the hitch and you can lever the pads together whilst lowering the handle. Easy to do once you have learnt how.
  3. £20 is a 20% increase, if everything goes up 20% except your wages, that's a few cuts you have to make. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves , as the old saying goes.
  4. You are not alone. About once a week we go out and sit in the caravan for our afternoon cuppa or for lunch. It's nice and warm as I keep it on EHU with the Alde set to 12.5 degrees and if it is very cold out I'll put the heating up whilst we are in it. Everything is ready to go when needed. We plan a weekend away on the drive in a couple of weeks time. BH
  5. . When it comes down to it, the only people you have to convince that you're right in doing whatever you do are the police and the courts. They will look at the government legislations and will totally ignore the OPINIONS of a load of caravanners posting on an internet website. Your conscience, your money, your choice.
  6. NC500 is on my bucket list. If doing it with the van I think I would use selected bases and explore the route by car only. Confident as I am I don't think some of those roads are very suitable for an 8 foot wide twin axle rig! Alternatively, if I could have any confidence in the weather, I might just do it solo on my Ducati with a tent. It does look wonderful.
  7. Are you using an Aquaroll and external pump to fill the internal tank? If so, the float switch should control power to the pump in the Aquaroll and shut it off when the internal tank is full. This is probably operating through a relay so that would be the first thing to check.
  8. Decided not to buy now,salesman doesn’t seem that interested, I already have a fabulous tow car with only twenty thousand miles, think i was just being a bit indulgent, find it hard in a way to spend serious money at the moment, oh well more for the kids one day I suppose!
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  10. Yes.... You may want to check that your insurance covers you for repatriation of the outfit if for any reason you're unable to drive.
  11. Along with all this, how much are you looking at spending?
  12. Maybe they should contact a TV company with the idea of a new series “(Not so) Grand Designs” Well it couldn’t be any worse that some of the dire rubbish some are now turning out in the name of “entertainment” could it? I have just checked today’s listings, there’s one programme (23:05 Ch 5) about women with extra large hips (yes really!!) Apparently one has hips that are eight FEET (not a typo) in circumference Entertainment? I think not!
  13. Haulier advice site locations Page summary: Find sites where drivers and crew of HGVs, LGVs, coaches and vans can get free COVID-19 tests and border readiness checks before transporting goods to the EU. Change made: South Mimms has been opened for 24 hour testing. Time updated: 11:00am, 24 January 2021 ________________________________________________________ Community Champions to give COVID-19 vaccine advice and boost take up Page summary: Over £23 million funding allocated to 60 councils and voluntary groups across England to expand work to support those
  14. Doogy. Do you want a full or porch awning? What particular problem do you have as you can buy an awning from many different places?
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  16. Thanks for the reply, some good info there.
  17. Measure the battery box and then search for a battery in here. https://www.tayna.co.uk/leisure-batteries/ John.
  18. Thanks for your help, I am finding lifting E mountain bikes even with the battery’s off there are at 23kg over waist height a struggle even with steps thanks
  19. But didn't it also include a magnet attachment for just that situation?
  20. One of the staggering statistics of this pandemic reveals how age biased it is. Of the c. 73000 Covid deaths recorded in 2020 only 700 were people aged less than 50 years old, not counting people with serious underlying medical conditions. So protecting the older populous is essential and once that cohort is vaccinated and protected the whole impact of the disease both on the NHS and life in general is potentially massively reduced. There are still many unknowns and it may be a long time if ever that we are truly free of this plague but at least we know how to target our defence.
  21. Errr... European Community (last time I looked).
  22. Thanks for all your help. Will be looking during spring time to replace my Skoda scout diesel 2 ltr estate manual. Have used this car last year but only Manual gearbox. The automatic not got a good read up but what a car super. I need to purchase a automatic but as a smaller car like the golf.
  23. As regards 'market value' I take this to be the amount they will pay-out if the 'van is, say, stolen. Can't see the point of going with any value, from whatever source, other than that given by the actual ins. co. as this is the amount they will ACTUALLY pay. Hence the first question I ask is @ renewal time is 'what is your valuation?' Note I've been with several ins. co's, over the last 39 years & they have always responded to this request. It's their business to know this value, after all. FYI I have been with the C&CC, for the past 3 years, & will not be at all surpris
  24. Yes it does, but heating doesn’t “dry” the air, warm air can hold more moisture than cold air, That’s why you see vapour when you breathe out in cold weather, the warm air you exhale has a lot of moisture in it, when that air meets the cold outside the water condenses out into visible vapour. Same in a caravan, warm air with moisture in it comes into contact with a cold surface and the water condenses out. Caravan warms up a little, water evaporates into the air, caravan cools down water vapour condenses out again. That’s how condenser tumble dryers work, the heat evaporates the wa
  25. I've got one of those too, IMO better than a bottle jack but also a lot heavier! I find it useful for jacking up the car as well, when i can't be bothered to drag a trolley jack out of the garage
  26. Before you get too excited I would suggest you use your multi-meter to check that the on board battery charger is actually working!! Test the battery voltage when unplugged from EHU, then plug into EHU and check again. The second reading should be higher than the first, if it isn’t then the charger could be duff ( not an entirely unknown occurrence) Flattening a battery too far can cause irreparable long term damage to it.
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