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  2. Good for you. Plenty of places to stop and enjoy.
  3. Exactly that, I was charged £7 per day, and the full fee for one night stay when i went back, money they probably wouldn't have taken otherwise.
  4. I know there is a lot of Talk here about water increase in Lunar vans but my inquiry is specific. High levels of moisture ie 40 on either side at the back floor level, started last year in the kitchen cupboard last autumn so the awning rail was resealed and the strip above the kitchen window resealed. Readings had settled during winter as caravan was covered. This year when tested it was back in the cupboard again and behind the toilet, anybody else with an Ariva had this problem. At high level readings are fine.
  5. I don't find the club sites much different than commercial sites Sandy for much of the time that I tour from mid April to end of September when we are away for 4 months (avoiding August mainly). Where they do seem dearer is October on. We will be using the cc site at Southport this December for 15 nights which is an expensive site and especially the Christmas week. However the alternatives do not suit anywhere near as well. About 60% of my bookings are usually cc I think. 3000/120
  6. Thanks for the update. It is indeed annoying and I hope it gets resolved. It also seems very shortsighted of any reputable company to leave insufficient post production slack in wiring for the sake of a few inches of flex. It's the same with the 240v supplies to outlets etc and with coax to internal TV sockets - very tight in places. There must be a solution - what happens if there is an accident (rear end shunt e.g.) or electrical failure?
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  8. It tells me that you are near Bala in Wales.
  9. It's that time of year so it comes as no surprise that the 'dehumidifier' topic has opened again. And also the time when I set up my 12volt dehumidifier in my van in preparation for going away with it in a few weeks time. Between now and when I board the ferry, it will run for several hours each day, keeping the atmosphere and more especially, the upholstery dry. Three days ago, when I took the dehumidifier in there, the reading in the van was 82%. Now it's a much better 63%, whilst outside it's 97%. If that means I'm trying to "dry out the world", - ok, I'm happy to try. But does it works the other way? If damp air is being sucked in, isn't warm air being pushed out when the fire's on. So why put the heater when you're cold. You're attempting to heat up the world????.
  10. Did that once, then made the mistake of washing up in the van. No matter how much drain cleaner, or how many types, the van always had a lamb smell when you opened the door.
  11. We looked at Cello in 2015 so obviously they have moved. on. One of the better tests for pictrue quality is to see what the picture is like when standing to the left or right of the screen almost looking at the picture side on. If still watchable and retaining the same definition regarding brightness etc then there should be no issues
  12. Flying Grandad


    THESE people should be able to help. .https://www.swift-caravansales.co.uk/swift-spare-parts/. I've dealt with them before and got what I needed.
  13. I've been towing a Buccaneer with the 3litre D5 for 2.5 years now (not continuously ) and yes it is a little more twitchy than the D4 and possibly needs a little more care in loading but still a great car.
  14. When I bought our Volvo V70 the Volvo dealer fitted a Volvo branded tow bar. I popped the caravan on when I got the car home and the tow ball was visibly much too high. My son, his wife, my wife all sat in the back of the load area and the height of the hitch barely moved. Since then I have set the caravan nose weight at the maximum specified with the hitch at actual towing height. We don't usually have much weight in the car as there are only 2 of us. No stability problems at all. The caravan appears to be slightly nose up, but its fine.
  15. +1 VinnyE, take it easy, get recovered for more adventures next year.
  16. All one needs to do is read the first few pages of the Elddis manual for all the answers regarding MIRO. See page 2-3 which states Mass of the caravan in running order (MIRO) This is the weight of your caravan as it leaves our factory plus the following: A mass of 10kgs per gas cylinder, the cylinder number is equal to the number of connections provided at the regulator. I am not familiar with the Affinity. Although it can take two cylinders, are there one or two connections for gas bottles. Can you hook up two cylinders?
  17. Swift recommended disconnecting onboard pump over winter. This from their forum recommendations on winterisation: "Disconnect the inlet and outlet pipe from the onboard water pump, using the quick release tabs, and re-run the pump for a short time, to ensure all the water is removed. Leave the system disconnected during storage." I had a pump fail from ice forming in the lowest point where the pressure switch is located even though I thought I'd drained it properly.
  18. I think it was a pair of ex knowsley caravan employees left and set up a caravan manufacturing company called Lunar after the space programme . Dave
  19. Lutz


    Unless I've overlooked something in UK Legislation there is no such thing as a legal noseweight. The manufacturers must document a noseweight limit of at least 4% of the max. towload or 25kg, whichever is the greater, but to my knowledge it's not a legal requirement for the user to stay within that limit. Exceeding it only affects the manufacturer's product liability and warranty coverage, but it's not an offence as such.
  20. Yes my dad checked with a volt meter and worked fine
  21. We like Tamris Plage. It's just across the road from the beach and close by bars and restaurants. Always had a nice "family-run" feeling although I believe it may have changed hands or undergone some upgrades since our last stay. Easy to cycle down to St Jean de Luz along the coastal path and one can walk to Guethray and cath the train (I think to Hendaye) and then the Spanish narrow-gauge train to San Sebastian. Have a look here at this post and also ones around it. http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?p=1067 There may have been some other trips to this part of the world. Seem to remember a nice mountain train ride and tough walk down (La Rhune or similar). Tis a great part of the world...
  22. Be careful as all heavy duty legs are not the same length. I damaged mine and needed to replace it. Bought one from the dealer shop, and it wouldnt fit between the chassis and the side of the van. It was 50mm too long. Had to order one from Coachman via the dealer, who then sent a standard one, as my van is a dealer special and the standard spec vans have normal duty ones. There should be a part number embossed on the leg which has the part number on.
  23. I thought with Lunarcpl's van having ATC the permanent live will need to be fused at 20 Amps? I had to have my 15 Amp factory build one approved by the car builder for that specific duty, and up rated to 20 Amp.
  24. Bailey had one of their outback caravans on display at the NEC two/three years ago, there was massive interest in it and many people wanted to place orders but they were not taking any just publicity stunt. As forWild Camping, I would say the opposite, I believe there is more and more going on possibly with things like roof tents currently but that is only down to the lack of suitable caravans. I also know several people who have built their own trailers for exactly this as they could not get a caravan for it
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  26. The mcb was tripped when i found the fuse. All the lights just went out while i was in the caravan so i had a look at fuses. 1 burnt batt+ fuse and mcb tripped. It just happened out the blue. The only thing on at the time were the lights. It was at the time connected to the mains as i have allways done while its at home.
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