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  2. Speech PM statement at coronavirus press conference: 20 April 2021 Thank you very much for joining us. I’m joined today by Dr Nikki Kanani. There is no doubt at all that this country is continuing to make progress in the fight against Covid. We are proceeding with our roadmap and I want to thank everybody for continuing to follow the guidance and to thank parents and families for the incredible work you are doing to help test pupils through the Easter holidays and to encourage you to keep testing them twice a week as schools return. And above all I want t
  3. Indeed, those 6 nights 12th to April were our only opportunity to get away this spring, Mr. D was back in work on the 19th and our daughter back in school. We had a great time, including a boat trip around the Farne Isles and a chippy lunch on a bench back in Seahorses, all in glorious sunshine. It was a lovely break.
  4. My Passat bought used with factory towbar was not wired for the fridge. Cost about £150 to sort it. I have read on a number of forums that switching on the headlights will trick the smart alternator into supplying power to the aux/fridge feed. I have long had the habit of switching on my headlights when towing (not sure what prompted the habit) so with my hybrid Volvo the fridge seems fine when towing.
  5. COVID-19: impacts on health – reports and tools Page summary: National reports and tool to support the monitoring of the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on the population. Change made: Added ‘COVID-19 surge testing outcomes reports: management information’. Time updated: 9:06am, 20 April 2021 ________________________________________________________ Traffic management measures in Kent cease as trade returns to normal Page summary: Hauliers no longer need a Kent Access Permit to travel between the UK and the EU. Change made: First published.
  6. Thanks for that bud. Have emailed the dealer today to see how he’s doing and waiting to hear back from him. Think a email to Bailey might not hurt either. Dealers been good so will see what he says.
  7. Good news. Which insurance companies have you dealt with? Always good to know about (so far, at least) positive experiences...
  8. I bought one of these which I use for my twin axle. Not the cheapest but supposedly accurate to a very small %age and agrees with our doctors surgery type scale. Not sure if available in your neck of the woods though DM but are generally available on the internet.
  9. Got to agree with this. Our shoes go just inside the door, where there's a blown air outlet. We do find the canopy / awning useful for wet towels in summer but, again, they dry more quickly in the caravan - either in the bathroom, or draped over the rear dinette table while we are out.
  10. I also have just bought a 5mm compression fitting and the nuts off that fit the thread on the lamp. So anyone know where I can get a 6mm to 5mm fitting or even better a T junction....(2x6mm) x5mm
  11. Yes - just look for ump running option - it’s not faulty it’s the setting mine was the same 👍
  12. Today
  13. The photo was the right way up when I posted it?
  14. Admin comment: Several contributions removed from this thread, which is now closed.
  15. First time user of WS3000 I have had the same problem with my hitch. It just locks after sitting even with the handle at 12 o'clock. To me it looks older than my 2010 Elddis Odysey and a little loose on a locking tab at the side of the hitch. Should this be lubricated? Due to medical problems I cannot excert a lot of muscle power into the effort of pulling levers or jumping on towballs. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  16. Because there is more income generated from sales from in the shop. Paying at the pump means you don't make spontaneous purchases from the shop, so there's little advantage for them to offer pay at the pump. Petrol drive offs cost them less than missed sales in the shop.
  17. Vison Plus brackets available online or at most dealers. You may have to buy a complete bracket and use the TV mounting part only. Or replace with a bracket of your choice
  18. Before doing anything else with the door make sure these have been removed on PDI. https://youtu.be/eZbzwP1uc14
  19. We took delivery of our Bailey Phoenix caravan and have been trying to get answers as to why there is only 1 shelf in the fridge and 1 shelf in the door of our Dometic fridge. The fridge is ‘pictured’ in brochures with the right amount of shelves but you just can’t get hold of any and they don’t even appear to make the larger shelf. The Dometic fridge is not really fit for purpose at all. The caravan however is perfect!
  20. Plus one for power touch evolution.
  21. Yesterday
  22. As an add on. I’m sorry to say that my research led me to the conclusion that an awful lot of retailers were being less than honest in an attempt to blind you with gobbledegook and part you from more cash. The utube series by ‘will prowes’ Are very informative.
  23. I’m looking to purchase storm straps for the awning listed above and was wondering if any members had any of these lying around unwanted. I’m finding them difficult to source OR if anyone knew of alternatives that would connect to the fasteners on my Vango awning thanks
  24. Does the old boiler provide heat and hot water, a combi boiler, or does it just provide hot water and the heating for the van is by gas fires, as older statics used to be, are there any radiators ? All modern gas boilers will be room sealed, combi, or hot water or heating only. I doubt you will be able to get a non room sealed even if you wanted one. Simply all room sealed means is that the combustion process is done inside a chamber where air for combustion comes from outside the building and the flue gasses are expelled outside, thereby preventing combusti
  25. Thanks for your reply I’ve checked the fuses on the charger and they look fine I pulled each one out and something else stopped working eg lights radio etc I haven’t gone behind the heater yet - that’s a job for the weekend but I would have thought any fuses would have been near the source and not the load. I will take another look also I’ve checked the 240v supply and and those lights are on I’m suspecting a bad connection on the back of the control panel so will let you know - thanks for the suggestion though Dave
  26. Had my second pfiser jab last week. It seems that the side effects come with the second jab wheres AZ it comes with the first. But thankfully, I only experienced a pain in the arm for 24hrs at the site of the injection.
  27. I have this sort of set up and find it invaluable. Camera power from the side marker light, where I mount the Bluetooth transmitter. Wire under the van to the camera mounted in between the 2 number plate lights. My van has a plastic rear trim, so with some fiddling, I was able to route the wire behind this to the camera. The Mark One version was connected to the number plate lights, with the Bluetooth Transmitter in the void behind the rear plastic trim. It worked OK for 90% of the time.... In the car, the Bluetooth receiver and standalone screen wired to a ciggy lighter pl
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