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  2. I have a Vision Plus Model VP215TS digital tele. It was walled mounted when we bought our caravan. Changed caravans do not want to fit the wall bracket. Rang Vision Plus no original brackets available - old design (2018). I know it's a VESA 100 X 100 but the stands you can buy are really large. I just wondered if anyone had an original stand they did not use.
  3. The switch by the door controls the other cube light but the one in question is permanently on. No switches on the lights themselves unless I'm missing something !
  4. Brochures often show the name of suppliers so I would use Google to see if the one for that year is available. It may be a single one covering all models.
  5. I would not have thought leaf material could get in and green mould on condensation is all that comes to mind.
  6. If there is a shelf above it looks like something has fallen off or been dropped and splattered onto the wall, it is probably of no consequence, although it might put people off when you come to sell it.
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  8. The cover is in section 4 and if you read that you will get the cover for that situation. The fact that one section does not cover it does not mean another which includes it is not subject to the earlier exclusion. The section 4 will possibly be included that way to allow for different conditions to apply when parked for a break, although it would seem unnecessary to me to have a second section, but presumably they though this made it clearer, but it obviously failed. .
  9. Thanks, I contacted Burstner this morning and I`m waitng for reply.
  10. My Cayenne only weighs 2200kg but has the same max towing capacity of 3500kg. It tows my 2000kg van with consummate ease and stability but I'd be interested to experience how it would fair with 3500kg behind..
  11. There definitely should not be that amount of movement in the tow ball and I would regard it as unsafe to use. I would have thought if the key has snapped off in a position where you can fit and remove the ball then it is not properly locked in position. I certainly wouldn't use it in its current state. Try a locksmith to see if you can get the broken key extracted.
  12. It's not uncommon for new vans to have some sealant in the awning rail particularly where pieces are joined. Just another PDI job that dealers fail to do! It's fairly easy to rectify yourself and certainly not worth a trip back to the dealer. As suggested above use anything you have handy to carefully pick the sealant out and then ideally run a piece of awning rope through to make sure it is clear.
  13. At one side of the boiler is a little red T Piece type connector and it has a rudimentary non return valve in it. This gets limescale on it and causes the dripping. Take it off and soak in vinegar.
  14. Hi We have a Morco G11E installed in our caravan however we are having issues with it and had 2 gas engineers out and they don't know what the issue is and want to replace to full unit but before we agree I am just wondering if you had any advice on the solution based on the issue? The hot water runs perfectly at all times however when you try to cool it down it gets to a point where it goes cold, the boiler is still lit however on pilot only, as soon as you turn the cold down the boiler fires back in and you get boiling hot water. The issue is it's way to hot and you can't get it to a usable temperature. The water pressure is very good on site, in fact better than at home. This has only just started happening so I believe its a boiler issue. Over the last 12 months we have replaced to ignition full unit as that failed and also the pilot light unit as the boiler kept cutting out randomly. We have the knobs on the boiler at max not sure if this is correct? If you have any advice I would appreciate. Many thanks Ben
  15. I called them and they said that while they did have some issues initially, the hard standings are “all sorted now”. If I remember, I’ll post after our visit (end Aug).
  16. Some years ago, when I had a Sprite Musketeer, I always removed the Jockey Wheel prior to setting off. I did this to help deter would be thieves and also to help prevent it getting damaged. The JW on the Musketeer was only held in place by a simple clamp. I now have a Coachman Pastiche and the JW is ‘integral’ to the hitch so is a lot more difficult to remove - so I don’t bother. I do, however, always fit my wheel clamp when I leave the caravan unattended.
  17. Or in Covid years just have a teams meeting and not actually drive or tow anything.
  18. Actually the payload on the U4 Cabrera (replated) was 163kg, the U5 Cabrera has 161kg so a decrease there. Also U5’s are around 50kg heavier which with the move to EV’s is not the direction Bailey (and others) should be going in.
  19. In my area most of the school zig -zags are camera controlled. The situation will change dramatically when Local Authorities, outside London, take over moving traffic offences in December and raise huge amounts from issuing FPNs. from December, local authorities will be able to enforce moving traffic offences, such as banned turns, box junctions and driving in formal cycle lanes.’
  20. Thank you, I will look at their website
  21. Can we presume you need the storage /workshop space to be in the Wirral area?
  22. Thanks both. I think I'll wait until I get home, so I have full access to my tools!!
  23. I agree, it would probably be easier and cheaper to chop in the van and get one with what you want. Chap on another forum asked if it would be possible to convert his one year old fixed double bed van to its lounge based two singles counterpart, so that he had a second place to sit. I guess buyer remorse. When you look at the sort of charges made for all the parts that needed buying and the time and inconvenience plus risk of tatty execution it just wasn't worth even considering.
  24. Reversing may be an issue for some, while for others it is not. That said not everybody is competent even in a solo car but presumably they have passed a test to prove their ability? Personally I believe we have sufficient rules as it is, providing they are applied correctly. I have indicated elsewhere that I would be in favour of newly qualified drivers having certain restrictions (such as reduced speed limits and limited towing weight - eg 750kgs) that could be automatically removed after an acceptable time period - perhaps two years after passing their driving test? Alternatively there could be an option to take a further test to have these restrictions lifted sooner. Just my thoughts . . .
  25. Jags make good towing vehicles, he just needs to fit a tow bar..... https://live.staticflickr.com/4025/4281419101_b4695f40dd_b.jpg
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