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  2. Didn't realise they'd changed transmissions. They made much of the Mercedes transmission in the sales brochures. Think the 7 year warranty came in 2017 for Rexton. Is it transferable to subsequent owners?
  3. No no no. The CMC should never open their sites until this virus emergency is officially over. People's lives come before corporate profit making.
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  5. While I have no control over what others do, I feel I have to protect myself and my family at this time by staying at home - and by doing so I may just prevent someone else needlessly dyeing. It is called social responsibility and is something that the youth mentioned above clearly has no clue about!
  6. Surely you cannot be expected to pay for a "luxury" item that you can't use? You have a choice to remove the luxury item off the site ! The government has effectively given rental tenants 3 months free rent and their housing is essential. Then why should non essential ' luxury items/tenants ' be given the same treatment? It would be a brave caravan park that tried to enforce payment on this one. Would it ? you would have two choices, pay up or move off. I think payment of a service charge might be reasonable perhaps 20% of fees................... You've obviously not thought this one out, even with no staff, sites still have overheads, water, electricity, rates, maintenance, insurance, security, repairs, etc. We are all in this together all businesses need to be realistic in what they expect people to be able to afford and they need to make sure they retain customers after all this is over. What the customer can afford is irrelevant, it's what it costs to keep the site viable, no point in trying to retain customers if what the customers can afford is less than it takes to run the site. I am not sure that some of the commentators on this topic are as well informed as they seem to be. I presume, and hope, you include yourself in this statement ! When people's incomes are being effectively cut by at least 20% the leisure industry need to realise they are a long way down people's essential bill list. True, but this doesn't apply only to the leisure industry, in the present scenario it applies many other industries to a lesser or greater degree. Surely sites have insurance to cover this kind of eventuality, Wimbledon does. I would be obliged if you could point me to where there is information that Wimbledon has this cover, I would doubt very much that conventional caravan sites insurance policies would cover this scenario, but, as always,I'm prepared to be proved wrong.
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  8. Does the tv not have an audio output, usually red and white rca sockets? if so then if you can route a cable that is the best way to go. If you have space to add an additional socket then Berker make a socket with 3.5mm stereo socket and a USB port. They are easy to fit, use a holesaw and power drill to make a round hole to fit the socket body, pass the wires through and connect them the the socket screws to the panel and the cover clips on. if you are not confident then a workshop should do it for you. you can get a twin rca to 3.5mm socket at most electrical stores, buy a decent quality one. I personally wouldn't go down the blue tooth route unless you are prepared to buy a good one or are not upset by a lipsync delay. Even so called low latency Chinese transmitters delay audio signals by up to 200ms, that's a fifth of a second which doesn't sound much and maybe some people get used to it but not me, it bugs me immensely. It's a new van, you are presumably going to have it for a few years, do the job properly if you can. going down this route would also give you an easily accessible aux input for your radio to connect such things as mobile phones or mp3 players and a usb socket to charge from
  9. Response from a very good friend of mine who lives in the area! No ferry to northern Ireland. A good site is Muasdale caravan site or Machrihannish holiday park. Muasdale is right on the beach but small . There is a very good shop at Muasdale !!! Cheers Keith
  10. Hi Carol. I hope you get some feedback but bear in mind that this thread is about 18 months old. Here's hoping!
  11. Yup Health & Whatsit! Can't re-use the lead as part of a sale legally.
  12. The link below refers to an inclusion in the last budget. Not law yet but petrol suv tow cars could have problems. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-8101177/Car-tax-proposal-buried-Budget-drivers-pay-2-000.html
  13. Hi, From Ireland too and had similar problem on my 2006 Pageant as well. Hasn't spotted it on buying it. I've posted the repair I did on the interior on this forum a few months back so have a search for it and you can see the make up behind the plywood as I posted a few pics. It's not hard to fix the damp damage, you'll need 3mm plywood to replace anything you rip out. You'll need some wallpaper to cover the new ply (which is expensive if you were to buy the original) or you could do what I did and scavenge some from elsewhere in the van. As for outside I wasn't interested in ripping up the roof rails so I covered the rails cross ways entirely with roof lock tape. Beware buying it on ebay as some sellers put up a pic of the real stuff but post you some Chinese knock off. That's what happened to me so I had to make use of it but I'd rather the real thing. I'll see how it goes. Best of luck, Mike
  14. Thanks Bristol Hound, I've added that information to the pinned topic about coronavirus. Gordon.
  15. Re my earlier post, I wasnt sure if the screws would hold in the panel and I would have used plasterboard fixings - if I could have found something short enough - if they had pulled out. But with the thick screws they have stayed absolutely tight. Maybe you could drill a small 3mm? hole in the wall panel just to be sure its not hollow and assuming its not, then screw in a thick screw to see if it will tighten.
  16. TBH you wont know until you go and check it. If it was fully charged and there were no parasitic drains then it might be ok but six months or more is a long time especially of it was a couple of years old anyway. All batteries will self discharge, some more than others and it's always a good idea to disconnect the battery when it not being used unless you've got an alarm which relies on it or a solar panel to keep it charged. Any lead acid battery would benefit from a refreshing charge ever four to six weeks and personally I'd never leave it for more than a couple of months.
  17. We had a 2.8 metre Fiamma, always took it off to tow. One night in high winds when it was fitted to the off side it acted like an almighty door knocker and dented the aluminium side panel as I did not have any pads fitted. I sold it soon after.
  18. An advanced decision to refuse treatment only deals with Dementia, Brain injury, Diseases of the central nervous system and a Terminal illness and even then, when " I can no longer make or communicate a decision about my medical treatment" The document is witnessed by all the family members with whom the decision has been discussed. So it's unlikely that a snap decision could be made regarding a person admitted to a unit suspected of being a Covid-19 carrier.
  19. The second car VED is £20 per year (Polo 1.2 tsi blue motion petrol), so nothing really to be saved by SORN, whereas my tug is £555. I'm insured with SAGA so will get in touch.
  20. Just to give you an idea of the cost of replacing windows with new. I've replaced all 3 front windows on my 2005 caravan with new. 1st a side front window after stone damage at 4 years old, done by dealer with new Polyplastic window at £217. Other 2 windows after delamination at 13 years old, supplied by dealer from Polyplastic at £499. Fitted by mobile workshop at time of service free of charge. My caravan now has 3 front windows with the correct grey tint and all the others have faded to a bronze tint. Not perfect, but it looks better than 2 x bronze tint front and 1 x grey tint. I think you can have windows repaired or new made by other companies, but I have no idea of company names or contacts. This subject has been aired on here before, so using search may help. John. BTW welcome to caravantalk.
  21. With time on my hands I’ve been tidying the garage. 2 half bottles of AutoGlym trim and bumper gel and a full bottle of Meguigars trim restorer so that’ll have to be used up first! Then I’ll get a bottle of the Chemical Guys stuff. Looks really good.
  22. Agreed, I think it’s been a mantra for those who are lacking a grasp of how society actually needs to work.
  23. Its as simple as it can be, flexible, make it any size you want and completely reliable.
  24. More importantly, how are the shelf contents secured for travel?
  25. Out of boredom I revisited the Lunar Automotive website last night & noticed that they now have prices & also miro & mltpm figures . click on any model for a view , whoever chose that wood colour doesn’t spend much time in a caravan or confined space . https://www.lunarcaravans.com/brands/brands-2020/taurus.html
  26. Ancell, I think it must have been you living on planet zog - this thread on exactly the same subject ran from Monday to Thursday 😀😀😀. John
  27. I crawled under the caravan and used reflective insulating bubble wrap on ours, (previous caravan). Made a fair difference.
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