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  2. Another vote for a double dinette with centre kitchen and bathroom. The kids have their own end for playing and sleeping and you have your own end for the evenings. Try to get as big a payload as possible because whatever you get it wont be enough.
  3. I don't see the problem - if a motorhome has a Certificate of Conformity, then VED is on the same basis as cars - otherwise it's on the same basis as light goods vehicles, which is what they're converted from. Motorhomes create more CO2 than almost all cars/SUVs.
  4. ...and the legislation did not affect all new cars - only new cars requiring new type approval. I, for example, had a 2013 RR Sport without drls.
  5. hi all is there any one out there who can help me? I purchased a sterling europa 520 2011 from glossop caravan this was 30th may this year i live in stourbridge have a warranty with said van used it first week of june in cornwall all ok but not tried fridge or gas hot water comes Aug away up north week end show gose to light fridge and water heater fridge light the goes out after a few minutes gas water heater wont light ( Great ) phones glossp for help take it to a repairer so when i get back rings round our area and low a behold no one wants to do warranty work i need caravan this bank holiday and its a working one and no eletric means gas HELP Regards Telboy
  6. Ageas is a large insurer, headquartered in Belgium, used to be Fortis - they underwrite many branded insurance schemes, including the IAM Roadsmart Surety scheme.
  7. As posted elsewhere, it's the hand set that turns out faulty, thanks to all for the help.
  8. if the steadies are down, how can the axle be overloaded when people are in the van. Don't the steadies prevent a downward movement of the caravan body and chassis? macafee2
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  10. Currently I’m the dordogne and I need my footy fix, lol last site I could only get to 60% so couldn’t get a picture so just gave up, same thing has happened again I can only get 60%, it normally takes in the 70’s to get it working which I managed in Calais, Brittany and Le Mans any idea what the problem could Be? I have a 80cm dish and no real obstacles, Iv tried adjusting it in all directions, any tips would be great thanks
  11. svimes

    Towing Myths

    We had the tracking sorted on our 5 series (former towcar of the year, ratio about 85%) before our current trip with van fully loaded. The difference in towing is marked. Previously, after passing a lorry or another caravan, there would be a little wiggle that verged on disconcerting. I never had that with our previous SuV or the smaller estate before it. I can still feel when the end of the van passes the thing we are overtaking but it's nowhere near as upsetting. Didn't even know the tracking was out.
  12. Hi all , new to this we are currently looking at changing are old van and looking at the sterling eccles model around 2017, twin axil 4 birth.. what's your thoughts on them ....
  13. Great news. Would sanding then painting it look too naff? A lot of modern vans have lovely pale interior wood that is anything but "natural" and you can get some pretty clever paints these days.
  14. A casual glance at their construction and attachment to the floor should easily dispel any ideas of using them for jacking. A good ramp (home made or purchased) or Lock & Level airbag (great for twin axles) is the ideal for side to side leveling.
  15. Cobwebs! Time to get it properly cleaned out by a professional.
  16. PR1


    That is what we do!
  17. g7eor

    Waterproof phone

    I was diving in an old quarry with my phone inside the pocket of my drysuit. I was about 15 mtrs down and my phone vibrated with an incoming call. I could not answer underwater.
  18. Check out the Swift 580 https://www.google.com/search?client=tablet-android-om-lge&biw=962&bih=601&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=swift+580+layout&oq=swift+580+layout&aqs=mobile-gws-lite..0l3#
  19. I think they will either fix it or replace the board in about 5 minutes once they have advised you the cost. They are a very good company.
  20. Found it! Strange thing though, it wasn’t “in line” but at the end of a random positive lead. Also it was a 20A spadefuse rather than the tube type. What a relief, thanks again for your help.
  21. As Tradewinds said above, Pastiche has it, but Vision doesn’t. They’ve combined two models into one, so guess Pastiche has lost some stuff and Vision has gained some in the new model launch.
  22. Hi Shaun, I've copied this text directly from the ALDE 3010 boiler service manual Section 4:0 FAULT MESSAGES IN THE PANEL SERIAL Caused by: Communication fault between boiler and panel. Probable reasons for the fault: • Break in the cable for data communication between heater and panel. • Ignition spark goes to earth and interrupts communication. • Some other electrical apparatus is interrupting communication. Always switch off the 240volt and 12volt supplies to the boiler and control panel before starting any checks on the cables. I suggest you start by checking if the cable between Control panel and boiler is plugged in properly at both ends, if that isn't the problem then if possible check the continuity of the cable cores. I have no technical knowledge of the above system so can't be of any further help
  23. I have just seen this posted this morning. OK People, after all night negotiations broke down this morning without agreement, the strike/greve industrial action by the unions of tanker (fuel) drivers is set to continue as it has during the past 6 days...!! THE FUEL STRIKE CONTINUES and certain areas may experience short supplies of fuel.
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