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  2. We always got a good phone signal in our Bailey2916 and now in our 2020 bucaneer so think your idea may notwork .you may need to line the whole van or go airstream?
  3. There are a lot of caravaners who prefer not to use motorway services, and at times the caravan parking areas are deplorable, but if you need a quick break or a toilet visit then they serve the purpose. Some are good, others are amongst the lorries (and parking will test your reversing skills). That said, if you are on the motorway and hoping to make progress to your destination, turning off to find a suitable parking areas can be a significant delay so I'd suggest swallowing any prejudices and visit the MSA. Finding somewhere to sleep for a couple of hours? Is that really necessary on a journey from Coventry to Scotland? Why not rest up before you go, complete the journey to your first nights stopping place and then rest with a glass of wine?
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  5. I confess to not having read all of this thread but it struck me that it would be simplest to get a secondhand (or not) onboard pump and then just have a tee piece to join the two Aquaroll pipes together before they enter into the van. Some (superior lol) vans like our Fleetwood have an on-board pump already. I like having two Aquarolls but don't mind manually changing over or checking there is enough water before I have a shower. The amount of hot water is limited after all. For me the prime benefit of the second Aquaroll is having greater water storage. I also thought about being cheeky and using a tap splitter if a shared tap is nearby, so that others can get their water - while your own Aquaroll is permanently connected using the mains kit! I wonder how this would go down with the warden or neighbours? I've purchased one but not tried it out yet .
  6. I use a regular household cleaner spray (the one with added bleach) along with a bottle brush. First I remove the top for access and open the drain. I flush it out using the garden hose with spray nozzle.
  7. My missus applied for her licence renewal about two months ago and has not yet received her new licence. I couldn’t put her down as second driver when renewing the insurance for my SL as I couldn’t produce her licence. We’ve just put the delay down to the Covid crisis causing a backlog.
  8. Even if you could do as you wish, at the end of it if and you then want to site the static on a holiday site, most do not want caravans older than 15 years which is why they probably come up for sale.
  9. You will need to read the handbook regarding your filters. Puriclean is the correct stuff to use Alde Heating system follow the instructions on the tub. don’t use thinks like Miltons, as it corrodes the boiler
  10. My Coachman Pastiche 2007 had a charger that only output 12v. This is insufficient to charge a battery. For information see HERE At the moment I have a caravan with a charger which only pumps out 12v, so I have a C-Tek charger permanently connected to the battery from the mains. THAT keeps the battery charged and I have a reading of 13.7v
  11. Just beat me to it, I was typing the following as you posted. It reads to me as though a bulkhead regulator is not fitted and that bottle mounted regulators are being used. Could be a faulty regulator or maybe the propane bottle is empty.
  12. Paul thank you for your input the owner of the station said that the tank had been filled that morning I am going to ring the supplier of the fuel (Valero) tomorrow morning and ask for a date and time When the filled. should easily be done as the tanker may have been on a tacho break when they where filling the tank
  13. Thanks everyone for your help we now believe it to be the relay and have an idea this happened before on our previous vehicle about 5 years ago once again thanks much obliged to you . regards Martin
  14. When we toured, we had all sorts of awnings. The one we used the most was a fiamma pull out thing, with two side panels which we sometimes used and sometimes didn’t. It was the easiest to put up and take down, gave us shade from the sun and kept the rain off, and was an outside space for table and chairs. We found the proper awning too heavy and awkward to use, and a small lightweight porch awning wasn’t much use except for keeping coats and walking boots in. We bought a bigger lightweight one but it proved too flimsy. We also had a heavy sun awning which was much like a proper awning but with no front, used it a lot during long trips to France but can’t remember using it in UK.
  15. I’ve got a lump hammer on order and already have a good DeWalt drill and socket set so just waiting to see exactly what comes with the awning (I believe there’s both plastic pegs and metal ones) but suspect screw in ones will still be required). That’s good advice joanie as I’d probably be guilty of “oh I have to get everything set up now”. The sites we’re booked on we should arrive in plenty of time too. I’ll look into that option too thanks. Might be cheaper? Thanks Dave. Will find out tomorrow when we collect it. If the existing pegs work in our drive they’ll work anywhere. If not I’ll look at the alternatives.
  16. Whether you go could depend on what type of lock down is being implemented. If it is the one from the end of March then only trips to work, shops, medical reasons, exercise was allowed. If it is the later ones then more freedom is allowed so you could still go, see the people outside, put the item on the floor and step back like the delivery people are doing, clean your hands after.
  17. Does your wheel look anything like THIS Steel spare HERE
  18. It's the 2.0 hdi 163 , 160 bhp
  19. Official announcement 3 July 2020 Motorhome & Caravan Show 2020 postponed NCC Events, organisers for the Motorhome & Caravan Show, announce today that following extensive consultation, it has been agreed to postpone this year’s NEC October show until 2021. The Motorhome & Caravan Show 2021 will take place between 12 – 17 October 2021. The key considerations were: - The ban on mass gatherings with no indication of when this may be lifted - The difficulty of operating the Motorhome & Caravan Show under the COVID safe related protocols - Predicted reduced consumer attendance based on a visitor survey John Lally, CEO of NCC Events said: “NCC Events faced a very difficult decision. The postponement at this stage maximises the chances to both protect the health and well-being of attendees (exhibitor staff and visitors) and also the financial viability of our exhibitors and the show itself. All visitors and exhibitors are entitled to a full refund of monies paid for tickets and stand costs. This gives the opportunity for exhibitors to recover any secondary costs and in turn allows NCC Events the best opportunity to hold a successful show in 2021. We know the Motorhome & Caravan show plays a critically important role in the achievement of retail sales each season. To this end we are working on initiatives to help and support the showcasing of the 2021 new-season products. Meanwhile, the NCC Events team will focus all efforts on delivering a very successful Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show (23 – 28 February 2021) after this period of uncertainty.” Ends
  20. It just seems to be an inconsistency in build quality or lack of it. I don't think manufacturers go out to cut corners or design poor caravans it's all down to the finish build on the shop floor. You can't watch everyone putting the sealant on or screwing the units in and if he or she can't bothered that day then it reflected back on the company which is right. This is where I think its letting the industry down. Not sure how they operate.....is it piece work rushing the job or just lack of training.
  21. We had a nice stay there 3 years ago. If I remember correctly, just before the access road to the Touring Park there was another road to some holiday retreat lodges. Maybe they are merging? I doubt my loyalty card with 2 free coffees on it will still be valid. 😂
  22. I had the same problem on my U3 Cadiz. I managed to take a picture with my phone looking straight down the gap at the back of the drawers (when all the slats were pulled out) It turned out that objects in one of the drawers had bounced out and had fallen down the gap and was obstructing the slats!
  23. It is possible that they are only obliged to keep records for 10 years. Did you give them details of the VIN number of your caravan? That would make it a lot easier for Hobby to find the necessary documentation if it still exists. If none can be found, you may have to have a single vehicle approval carried out by the Centros de Inspeção Técnica de Veículos (CITV) in Portugal. They should be able to tell you the procedure that has to be followed.
  24. we tend to do it when we hitch up and set off as part of the checks but I know if you forget it’s a pain! Good luck
  25. The Caravan Club have removed from their website the notice saying that they have suspended the sale of Red Pennant, so presumably you can now take out a new policy. Having a quick look through the 25 pages of the Policy Document, I don't see anything specific about Covid 19 not being part of the cover.
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