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  2. matelodave

    Isle of white ferry

    Some yachts are fitted with them, most are not and I'd suspect at really close range then the scanner on the ferry is well above the mast of the average yacht anyway. I'd suspect that the ferry was out of the channel if the yachts were moored which seems likely if the ferry managed to run aground. GPS should have been accurate enough to ensure that he was in the channel. If the yacht was sailing then it should have kept clear of the channel and if it was crossing the channel should have been aiming for the stern of the ferry rather that cutting across the front of it. I've done a fair bit of sailing in Harwich harbour where there is a lot of shipping and some of it is really big. You don't muck about but take precautions to avoid faffing about in the main navigation channels. You ensure that you've got plenty of room when crossing them and never ever try and beat a big ship across, always go behind it. If in doubt then use the port operation channel on the VHF and ask if it's safe to cross or enter the harbour as their radar can usually see you and they'll know what is coming in and going out. In general if a yacht gets hit or hits a big ship it's probably the yacht skipper's fault for not keeping clear. There are rules for the prevention of collisions at sea and if everyone adhered to them there would probably be fewer accidents.
  3. a18041967

    bailey axle again

    I'd worry, seems far to small a gap, key thing to check is the wheelbox. Has the tyre worn the wheelbox and made a hole which will result in damp. From experienced make sure your caravan weight is correct before delivering it to the deal, not empty.
  4. I challenged a solo car driver and his Mrs who parked on one of the 5 dedicated bays at Charnock Richard northbound last year. The answer was 'well, there weren't any caravans here when we arrived'. Plenty of car spaces nearer the facilities too. We've got no hope with attitudes like this.
  5. Odd days

    Working for a pitch on site

    I just checked with someone who was there years ago and they did get paid. It was piece work and paid by the bin full.
  6. fred

    Truma solar panel not charging battery

    Before this Drifts off into speculation. The reason for the battery going flat has got to be one or more of the following 1. Power isn’t reaching the controller. ie wiring fault. 2. Power isn’t leaving the controller. ie controller at fault 3. Current is leaving the controller then. i The solar panel is too small for the normal background use. Personally I think with a 100W panel this is unlikely. ii The Panel is in a shaded area. Only the op can answer this. iii You have a large unrecognised power drain fridge light something like that. iv Your battery is finished so everything upstream is working as it should, but the battery is no longer capable of storing a significant amount of power. Cannot think of any any other possibilities.
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  8. Babstreefern

    First time to the NEC show

    Don't be put off by expensive awnings. These apply to air awnings and top makes, eg, Isabellas. You can get far cheaper ones. For instance, we have a Kampa 260 porch awning (with the poles) which cost approx. £290 +/-, whereas the virtual same air awning can be hundreds of pounds more expensive. Are you looking at porch or full awnings. We have a, what I would call a 3/4 awning (not full, but longer than a porch) Bradcot awning which is brilliant. I've actually sat and watched people put up air awnings, and I have to admit, that I can get our porch awning up not much quicker than them, so won't bother wasting £600+ for one. Saying that, me and OH have been putting up canvas tents/awnings for over 30 years, so are dab hands at it
  9. JTQ

    Aerial advice

    As already said the Status 530 is a good aerial, however I have had the "box" fail and needed to replace that. I replaced it with a Fringe unit. If in a good signal area and knowing the aerial is pointing about in the right direction, and after a retune for that location's signals, you still can't lock onto any channels try this. Forget connecting onto the "box" but couple the TV direct to the aerial. That might mean taking an extension coax lead. If in that good signal area the system should work without the "box"; if it does without the box, but not with it then like mine your box has most likely gone kaput. And I know I was not the only one with a Status box failure, hence replacing it with the Fringe unit.
  10. burtspieeater

    towing weight please

    But the big question is - how many caravans on the road (due to the ridiculous loading allowances) are exceeding their MTPLM. With my previous caravan I could only just manage this by carrying the caravan spare wheel in the car, eventually I could not be bothered. We have upgraded our new van by 116 kgs so hopefully it is no longer an issue.
  11. I had a leak on the kitchen tap a while ago, I took it to bits and took pictures and measurements of the cartridge, then applied a liberal amount of silicon grease and put it back together again. It hasn't leaked since
  12. bessacarr425


    I tend to agree with you David
  13. thebriars

    Elddis avante 866 stargazer light rework

    The Affinity 462 at the Elddis stand at the show had a very weak front which could be moved up and down, however not as much as ours.
  14. Chasstreet

    Faulty regulator

    Same happened to me goosed the battery as it fell to 3v Luckily had spare battery so swapped it straight away. Solar panel working well again
  15. Blackpool Belle

    Planning our big one-Slovenia info anyone?

    We too would second Burstneraddict's comments on inland Slovenia - we loved the coast in Croatia & have stayed at Camping Bled, but would return to the rural areas of Slovenia in a heartbeat. This year we stayed on a very small site, more or less in someone's garden, but with great facilities, lovely views & great owners - who greeted us with a carafe of home-made wine & 2 glasses! We visited places that wouldn't appear in a guide book, took part in the village parade for Pentecost & went to the local fire brigade's party. We will be back.
  16. pete&mandy

    vigo 3 washroom

    We dont find it that useful to have a dirty washing basket in the wash room of our vigo 3 so took it out dirty washing goes in a bag under bed or boot of car, gives so much more room in the washroom
  17. I would put more faith in a full visual inspection, inside and out, than any date stamp!
  18. The Coachman

    Nice to have a “Handy” neighbour

    Thanks for your comments, yes I realise you still know it’s a TV, but I just felt it looked much nicer covered up in transit & in storage. The swivel bracket itself was fitted by myself and it has a large metal plate on the inside of the wooden panel which houses the flue. I tested it on a few trips to see if it was ok with the TV still mounted with one shorter trip without any bungee restraint and it remained firm in place. On site its one thing less to faff about with getting it all connected up as the “boss” likes her telly to watch the soaps. The swivel mount is great as it frees off the worktop and can be swiveled round to the side dinette position or if “I get the chance “ to watch the telly whilst cooking.
  19. moorgate

    Twin axles abroad

    The group of travelling people (British) we met on the municipal site at St Pourcain in June this year were well prepared for other mayors across France saying that - there were 7 or 8 families in the group, mostly with big Mercedes towing new top of the range Fendts - but all were single axle caravans.
  20. Thanks AJ. All such ideas are welcome.
  21. SamD

    Floe or similar Pressure System

    Thanks Paul. The pipe in question is the one that fills the onboard tank which has a valve leading to the tank which I can close so as not to pressurise a 40l container! The valve in question is 'B' below and the pipe in question is that from 'B' to the junction of Inlet and A and to a certain extent the pipe holding the pump which has a non-return valve.
  22. JTQ

    Fridge Ignition

    With that fridge should you be able to see the "flame" via the little port internal bottom left corner? If so can you see any spark or do you know there definitely is no spark? If the issue is there is no spark as opposed to the gas will not light and or stay alight then the igniter as stated is an issue. If I recall correctly the front top panel on these is removable after pulling off the knobs and undoing two little screws. That should give you space to fit a new igniter still using the old ones in place wire. Given the age of the fridge there could well be oily residues migrating within the gas pipework that can block the jet, if that is the issue.
  23. llrides

    Desperate for Hobby electrical advice, please?

    www. leisureelectronicrepairs. co. uk Dave Brannon the best person for hobby electrics people with hobbies in Canada send there parts to him for quick repair.
  24. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 2 to add please. North centre rally at Carnoustie. New total - 539. Our total for 2018 - 198. Ian
  25. joanie

    Strange Fridge Problem

    it's so good when some one who has had a problem comes back to say that they've not only fixed it but how they fixed it.
  26. Paul_B

    Hymer Takeover Elddis

    Theres quite a few post on this subject in the Hymer Group Takeover thread.
  27. Chasstreet


    I think you’ve nailed it, but one to add time time to listen time to explain we are parting with hard earned money, So want respect from the industry, not the total disregard shown by so many.
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