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  2. Will look at the glazing tape. The cracks are same as yours, in the corner. Some friends had a Unicorn 1 which had the same problem, makes you wonder! Paul
  3. Many LED lights today do not have user replaceable parts. It may be only method is to remove whole lamp, I would present dealer with the caravan and ask him to fix showing how it is done.
  4. Hands up I made a mistake, there was a battery isolator in the battery compartment and I assumed this would isolate the battery, wrong, the battery is still connected to everything except for the motor mover. I seems there are two switches/isolators one for motor mover and one for the rest and the latter is done with a relay, and on my second hand caravan it had been bypassed so even when switched off, many items were still live. So say 120 Ah is about the biggest battery, so fully charged to start with to fully discharge over 3 weeks is around 240 mA drain, with smaller battery even less, so very likely some relay left active, or a TV aerial amplifier, or the radio back up. With my caravan switch off power and switch on again the radio auto went into demo mode. So recharge battery, with smart charger for a week, and take the battery terminal off before leaving, unless fitted with tracker, if fitted with tracker clearly you need some method to keep charged, likely solar panel.
  5. Brought my 4 year old Coachman home 2 weeks ago from storage in preparation for first trip away of the year. I noticed that I was getting a significant squeak from the floor area around our side dinette. A quick investigation revealed it was the screws in the L shaped plastic brackets holding the dinette seats to the floor that were loose. `A quick tighten with a screwdriver was all that was needed to eradicate. I went on to try tightening screws in a number of other locations in the van - surprisingly the majority needed tightening. Separately, over the period of ownership I have found a series of small round headed screws on the floor but have been baffled by their origin. Last week, whilst away in Norfolk, I was sitting on the dinette seat and happened to look across at the cooker surround and realised that all 6 retaining screws holding the cooker to the wooden carcass were missing....mystery solved! So lessons to be learnt (i) Coachman could increase the torque settings on their electric screwdrivers (ii) regular tightening never goes amiss.
  6. Try and speak to a few owners on site for their views on the site and any hidden expenses . Dave
  7. Absolutely. I'd only ever go to see whatever I'm interested in, in person. I actually thought it was a little expensive. It's a bit old. I'll dig out the link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/American-RV-Motorhome-Windsor-Monaco-10-litres-Deisel-pusher-44-000-miles/123732829433?hash=item1ccf0d24f9:g:uQsAAOSwHF5cfTZD It's a 2000 model. I'm not affiliated with the seller in any way mind. --- Thanks for those extra pictures. A support trailer may be the way to go. Just need to make sure it's braked. I think I read somewhere that in Spain it has to be? --- A 1997 Damon Daybreak (30ft) has just been listed on ebay for £12k. Looks ok, but would need updating inside. Petrol engine but not LPG. That'd be ok, I'd get the work done inside and then decide on LPG if need be. Not that I'm going to buy anything yet, but the info provided is very useful.
  8. We currently have a 360 but previously had a 3.0M. We had the side Net which comes with a ridge pole which clicks into the top of the two vertical poles. I added a centre pole which had a clamp in the top and clamps onto the ridge pole.
  9. All new from the start & all been replaced again ... 🙄
  10. Hi, can anyone help please? We have a 2019 lunar delta ti and I have air in my water pipes pretty much constantly. I’m not sure if I have to move my valve into a particular position once I’ve filled the on board tank, but it coughs and splutters whenever I turn on a tap or shower, I must be doing something wrong ☹️ Oh and is it right that the pump in the van goes every time I turn on a tap?
  11. Hi gasman, I see that your caravan is a Bailey Pageant and this will probably have a Status 530 aerial and this will mean that the telescopic antennas are not used in this country but are for VHF television reception (Overseas Only) this is what is written in my Pageant handbook.
  12. I have a Sargent solar panel regulator for my 100v factory fitted solar panel on a Swift Elegance 565, Today received an email from sargent to say the liesure battery was overcharging the battery, i went out to the caravan and found the control panel saying liesure battery to high and bleeping, the solar regulator was flashing indicating it was charging. I could not find a way of isolating the solar panel so have disconnected the battery. Has anyone else had the same problem?
  13. My Clubman used to overshoot the set temperature which could get uncomfortable. It took ages to find the problem and Alde helped by telephone. We discovered that during initial programming, Lunar set the wrong pump. I can now correct this manually. But I have to always remember to do this after a factory reset as it will go back to what Lunar originally programmed it as. So than you Lunar. John
  14. You people really surprise me !! You take steps to safeguard your property and then expect the insurance company to pay for it come on they are taking a risk which is reduced a little by these devices and so they give you a discount !! Which I happily accept. Make sure you know what you are getting !! We have HAL Locate which DOES alert the tracking company when moved, who in turn check with us that it shouldn't be moving and then alert the police!
  15. Have you tried this Pepys? https://www.gov.uk/old-driving-licence-categories
  16. I have had no problem exchanging Calor Lites at the dealer who supplied our caravan. My signature should allow you to work it out!
  17. There are plenty of very good petrol tow cars. The latest generation turbo petrols offer outstanding power and a much wider spread of torque than an equivalent sizw turbo diesel and usually have lower gearing which aids towing performance. Would be good to know your budget, weight requirements and annual mileage. Downsides? Economy if you are a high mileage user and the choice has only really taken off in the last few years so limited choice used, Lee
  18. +1 and there is a big weight saving!
  19. Had shoes changed 2 weeks ago on our laser, sorry to report they are worse than ever now!!! Mark
  20. On the S4 theres a socket that has a traditional 3 pin 240v socket, external aerial plug plus two other blanking plates one of which is marked as a 12v socket. Does anyone know what socket is required, where to buy it from and the best way to connect it the the 12v feed?
  21. Anybody had an issue with side windows getting distorted to the point there is a gap between the window and the seal? The nearside bedroom window is the worst affected, offside not perfect either but it still seals okay. Heading to dealer next week to get it checked.
  22. Has the yellow tap been closed since drain down
  23. Nothing in the owners manual 🤔 Vans dry as a bone.. Water crystals of winter hardly filled it's container with water 👍
  24. Hi all I’ve got a hobby kfu 650 2016 just changed battery’s on it and all power lost checked fuses all on there power 12 v coming in but nothing going out check 240 v power coming in but no 12v power going out sockets working can any have an idea what’s happened please thanks ian
  25. It's 2.1 kW according to Alde's spec sheets and that's 8.75A running current at 240 V (even though they may state 1,2 & 3 kW on the panel. Even 2000W @ 230V nominal EU voltage is 8.6A+ (8.333 A @ 240). The load monitor will, correctly, not permit the mains relay to close and "2kW" heating coil to work at a 8 A total limit (it 'knows' that 8.33 to 8.75A for the element plus an existing load will be well above what you've selected to be allowed!). You need to allow 9 or 10 A, maybe more? NB A type B MCB will allow 1.5x rated current indefinitely if you check the tripping curves. To be frank it sounds like this device is more trouble to you than it is worth!
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