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  2. AJGalaxy2012

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    It wouldn't resolve the wheel detachment or blowouts. You have a solution, now you need to find a problem which there isnt.
  3. Jules 1963jones

    Complete novice

    how do i find out what year my fleetwood garland 48 -4 was made thanks
  4. Looking for a wire diagrm for 2013 grand caravan for the stereo can any send me a pic
  5. Today
  6. petercor

    Replacement Windows

    You could also try http://nationalcaravanbreakers. co. uk/ or https://www. caravanbreakers. net/ Or you could put out a request on here. http://caravan-breakers. info/
  7. Yesterday
  8. Steve05

    Has snobbery crept back in to vanning?

    Snobbery is a mindset and nothing to do with how much cash you may or may not have. One of my elderly neighbours used to be my mother's supervisor, she has looked down on me for over 20 years - despite the fact that I could (now) probably buy and sell her 2 or 3 times over. Edit- never once been blanked on any site when offering a 'good morning' - maybe I've been lucky?
  9. JCloughie

    Using Motor Mover

    Must admit that I noticed a couple of missing posts which confused me. Nothin nasty, just asking after Hidihi. John
  10. Jiffy176

    Do I Have 6Kg of Usable Gas?

    substitute why for ehu on my last post. predictive text!!might make a bit more sense.
  11. Bobajob63

    Morrisons accept Safefill!!

    Hi Ste, yes stores do allow safefill containers - Kirsty- this is the tweet! Search Morrisons and LPG.
  12. Griff

    Sites near forest cycling

    Recently back from Black Knowl, Brockenhurst, New Forest. Many cycle tracks around there and a specific cycle map is available of the area showing all track intersections with a number corresponding to posts set at each track intersection. You could be dropped anywhere in the forest area, cycle to the first intersection that you come to, get the post number, look at the map and know exactly your location, foolproof. One of our favourite rides is from Brockenhurst to Holmsley railway station cafe (disused line) for breakfast. One of our regular sites to visit.
  13. Twowheeledsheddragger

    Caravan insurance

    Insurance policy terms normally have a clause that states in the event of a total loss claim the policy term comes to an end. Buried in the small print.
  14. FrankBullet

    Traction Control follow on from Stop/Start

    Min snow/ ice, traction control automatically cuts power (by braking the driven wheels) when it detects slip - the problem is that on a poor friction surface you will have slip, to a degree, and all that happens is power is cut. By deactivating traction control it allows the tyres to find natural grip by allowing the wheels tl slip unto you eventually find it. It’s why there is an ‘off’ switch
  15. Griff

    LR customer service.

    Had the 1300GT version of the 1100. Kept it 4 years, no rust or other problems but did have it Ziebart rust protected. Flogged it for a Trumph TR6.
  16. thebriars

    Age to Price - Sweet Spot?

    Possibly too soon to tell, however the hyperactive development departments have found many more ways to make the vans fall apart even quicker.
  17. JCloughie

    food to take to france ?

    When the grandchildren were small we would try to bring them back some clothes. We tried a few years running and tried markets, supermarkets and specialist shops. The choice was very poor, the style out of date and the prices extortionate. We calculated that we could buy stock at retail price in M&S and sell it on a French market for a large profit. Anyone enterprising could have a nice business. Strangly we found that ladies clothes for sale to be old fashioned and expencive. But the local women mostly seemed to not wear them. Could be the crossed the channel for more choice. John
  18. simple pleasures eh?. You don't need to spend a lot of money to have some fun
  19. smit572

    Bailey Dreamsleep Fix!!!!!

    Can’t seem to upload Picture of the leg installed will try and find part numbers tomorrow
  20. biggerrich

    Hi everybody from a complete amateur!

    Here we go, off from Dover to Dunkirk on the 10 o’clock ferry!
  21. MoonLoon

    Thetford Aspire 2 Oven Door

    Thanks for reply. The main point in my post is my concern about. ....... "The top part of the rubber door seal is exposed and leaves a gap into oven compartment." Can you confirm please if the top edge of the seal on your oven is exposed with the oven door closes Is the seal the loose type fitted to most domestic oven doors with 4 hook clips at the corners and the corners rounded. ?. I have discussed this problem with the dealer and viewed the problem in several other new unsold vans but not actually in a van sold to a user. So it may only be a new problem. .??? It looks like the door is too small for the opening. ...??
  22. Benchillian

    Hosepipe ban

    Never thought of that. Just watched that video and the other three in the series. Many thanks.
  23. Twowheeledsheddragger

    Time for tag to come

    Mine came in about 7 days from memory. You could order it and assign a card now, and then change the associated card when your new foreign transaction fee free credit card comes. It's doable on their web site. HTH.
  24. CommanderDave

    4x4 rear door problems

    As I was going to suggest . This used to be an issue on the early Freelancers as well . Dave
  25. thebriars

    New Bailey Phoenix 2019

    See they have still included the roof join to ensure a shower inside when it rains. How thoughtful of them. I do note they have redesigned the front inside so that the problem of the rippling GRP liner should be fixed. maybe give them a brownie point here.
  26. not so big john

    recommend a nice place to stop m40

    Like you, we hate parking in the HGV area. The Warwick Services gives you no option. Next along, Cherwell at the A43 junction (J10), has a long "side" road for caravans which, although opposite the HGV area, is usually ok. A little bit of a hike back if you want to use the serviceds. Best though is Oxford services (M40 J8A) where there are a number of diagonal caravan allocated places at the far end of the car park, and these are not accessible to HGVs. The HGV park is quite separate.
  27. Woodie106

    Musing over new tow car next year?

    As everyone else has said - keep the x-trail. They are reliable & a bad one is rare as rocking horse doo doo. 67,000 is low mileage. We've decided after having many different brands that we are going to try to buy only jap or german from now on. I have the shogun (Jap) mrs W has a mini (german) & son has a mk4 golf (another german). His golf is a 53 plate so 15 years old & drives like a new car even though its got 140,000 on the clock.
  28. Trek

    Motor way services

    Whichever services you stop at, if you're in with the trucks, be prepared to hold your breath when opening tbe car door. The smell of urine is disgusting.
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