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  2. All done today managed to get it done earlier than expected.
  3. I couldn't possibly say, Minister; but therein may lie a s tory ... . I won't give up the day job just yet. Steve Being a pub landlord is like a life behind bars ... Steve
  4. Our nearest Costco is about 35 miles away, we probably visit every 6 weeks or so, often on our way to see our son. They have a fair number of pumps available and they are normally very busy. A lot of light goods vehicles and taxis fill up there. Their prices are always clearly marked with the VAT shown, they are often around 5p a litre cheaper than our local supermarkets.
  5. Depends how much you like M6 driving and Keele MSA cos you can leave the motorway at J16 and take the A500 'D Road' round to the A50 by Stoke City's stadium. You could stop at Sandbach MSA instead. If you do decide to carry on down to J15 then give us a wave as you go past.
  6. As I mentioned earlier, just visit a dealer but sound interested In something on their forecourt. On or last negotiations with a dealer, he was very forthcoming with information along the lines of.... Part exchange it for £x. They would likely sell it on fir £y. Sell privately for around £z. With the awning and being an Isabella, sell it privately or on the basis that you will be buying another Isabella p/x it. Have sold 3 immaculate Isabella's, 1 privately and p/x'd 2 and all for good money. Usually no value leaving it with a p/x as shipbroker has said but sometimes on a private caravan sale.
  7. Like Dobloseven, I too have had the pump seize, fixed it only to find it seizes again but in France where it's not so easy to get parts. Suggest you buy a spare pump at least for the duration of any holiday, then take it back for refund if not used or Credit note. They're not hugely expensive, if you know how to fit it, as you now clearly do but it can save a whole lot of hassle!
  8. Thanks "wigelywoo" it is interesting to note, but for me it involves a 71 mile round trip if coming from home, though a lot less if in the Forest. As a point of general interest, as that is an Esso forecourt, are they more relaxed about allowing portable refilllables than, say Shell are, or is this specific one just more relaxed?
  9. done it, will need to scrape/sand the floor after checking 24 hours, any tips. not hard to do, just tedious anyone needs a small amount of the green stuff, contact me, as have only used a 1/4 of the bottle, the saga will continue cheers rodders
  10. Hi That is a very kind offer - thank you. I went to the caravan at the weekend and have now managed to get some but not all of the lights working, plus the electric ignition for the gas fridge which is much needed! Next time I go I will bring back the manual and see if it would help to have a couple of specific pages translated. I might not be there for a few weeks though.
  11. Hi Judges how long did it take Willerby to respond to your faults?
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    I have an ABI Equerry and I have a wiring problem. Current situation - I have a new battery and the battery light is illuminated but, nothing else is working - fuses are fine unless there is a hidden fuse somewhere between the battery light switch and the appliances. Any suggestions or a relevant electrical diagram would be welcome.
  14. You will need to have the Autark pack fitted to enable full function of the battery into the main system.
  15. Cheers Sam , definitely going to get some , wheel is a write off according to my local tyre guys so I will have to fit the spare , the holes are elongated where the bolts chewed on them. The hub is also on its way out , some threads missing on some of the holes & the shock absorber photo speaks for itself. I did put the story on Facebook & asked my sister in law & niece who live in Scunthorpe to share it on their extensive network of friends , hopefully some of those people will be acknowledged , I did offer everyone of them a tenner for a drink on me & not one would accept , lovely people. I feel exactly the same as you , very nervous getting home yesterday & worried about going to the dealers for a repair estimate tomorrow , I have been a caravanner for over thirty years & this is the first time anything like this has happened to me other than a puncture.
  16. The Bank was a very similar rate and didn't have the '2+2+2' benefits to offer! I'm at our French hovel for another month'ish so cannot check the exact detail just now. But, when I was toying with the idea of trading Gobby, the Folding Caravan, in for a conventional caravan, the Bank's APR was appreciably lower than that prevailing at the time of purchasing Tig. Steve
  17. Forecasts on the BBC are now for in excess of 40C in some areas. Come home to the Lakes where we might get 25C this Friday........................and you'll be able to sleep at night!
  18. It's done regularly in France and very efficient With date, approximate time and registration number the video record will be checked to confirm the class of the vehicle. It also identifies those that tailgate through without paying!
  19. I was about to suggest that you join us in Scotland, but then I remembered the close ties between the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament! To be fair [I hope], neither National Assemblies/Parliaments, nor Westminster has any real 'clout' when dealing with Multi National Corporations ['MNC']. Westminster doles out the Aid to attract the business, and, as soon as market conditions change or another Sovereign State offers a more attractive package, the MNC makes appropriate noises of regret whilst the removal lorries queue up outside. Steve
  20. Exactly so. Tyre load and speed indices are related. The load is the maximum that can be carried at the rated speed. A tyre with the correct load index fitted to a caravan will have a speed index of at least N (87 mph) but most will be much higher. In the UK the maximum speed permitted when towing is 60 mph and this means caravan tyres are operated with a safety margin of at least 10% for the lowest load index possible.
  21. With OH in hospital at the moment, waiting for a heart valve, then waiting minimum of six weeks before he can drive, I thought I would go on a towing course. I am with the CMC, and looked up when the next available course was available. I'm looking at September, and with a class of six. So, living in Manchester, and the nearest centre is in Macclesfield, I gave them a ring. I explained that I didn't need to know how to load a caravan, etc, but just wanted to gain confidence in towing a caravan. The lovely lady said no problem. I could book straight through them for a 4 and half hour course. This would see me towing the caravan on the road, and also how to successfully reverse. This would cost £168, but with me being a member of the CMC, it would be £152. I would also have a one-to-one tutor for the whole of the duration, unlike if I'd gone with the CMC, who use the same facilities, I would have to share two tutors to six of us and would cost £150, and I can have my course in early July, just a couple of weeks away. Me thinks I've chosen wisely by ousting CMC on this occasion Anyone out there know of any classes for my OH to attend for navigation training. He's absolutely terrible. Couldn't even use a satnav
  22. Some German caravans have a large, pre-drilled, wooden block attached to the roof frame between the outer panel and the ceiling board in the wardrobe. This can be used for mounting a pole through the roof with a watertight gland allowing a sat dish or terrestrial aerial to be rotated/adjusted from the inside. Roof mounting I'm not aware of any UK vans have such provision but the link below is a video showing a sat dish being fitted to a UK caravan where the load is spread over a large plate screwed and glued to the roof.. sat dish fitting
  23. Address: Hilltops, Long St, High Ham, Langport, Somerset, TA10 9DN Phone: 01458 250455 We stayed for three nights (June 2019) on the Hilltops certified site which is an immaculately mowed field with at least a 20 feet separation between caravans, and all for £14 per night. No nearby road noise. Quiet. Pets are welcome. Very nice views for miles. Brian and Shelley are friendly and helpful. Brian is renovating a traction engine and he has a small museum which he was pleased to show me, mostly engineering and guns, so herself read a book while I disappeared for an hour - or two. Glastonbury is twenty minutes away and Wells is not much further on, whose cathedral is well worth a visit together with the oldest street in Europe. Dorchester is worth visiting as well. Plenty of 'stuff' going on so look on the web for events in the area. All in all, recommended, and we will return.
  24. Its really good that he passed this information on. Hope they enjoy using it.
  25. The Swift already has an onboard Flojet pump, not a submersible ultraflow.
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