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  2. Towing with a Tesla across the Alps

    Prius hybrid sales in the UK would struggle if the BIK tax wasn't artificially low - it's a popular choice among company drivers but it doesn't deliver any real fuel savings.
  3. Help!

    Right, from my cars handbook I've attached a picture with info on towing. Yo be honest all the abbreviations don't make much sense to me. The MAW of the van from the VIN is 1270kg. So am I right in thinking the van is too heavy for the car? Thanks
  4. Caravan cover

    Hi everyone We are about to put our cover on the caravan. We've followed the caravan talk guide to preparing it. The only concern we've got is the ariel, we have a status ariel, do we just take the spike off or the whole ariel and how? Thanks
  5. Les Pinedes Cote d'azur

    We stayed here a couple of years ago. It used to be a vineyard, hence the terraces. From the entrance is a very steep climb up to the pitch areas, if you did not want to attempt the climb with the caravan the site offered to take the caravan up with a tractor, I did it myself? We were on one of the terrace by the lower toilet block, only problem was that we were on a pitch which was 3rd in, so when it was time to leave the German family next to us had to take the awning down so we could get out? The cars are not on pitch but in a parking area next to the toilet block. As said the toilets are immaculate. the pool is down the hill. The pitches at the top of the campsite are very large, with room for the car! Would we stay here again YES!
  6. Today
  7. 2012 hobby stolen

    I had a Hobby a few years and they are like a magnet to thieves which is why after 6 years of ownership I got rid. ( broken into twice and things stolen ) Ironically the van could well be on it's way to Spain via Ireland. A large number of stolen Hobby's were found in Spain a few years ago
  8. Caravan keys

    Exactly the same as me, Corrie!! The key for the hitchlock is on the main bunch,but on a length of bathroom sink chain for easier access.
  9. Rejecting my new Elddis

    Have a look around most dealers forecourts and they will have on display "nearly new" vans. I've often wondered how many of these have been rejected by their previous owners? The dealer will probably tell you that the previous owners after buying it realised the layout didn't suit them, or something similar, which maybe the case as people's circumstances do change, expensive mistake to make though. We'll never know the truth, because no dealer is going to tell you if it has been previously rejected.
  10. I Don't Believe It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The company concerned is a Swift Dealership, I have named them on other sites but this site does not approve of name and shame as I once found out before when I named a company on here and got myself put on the " naughty step " LOL. ..I have to laugh to be honest as I have named the company on Swift's own chatsite, Swift Talk ( 29th September ) and as yet not a staircase in sight !!! I had negotiated a suitable conclusion with the " battery incident " and received paperwork from the dealer asking me to sign and return and in effect this was worded as a final settlement to the incident. ..I decided NOT to sign and return it until I got the van back from the factory. So Swift having found two " new damp patches " a new settlement is being negotiated. Due to the fact that previously the company only replied to my emails after two weeks and that was only because of the intervention of East Yorkshire Council Trading Standards Dept, I have asked Trading Standards to take a look at the latest debacle and they assure me that they will be contacting the dealer again. So yet again I wait with baited breath . ...
  11. Knackered tyres

    Sorry I should have said. I was a Station Officer in the Fire Service. To be honest there was generally nothing left of the tyre to inspect. The only experience of wrong weight rating i have was on my own van! It was fitted by a National company, you can't get quicker, and was picked up, as being wrong, at the service. So back I went and got the same fitterwho denied knowing it was for a caravan. But I thought it obvious when he had taken it off a caravan, I really didn't think I needed to point out the fact. But all was OK in the end and they swopped it, regards, Ian e
  12. Driving licence....... again....

    Hi Ian. ..must be chilly in Norton today! geoff
  13. damp meter

    I have one of the cheaper ones bought off amazon (other online retailers available). I used it a fair bit when I was looking at used vans earlier this year. We found a couple of high levels of damp in a couple of vans so we walked away. In one case the dealer checked with hos own meter and both our meters was reading the same ie 36% in a couple of the corners. I am not sure how much more accurate the more expensive meters are but even my cheap meter gives me a good indication of where there is a problem. Used my meter yesterday to test damp after an internal leak in new van. Some of the surfaces not affected were showing between 4% and 8% which I would expect to be normal when you consider condensation and general moisture in air. However when I tested under the lino into the floor wood and there were readings over 38%, whatever the cost of the meter, this level of increase clearly is cause for concern. I would never buy a van without a damp meter.
  14. Unicorn 4 bits

    I emailed Bailey to confirm if the TMPS monitor is included and they have confirmed it is, wasn't clear if the monitor was additional cost.
  15. Diesel tax increase and fuel duty

    A bonfire will contribute, as you say, but the SITA plant is as different to a bonfire as a mouse is to an elephant. Only materials left after all recyclable materials have been removed are burned an d then the combustion products are cleaned and filtered to the Nth degree so that it is as clean as possible and creating electricity in the process, regards. Ian.
  16. Travelling to France

    Been to many places in France and weatherwise the Loire has probably been the most stable at fair temperatures, usually mid 20's and above. . Personally I love the coast and would return to Brittany any time,even the rugged North,but you are prone to Atlantic weather. geoff
  17. Ingenious thieves

    Hi 2153, for the link. I don't understand the "embed" links bit, how do I overcome or remedy this problem if it comes up again? Are there some settings I should change? Cheers, John
  18. T5 Transporter camper van

    Hi, looks like I have a similar set up to you 6206greg. 2017 T6 LWB 204 dsg 4 motion. Now remapped from Pendle (250bhp. 535nm) Only pulled it fro the storage compound to the camp field up to now (About 300 yards) So I don't know what it will tow our 650 Elegance like yet. Hopefully okay. Dave
  19. unicorn 4 pampalona has arrived

    Manufacturers will normally fit the EHU socket as close as practicable to the internal power unit to save additional lengths of wiring. The position of the power unit is normally dictated by where they can find a spare space in the layout that's relatively unusable but accessible for maintenance.
  20. Yesterday
  21. to use a service pitch

    I always use serviced wherever possible and many are on par with or cheaper than standard CC pitches.
  22. Clubman (2017) Outside Shower Not Working

    Update: Got in touch with the dealer who then contacted Lunar. Their initial response was to refuse to rectify the problem under warranty. However, I got in touch with Lunar myself and pointed out that the caravan was advertised as having an outdoor shower connection point and as this connection didn't work I'd been misled when purchasing the van. Within 24 hours had a reply from Lunar saying the work would be carried out under warranty! This has now been completed and the shower works perfectly. I suppose the moral of the tale is to refuse to be fobbed off if you believe you're in the right.
  23. 2017 Raining In

    It's not a plastic bar that's fitted, it's a metal one & they use a butyl tape to fit it, 9 times out of 10 if it leaks now it's through the plastic water management caps that are fitted to each end of the rail as they are fitted with the same sealant as previously used on the roof strap.
  24. Talk about pushy

    Forget the purchase and look forward to getting the new van, we picked up the 2018 Cadiz the end of September, great caravan already had two lovely holidays and the new designs are great. No problems and layout is a big improvement on our 2011 Valencia. Enjoy, you have made a wise choice.
  25. Might be this: https://www. amazon. co. uk/Kao-Electric-Toothbrush-Charging-Portable/dp/B0716QSDY8 John
  26. Caravan covers

    Firmly in the cover it up camp!
  27. Alaria anyone?

    Thanks for that. I'll pop over to FB and see if they have the colour info. Cheers
  28. An Educational Video!

    I was surprised to see the floor covering and skirt were fitted before the awning went up, particularly as it was raining! I do the awning first, and peg it down, then the skirt, then the floor covering.
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