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  2. MAM Exactly 3500

    Licence offences are based only on plated weights. If I have a vehicle plated at 3500 kg MAM (or a vehicle & trailer with a combined plated MAM of 3500 kg) and overload by 200kg I will not have committed any licence offence whatsoever insofar as I am driving a vehicle that I am explicitly permitted to drive by my category B licence entitlement. Weight offences on the other hand are based only on actual weights (Actual Weight Minus GVW or GTW) so in the above (extreme) overload scenario I will have committed a (fairly serious) weight offence. Not sure how insurance is invalidated though. .. driving outside of licence entitlement perhaps but for weight offences, driving without insurance would be a definite charge sheet add-on if it was the case.
  3. Car extension mirrors

    I would hate to use the "Suck it and see" mirrors because even when towing. 90% of the time I use the car mirrors to see what is in the next lane, reserving the extended mirrors for when I want to see directly behind
  4. Alko hitch swap

    I had a Winterhoff on a 2007 Elddis (the only decent thing on the caravan) and it was a lot easier to use than the many Alko’s I’ve had before & after. What model BMW is it? I have a 5 series with a factory retractable towbar & there’s plenty of clearance
  5. Ah, but when did you last go to France? They changed standard on 4-5th April 2016. In the UK we use DVB-T format for SD TV and DVB-T2 for HD TV. The French have changed over to exclusively HD TV but still using DVB-T. It is possibly the Aldi TV is a Europe-wide model but I tend to be sceptical in this area being a retired broadcast engineer!
  6. It's Commodore Collection Day.....

    So far so good. I took the check list GB posted in the 2017 29 page thread and reviewed any subsequent posts with reports of faults to supplement the original list. There were a couple of cupboard catch alignment adjustments and mucky marks to clean off but the dealers guys were great and took care of all the minor points there and then. I haven't been able to see the roof yet because they wouldn't let me borrow a step ladder 'cos of elf and safety innit'! With only one Safefill fitted and no other stuff added my Milenco nose weight guage reads 115kg. I took it via a weighbridge and find that in spite of the plate increase to 2000kg max we only have 100kg of payload available. .... Will have to put that down to the Powertouch Evolution I guess. What a doddle fitting wheel locks with the E & P, love it:-) We'll see how the weekend goes. Jim
  7. Vauxhall Dying

    Yours is showing percentage of new value retained where mine is showing percentage of new value lost but the snap shot of the ten worst will if course differ according to where, when and how the data is collated. Never heard of a Vauxhall Cascada but the name itself - a probably more suited to a 1970s Datsun - is probably the prime depreciation driver of that car
  8. Air Awning

    I have a large air awning and I use a skateboard to move it from the shed to the car. The carrier bags for the awnings ought to have a pull out handle at one end & wheels on the other
  9. NC500 - Scotland

    Thanks for this S&S. We 'vanned extensively years ago - a Series I Land Rover and a Swift 2 berth !!!!!!. Did General Wade's Road from Laggan Bridge to Fort William over the mountains with a convoy of Landys - NOT with van - and are up for a bit of a trek before its too late!
  10. 2017 Pastiche 565 Warranty Work

    Hi Glen, Well I got another email this morning at 08. 48 asking me to call them to discuss, so after 2 emails and 3 calls I finally got through to them, spoke to Sam, who came clean and said the foam supplier is having problems with the revised foam design that is going into our cushions, They have had the cushions for 4 weeks now but are now promising I will have them back for 3rd May, I have told them I need them back before 5th May, so the clock is ticking, I do hope it will be worth the wait. I asked if they would use the same foam we had in our 2010 Pastiche, but they said they could not fit other than the design for the van year/model set by Coachman under warranty, so its Ozio afraid. . Hope you have better luck with your refill. Paul
  11. Yep its a bit of a joke really, never seen anything else like it, those giant kerbs will have claimed quite a few victims I reckon.
  12. Unicorns everywhere!

    The right angled plug is a blessing not just started for the reduced protusion but it gives more weather protection imho . . lol . .. https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/126481-u4-vigo-collected/?do=findComment&comment=1516271 Regarding the drop down leaf transverse beds and the folks who purchased them . .. Well if they have purchased them it couldn't have been a problem for them in the first place and totally senseless for them to feel grieved after by a redesign and by all accounts the mechanical bed frame could be and was a problem for failing as per DavS above previous caravan bed frame, so swings and roundabouts 😁 So all in all more barking up empty trees . ..
  13. Caravans Coming Unhitched!

    Yes "My Dear Watson" you are technically correct but the lift effect on the caravan is not as obvious as the rear of the tow vehicle rising. As happynomad suggests/infers the two forces create create the required result.
  14. Newbie needs help with LX2000!

    i have the carver crystal 2 and its fine on my 25 year old tourer maybe switching over the inlets on the pc will be easy as its just the pipes and the 12v wiring and the seal replaced to make sure water dont get in around the housing
  15. Smart HT construction

    That does give me more hope, although unfortunately I am considerably heavier, perhaps I should take my GP’s advice and lose weight.😀 Yes it is only the Elegance which currently has Smart HT, however, I am buying a new 2017 model Conqueror which does have it. Good to hear you have had no problems.
  16. Underslung fresh water tank

    Whilst filling or once full? On our on-board tank there is no auto shut-off. If you do not switch off the fill pump, water will simply overflow beneath the 'van.
  17. Selling a Caravan - private

    I sold both my last 2 caravans on Gumtree, being in N. Ireland its much easier to sell local so eBay is not as good for that. The second sold the day I listed it and I had a call within 15 minutes of posting the add ( I was still re-reading and editing it in fact) to a very excited lady from 15min away who had been on the look out for one and set an alert. They were there in 1 Hr to view and called to confirm a deposit that evening. Have meet them several times since and they are enjoying our last van as much as we are our newer one.
  18. These Dometic fridges really are poor quality. The door catch you are referring to is far to flimsy I have broken mine as well. The door shelves have all been replaced after failing and even one of the replacements, which Dometic claim are "improved" has broken. Also for a family caravan a fridge which will not take a four pint bottle of milk is next to useless.
  19. Does anyone live in glasgow

    Hello Stubobby. I'm Day Shift Saturday and Sunday and work at Glasgow Airport if you want I could pop in. PM me your address and mobile number and I will pop in and give it the once over. I am no sparky but will be able to give you my thoughts as I have owned a number of vans old and new over the years. It could even be something as simple as a loose connection on mains cable to the van which happened to me once tripping the hoose. .... It will have to be after seven though . ...
  20. HelpTruma Combi electrical problems

    Thanks all . it's working fine now. All I have done was to turn off the mains leave for 20min or so turn back on and it seems to be ok .
  21. Parking a caravan/tourer

    You definately need to check with your local authority. There are many possible pitfalls. If you have any loan secured on the property the lender should be informed and so should the property insurers. I would imagine fresh water and waste disposal will be provided so make sure you comply with regulations etc. Seek legal advice.
  22. Set of steel poles for Ventura Atlantic awning

    I have seen more than a few awnings with storm straps. Some awnings come with storm strap attachment points on those that do not, people often place the straps over the entire awning: Allowing, in some cases, the strap to chafe against the fabric of the awning roof. I installed a storm strap internally. That is, the strap was over the awning poles, inside the roof, secured with springs hooked onto monster pegs. Also make sure you utilise every one of the ground attachment points, with a slight tension on each one. That system kept my awning in place in some frightening conditions.
  23. Hartal door lock

    Back to the OP. Brand new Bailey Pegasus, couldn't get the door open. Eventually by pushing towards the hinge edge while pulling it open, we got in. Pulled off the curved Hartal cover on the interior handle and found it hadn't been screwed tight to the door and had shifted. Easy to push it back (ie towards the hinged edge) then tighten the two screws. Took 3 full turns of each screw to be anywhere near tight. There are two more screws behind the coloured dots but the dealer can do those (if you try you almost certainly won't get them back on and will have to buy new). So much for Bailey quality control!
  24. Buying a caravan (new or second hand)

    Weight is your first consideration. It gets complicated but try and follow the logic. So you have passed your test after January 1997 which means your legally only allowed to tow 3500kg gross train weight. (CAR +CARAVAN) So have a look on the car's V5 or a plate fastened to the car to see what that figure is(MAM or Gross Weight) Then look for caravans whose MTPLM figure is no more than 3500kg minus your cars gross weight. That's the easy bit. Next it's deciding were the caravan is going to be kept, would this reduce the length of caravan you can have? Then layout of the inside, last of all your budget. You could go micro caravans, which are ace! Or There is a range of all plastice caravans, my workmate has just bought a new one, loves it. Google micro caravans and have a look see. Can't imagine a used one would be over the top in price. Or Brain wave, forget caravans and look at glampng pods! Wood sheds to be honest but may suit your needs better. Lots of caravan sites have them.
  25. Towing covers

    Yes, but not with frozen birds. .. might as well throw rocks. It was done by accident once at Hatfield on the engine test beds when I was there as an apprentice. .... the engine didn’t survive and the chicken was already dead. .... never did find out what happened to the bloke who loaded the cannon with frozen instead of fully thawed. ... probably promoted to Foreman. Meanwhile, back on topic. ... find our Specialised cover very easy to fit, no problem storing in the bag provided and value the protection it gives. If a house brick comes our way no likely cover will be effective, but for general muck and grit I think it’s worth it.
  26. I know, certainly on our caravan, there's a five amp fuse for the water pump, but does anyone know the maximum current the circuit could in fact take if a more powerful pump were fitted and the fuse uprated accordingly? Whale are playing dumb on this, answering my question by simply giving me a link to a PDF download about their range of pumps and then ignoring the follow up email pointing out that wasn't the question! More generally, out of interest, is water, heating and water heater all switched within the IC panel and if so how (relays or solid-state relays or power transistors, or are there relays hidden away somewhere under seats or somewhere else perhaps?)
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