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  2. You should always charge a new battery. You dont know how long its been sitting at the wholesalers or dealers. Most of them dont have the facilities to keep the batteries charged and checked. TBH I wouldn't get a battery from a dealer unless I knew that he had a decent turnover and that they hadn't been sitting there for ages. Just putting a battery into a van and hoping that it will be ok isn't enough. Most van chargers (unless they have multistage chargers) are set to around 13.6-13.8v whereas a battery needs 14.4v to fully recharge it so it never gets fully charged. Even when connected to the car it's unlikely that the voltage will get high eneough for lon enough to get the battery fully charged. Most solar controllers do get the battery up to 14.4 volts, but only when theres's enough sun , so shouldn't be relied on in the winter to get or keep the battery in good condition. By far the best way to give a battery a long an happy life is to use a decent multistage charger (like a CTek or similar) once every couple of months in the summer and one every 4-6 weeks in the winter and leave it on long enough for the battery to get fullly topped out - 3-4 hours is insufficient especially if the battery is a bit down. It takes a long time to recharge a battery especially if it's been allowed to discharge, 24 hours is about right (or even longer if it's been allowed to go completely flat) but keep an eye on it to ensure that it is charging properly and not smelling like bad eggs.
  3. If petrol/diesel engines came along as a new invention today I think people would try and get it stopped for being too dangerous. That we're trusted to poor highly flammable liquid into a tank in our cars etc. I reckon in decades to come filling up with hydrogen will become just as common place normal.
  4. Thanks for asking the important questions
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  6. That’s interesting, because Autoglym doesn’t recommend this on acrylic windows, suggesting Fast Glass instead, which I always use. However, despite very careful use , I still see the “swirls” in the window when the sun shines on them. I wish manufacturers would make their acrylic windows more durable. Glen.
  7. Not strictly true. A CL with only a tap and Toilet disposal needs no planning acceptance. As soon as you get into Toilets, Showers, Hard standings you need planning approval! As for a few other approved organisations, well there are not a few there are dozens! I will try to find the list!
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  9. Probably a little late to this discussion but West Systems G-flex 655 would be ideal for this repair. I'd use chopped strand matting in addition. It's used for tough repairs, for example on plastic kayaks, but it's really versatile. Even sticks to wet wood.
  10. I purchased new an Amara in 2013, in 2016 a crack over the front window, new front fitted under warranty. In 2019 a further crack same place. Just out of warranty by a month, Coachman walked away from it even though they supplied the new panel, just out of warranty by a month. Glossop came across with a solution which cost £750 to fit an aluminium fillet across front. Looks ok, now two cracks in the top corner of the back panel. I'm of the opinion when they brought the new Amara out, higher and wider, they did not take into account the stress when making these panels bigger. Mind you poor workmanship came in to it also. They discontinued the Amara with the intro of the Vision in 2015.
  11. I would recommend keeping a photocopy of your old licence when you send it back to DVLA, just in case the new one is missing a category.
  12. Hi, Can anyone please help with how I connect my caravan to water supply. I've read the handbook, but am no further forward as to what size hose pipe I need or fitting. I'm thinking I need a food grade hose with a tap connector and a connector to the caravan, but what size? For the waste pipe it says I need a 28mm hose, do I also need an adaptor? Getting more confused the more I look. Appreciate any information, thanks!
  13. Thanks everyone, on closer inspection it was in fact the pump speed had been left a 5 by the dealer backed it off to 2 and all is now good (missed it in the book) -Bryn.
  14. I have a well fitting cover that was manufactured for my van including special sizing for air con unit and roof mounted sun canopy etc. In addition to the good strapping provided that tightens the cover across the underside of the van I additionally use 3 long straps that each completely encircle the van on top of the cover to ensure no excess 'flapping'. I wash and wax before putting away for winter and have not suffered any 'damage' at all. The van is pristine when unwrapped and ready to go. Inside I leave all cupboard doors opened and sofa cushions raised to allow free air circulation. No dampness or condensation experienced. Each to their own but I wouldn't be without a cover now.
  15. Thanks again for all your replies update control panel went erratic powering itself off flashing then came up on the screen with vertical bars looked like a bar code at thee moment we have left it off to see if it sorts itself out fridge working now no spark at cooker no interior lights no ales heating Alan Sorry should read the not thee and Alde heating
  16. You could certainly try. I don't think I would, firstly it's unlikely your dash cam would have caught a conclusive video of the incident. Secondly, I'm personally not convinced that a loss of £60 or whatever they cost would ever be worth involving an insurance company over. You'd then have to mention the "accident" any time you got a quote which, in all likelihood, would end up costing you more than the claim. You could send the video to the police, technically he's leaving the scene of an accident and has presumably failed to report it. As well as the substandard driving which lead to incident. If you are lucky the might send him a letter asking him very politely not to do it again 😜
  17. Thanks for all the input, I think the Sprite is the way forward. I love spending other people money!
  18. I believe that their Avondale does have an underseat cold water tank which is filled via an Aquaroll (or direct) Mine doesn't which suits me. I prefer the storage space.
  19. If you use a gas ring on your cooker that will produce a fair bit of moisture, as does human breath! Heating doesn’t remove any moisture from the air it just means more water vapour can be held in suspension. However once that warm air contacts a colder surface that moisture condenses out. The only long term answer consists of just three words, ventilation, ventilation, ventilation, as that removes moisture ladened air, which is what a dehumidifier does but it takes (ever more expensive) electricity to do that, opening a window is totally free! We use our caravan over the winter and have found the only solution to minimising condensation is to provide ??? You’ve guessed it, “Sufficient ventilation”
  20. Not really. The op's post above yours is misleading as his penultimate post above that reveals the cause. He failed to disconnect power to the Freesat receiver. "In the end the problem was caused by the Freesat box. I was turning it of when changing LNB by the remote control, But it needed the power to be total removed"
  21. Approved Member Probably right to much time on my hands. When i purchased this from Ebay it would not pick up Astra 28 ,had a few conversations with Teleco and they directed me to their web site where i could down load the new criteria which is on the grid posted earlier. Still no Astra 28 By playing around with the settings and changing them i did manage to get the finder to pick up 28 on more than 1 occasion so there must be something that has happened so that i can no longer get it. I am quite stubborn and won't give up .When my wife calls the Physiatrist then that will be the time to concede. Thanks for all the advice.
  22. You are blending the different generations of Haldex of which there are 5 and different manufacturers will have some if not all depending on vehicle or year. What you are describing is up to Gen 3. Gen 1 was purely reactive and relied on slip and a mechanical pump. By Gen 4 and 5 the pump system is purely electric and pre-emptive using the vehicles different on board system to pre-empt slip and transfer torque rearwards before that happens, See my post above with youtube link to Gen 5. Or a quick video. This link misses Gen 3 as it was never fitted in VAG.
  23. Dealers and internet as there is no best place. All our caravans, however, have been bought from a dealer locally as we trust them and can see them in person. Personally I wouldn't buy from the other end of the country but plenty of people do it.
  24. I agree with your thinking in principle but what you say is not always true as it only indicated when the caravan or motorhome is away. I know I'm splitting hairs but over the years we have often has our various caravans or motorhomes missing from the driveway, yet the house has remained occupied. Similarly we have been away and the caravans or motorhomes have stayed at home. For many years I have attended various caravan shows throughout the year using a caravan or motorhome, while my wife has remained at home. Equally at times she has stayed on a site while muggins here had to work a few shifts from home before returning to join her on site. There are always cars on the driveway, even if we're both away. I'm a great believer in ringing the changes in an effort to keep the ne'er-do-wells guessing.
  25. When we ordered it was Nov/Mar, but we called in last month and now have Nov/Jan, with an expectation it could be early in this period, but we’ve not had any further update.
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