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  2. I assume that you mean they replaced the kitchen window rubber and not the actual window?, check to make sure they replaced the window rubber and removed and resealed the window hinge bar, as it could be either or both causing the issue
  3. Certainly if I was looking at buying one now I would want a serious discount to cover me and an insurance backed guarantee.
  4. I would avoid the very cheap quotes as they have to cut out something by way of service, claims payments or cover to get that low. We use the C&CC and have no problems with them and their premiums are fair rather than cut to the bone. On the one claim we had the service was excellent. I am afraid if you put a space in your phone number most sites will reject it. I find if I make an error many sites simply say there has been an error and you do have to find it. It is a bit nit picking to reject it on the basis of that page showing common errors though. Always check the policy has a five star DEFAQTO rating as if it has not the cover is lacking. You can also check out other peoples views on the firm, but ignore the easy to set up ones, or those praising the low premiums, that proves nothing. What you need is comments on the claims service, as that is what matters when it comes to the crunch (no pun intended).
  5. Sounds like the place we store ours. No problem with insurance!
  6. Autoboxes require care and expertise. Rushing anything on them or cutting corners is expensive. The fluid below was drained from my Ford AOD automatic transmission 50 miles AFTER a £1,500 rebuild (it should be a red/pink colour). In correct adjustment by an "expert" (not me!) saw it needing a second rebuild in a very short space of time.
  7. If the fan is running so often (as I said in an earlier post, in three Baileys we have never had the fan run at all!) it does tend to suggest that the PSU is getting too hot - especially as it happens to more than one unit as here. This would suggest there is something drawing too much current and as the lights draw little it does beg the question of whether there is either a wiring fault or a stuck relay that means the fridge is drawing power from the caravan supply which it should never do? I would use a voltmeter to see if there is 12V on pins 9 and 10 of the cable: 12V on 9 is correct, but 12V on 10 is not. Pin 13 should be the -ve for 9, and pin 11 is -ve for pin 10 - these negatives are separate. Also, if you feel/are competent to check it, open the power box, switch on the mains supply and wait a few minutes to see if the power supply case gets warm. If it does and switching on the lights makes the fan start and warm air is coming out of the BCA case then <definitely> something is drawing too much current. From there finding the problem is just a case of elimination. If this does happen I would find the habitation reply in the power box and pull it out (they are car-type plug-in relays) and see if that cures the problem.
  8. That's a interesting point of the parasitic load as I am putting two in my self in the next couple of weeks and was not going to make them switched but might change to save energy .
  9. Today
  10. We had a Bailey Pegasus VErona 2017- took me ages to get the silicone out of the awing rail so ours would go through and even then the plastic caps on the roof joins used to snag it if you weren't careful-no issues with our Elddis.Bailey workforce seem to slap mastic EVERYWHERE!
  11. Aldi sold a cordless tyre inflator back in November and its great as no 12v lead to connect. Inflates to 80psi so fine for caravans. I found the built in gauge to be 2 -3 psi out so use my own trusty gauge but for the price of £25 it is worth every penny. Currently not available but like most special buys at Aldi it will be back sometime.
  12. We previously had a 2013 VIP, solidly built and probably much the same as your 2012 van. In 2017 we “down-graded” to the Pastiche range as we couldn't justify the £3k+ additional cost for the VIP and we didn't need the 2ins extra width as we were buying the fixed single beds model. It’s true that the furniture in the van feels less solid than our 2013 one, but the van is still better built, in our opinion, than other manufacturers in the same price band. We struggled to get used to smaller drawers at the base of the wardrobe - we’d had that big double door wardrobe in the old van - but we have managed. New layout = new use of space = new ways of storing things. It’s also fair to say that Coachman have removed a lot of the finer things enjoyed on the old VIP and made them “options” - but so have other manufacturers. Making the vans lighter meant changing the upholstery and for the 2017/18 models there were real problems - ours was refilled twice then we insisted on a complete new set. They’re ok, but not the lovely sprung seating that looked as good as new when we traded it in after 4 years use. The newer vans do now have a “sprung” element to the upholstery, but I don’t believe it’s as good as it was. Likewise, all manufacturers have changed in this area. Our Pastiche has just had its 3rd service - no faults reported by us when it went in and none found, so I still believe that Coachman make good vans, but you will find a big difference in models since your 2012 one and I would probably advise you, if you can, to pay a visit to the NEC and take a close look at what’s on offer from all manufacturers - for comparison purposes. In particular, as Les Medes says above, take note of the bed sizes as these have been “squeezed” too. Good Luck.
  13. FWIW .... Have posted before on this issue following our concerns last Autumn. We are now in Spain with our two Terriers - no issues & no checks outgoing ( but £17.50 per dog !) We spoke to Defra 16/12/19 just prior to our 2/1/20 depart from UK and they helpfully explained no blood tests required to enter EU as we would be departing prior to any exit arrangement. Equally no bloodtest required for a UK pet on a valid passport and usual requirements returning from EU. Really suggest you phone them if worried. M
  14. I wondered if it was a Bailey. Missed the info at the bottom of OP's post
  15. Off topic but, Scooby1, what Scooby have you got?
  16. Hi Alf. Just wondering, do you have Norse or Scandinavian genes in your ancestry, and did your ancestors live in caves or mountainous regions ?
  17. Yesterday
  18. I have the same on order, hopefully collecting April. I am a little concerned over the width, but putting it another way it is only 6 inches (3 each side) wider than current van and that's the way I am thinking about it. Our first trip away with it will hopefully be at Easter from York to Malvern. If you are genuinely interested in the layout of the 860 I would look at the various dealer specials for the Acadia range as well. As for a twin axle, I have to say I prefer it alot more stable when towing.
  19. You are welcome. AND Now some handy tips. Click here Enjoy !!!
  20. Have been told about this notice ,, and currently in Spain with our 2016 SWIFT Kudos ours from new . Having seen the notice diagram outlining what to look for , i checked our van and the symptoms ARE as described in fact some of the screws are not there at all ,,, and the steady leg NUT does move out of allignment !! If i may be so bold ? i would ask others with similar SWIFT vans 2016 to check their vans !! I shall contact our dealer for advice in the morning P
  21. I really fancied a Discovery but ended up with a Touareg. 197 bhp plays 238 bhp plus reviews saying overtaking at higher speeds was "interesting". Enjoyed the test drive, though. Reading this thread I am very take by the 4.4 Range Rover but unfortunately the Touareg wasn't used in a bank robbery so I don't have £20k stuffed down between the seats.
  22. Have you had a look at the date of the post?
  23. Ask Elddis or one of their dealers? BPW are now part of Al-Ko for caravan type trailers at least. https://www.bpw.co.uk/news/iwd-wheel-lock-diamond-standard-security-for-caravans
  24. Believe it or not talcum powder may well cure the problem. Sprinkle liberally around the area of the squeak, bounce up and down on the bed a bit (I shall refrain from ANY elaboration) to work the talc into the joints and see if that works. It very often does. It also works well on squeaky laminate flooring joints. The other thing to check is that all of the frame fixings are tight, it only takes a tiny bit of movement to cause a squeak and joints can work themselves slightly loose over time. Andy
  25. Or use child proof catches from Mothercare, Argos or Tesco.
  26. Sancerre is a VERY nice white wine indeed!! Andy
  27. Having worked in insurance all my life I can assure you that you are wrong. Yes you do have to follow the conditions, but you have to ask yourself why your quote is probably a third of the most expensive. None of the insurers are making huge profits so the reduced premiums have to be clawed back somewhere and as claims are the biggest single spend, they are almost certainly where the savings will be made at your expense. There are odd bargains out there, but I doubt it will ever be the cheapest quote. A simple example of how it works is you have a write off and the engineer who examines the caravan says it is worth £10,000. The better companies will simply offer you £10,000, the cheapest will offer something like £9,000 eventually, and if you query it fight you for every penny extra. Looking at the CETA website it looks more like a price comparison service, giving you a number of companies quotes, although I have not tried the full quote procedure.
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