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  2. oldboy

    Buying a caravan and PDI legalities?

    If it a new ordered caravan the dealer still has to check for any damage in transit, clean it and prepare the caravan for delivery to the customer.
  3. Silversurf

    PMS4 socket/fire switch stays down

    Hi, a bit more info. year and caravan may help. However I presume it's the 10A MCB that's playing up and as Jaydug says you are plugged into the mains and switched on. Does the lighting and freezer still work OK the two 6A MCB's ? There are only three main reasons an MCB will not reset, one is that it is faulty, rare, another that you have something additional on that circuit that is drawing more than 10A, the third being a short somewhere on the circuit wiring or on a component permanently connected to that circuit. When you say you have unplugged all the plugs, I presume you refer to anything plugged into the sockets. Is the fire/heater switched off ? does it have it's own isolator, some do ? Did it work OK last time you used it, if so how long ago ? Has any additional wiring been done ? Bearing in mind that electricity is the silent killer it may be best, especially if you don't understand it, to let an electrician check it out, in the mean time check around as much as you can see of the relevant wiring with a torch, mains unplugged, to see if there are any signs of damaged, overheated, stretched cables etc.
  4. Blackhart

    Truck European Insurance

    Update: C&CC got back to me and CANNOT insure the vehicle in Europe for me. Google sent me to LV, who can insure it (and have insured it) with 180 days European cover, at about £50. 00 less than Direct Line policy. Result: Direct Line cancelled (no fee) and now insured with LV. Phew. ..panic over. BH
  5. Stevan

    Towing Over 85%

    You miss my point! Mass in Service is just another name for kerb weight with yet another method of calculation! We should be basing all our discussions, guidance etc. on MAM, Actual Laden Weight and/or permissible axle loadings, together with unambiguous MAM and ALW of trailer. Unambiguous, easily defined and easily established figures.
  6. ancell

    not a lot changes in 19 years...

    The C&CC and the C&MC are not doing us any favours on this front. Surely it would be relatively easy to survey members caravans regarding dampness-say-Of members under five year old caravans?
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  8. Durbanite

    New tow car?

    We are waiting to place an order for the Brabus G63 as we feel it is the right car for us and will town the caravan easily. Just need to win the lottery before placing our order.
  9. Durbanite

    Water ingress annoyance

    but not through the cone part as that will affect the sound as the cone cannot vibrate correctly.
  10. Woodie106

    New Nissan Pathfinder

    Pick ups seem to be very in vogue at the moment so if you're looking for a large 4x4 then your choice is used or a pick up. Not everyones cup of tea, but they might be the only choice for those with bigger vans.
  11. DaveMiller

    Battery box hinges

    I use that Thetford silicone spray seal lubricant for this sort of job as well as for maintaining the toilet seals.
  12. IanV8

    2018 nights away

    Another 4 to add please. Camping Castillo de Baños. New total - 612. Our total for 2018 - 251. Ian
  13. Yesterday
  14. I have not got a big red, but I have something similar. See the link! http://www. dorema. co. uk/en/sun_canopies/canopy_nice. htm I purchased an extra pole so I have 2 shorter ones and longer ones. It has the advantage that I can arrange it with a vertical side at the front or the back of the caravan to act as a wind break or sun shade, whilst giving cover overhead. I changed the guy ropes over to florescent green ones?
  15. shipbroker

    Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 7

    Greece & UK are two. ....it is illegal to carry them on a Ryanair flight! (I had a large collection of stone age axes and arrowheads which I had picked up in the Sahara, when working in Mauritania. ... they day I was going to fly them home the Government there declared that no further artifacts could be exported. ...so a long trail from our Land Rover across the desert to the airport in Nouadhibou! ) geoff
  16. Coastine

    Thetford N112 not working

    I have a Thetford N112 Fridge 2012 model, it is not working and no fault codes. I have shut down the mains electric left it for five minutes which has worked a couple of times in the past no joy this time, put it on gas it's firing up but not chilling down. Any ideas anyone?
  17. Durbanite

    Extension mirrors on Jeep GC?

    Do you drive a post 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee? I have the Milenco mirrors and they only just manage to hang on when clipped onto the car's mirror. It seems that the outer edge of the car's mirror slopes downwards so the Milenco clamp cannot get a decent grip. I am worried that one day they will fall off. Only second time we have used the mirrors on the Jeep. They fitted perfectly on our 2005 Jeep GC and the Shogun and clamped down securely. What mirrors are you using? Thanks. PS This oen is a bit of an overkill!
  18. Black Grouse

    Towbar Electrics help

    My auto electrician got round it on my Hyundai Santa Fe by fitting a 140A latching relay and very heavy duty cables (2x 80A) to reduce voltage drop - I've no idea what the factory-fit set-up is on my VW Touareg.
  19. Flying Grandad

    Seasonal Awning

    +1 I'd say worth serious consideration if you don't need/want a full awning. We opted for the Magnum 250 Coal because we were still touring at the time. Bought it used, at a considerable saving, from a well known auction site and been more than happy with it since. It has now been in virtually constant use for 18 months, been erected and taken down six times and still looks as good as new. With the addition of an annex, it gives us almost as much space as our previous Ventura full awning.
  20. AndyPoole

    Hobby split roof panel

    Sorry don't believe this post We have been repeatedly told on here that Hobby caravans are 100% perfect with absolutely no flaws unlike those cheaply built British caravans! In fact the only thing they are subservient too is an Apple device Sorry for the flippancy - personally i would be asking them to buy that Caravan off me at Market value
  21. shipbroker

    Eriba Touring 820

    But at least Hymer spent a lot of money on new equipment and changing the factory flow pattern before they were bought by Thor. We went around Elddis factory in September and were shown the kit and how much it had cost and the workers were rather chuffed with it all. ..... " would not have been bought in the old days!" geoff
  22. xtrailman

    2 wheels or 4 on the wagon?

    Good luck with anyone pulling 40T up a drop kerb.
  23. CommanderDave

    Limited battery life

    I would have another 100w solar panel fitted as it is simply connected to the one already installed as said your lucky to get 20 ahr a day and April /May the sun is still low . My 160 w will produce about 6a at its best with sun overhead at midday on a clear sky . As said it is getting the power put in that your taking out each day or you simply end up with 2x flat batteries . Dave
  24. Steamdrivenandy

    Caravan gross weight, a response from Bailey!

    It seems from the start of their letter they're not happy at the industry fitting two plates and that it's a pragmatic 'agreed' policy, not one laid down in law. Presumably that would mean it would be liable to challenge if it ever reached Court. Indeed if the officer weighing a van knows that there's likely to be a statutory plate in a gas locker then they should ask to view it, rather than base judgement on what they know might be incorrect information. I mean it would be totally unfair to, say, fine someone who didn't know about the gas locker plate, but not fine someone in the same situation because they showed the officer the plate.
  25. Last week
  26. borrowdale

    Nemesis Ultra

    Mow Cop Ten. I was going to say there are two wheel bolts supplied in the pack. It is easy to match up when original wheel bolt is removed.
  27. Eirrab

    I’ve seen a dandy designer camper

    The car should be more than capable. I’ve towed a couple of Dandy units in the past including trips to Ireland and the North of Scotland. You may have to use the gears a bit that’s all. Stability should be OK as trailer tents aren’t as tall as caravans so passing vehicles have hardly any effect. I wouldn’t be worried about condensation and Dandy’s tend to be a bit warmer than most trailer tents. Strongly agree about contacting the Dandy forum, they should be able to give you lots of good advice. Not made any longer but Riva Leisure can supply pretty much all the spares and can even rebuild Themis needed.
  28. lunarloopy

    ACSI 2019 Books/Membership

    Has arrived, from C&CC
  29. AJGalaxy2012

    Using a Motor Mover when connected to mains.

    I would agree totally with you, you are absolutely correct.
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