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  2. Absolutely love that place, we have been going there for the last 10 years, I actually lived on the RAF camp when my father was stationed there in the 70's, I went to the grammar school there. Unfortunately this year will be the first time we've not been up there and it's depressing
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  4. Thanks John and to all the helpful advice. I've got a couple of rings I got from here a few months ago, I'll give it a go at fitting them tomorrow. https://www.thecaravanshop.co.uk/AL-KO-towing-spares/stabiliser-friction-pads/o-ring-suitable-for-aks-friction-pads/prod_1440.html
  5. Sorry, I can't help with the caravan hire but car hire should be simple and straightforward. Your big hurdle will be finding a hire car with a tow hitch, plus you will have to get them to supply you with a number plate for the caravan (assuming they will allow you to tow one). As a visitor your Canadian driving licence is valid in the UK during your tour and you will not require an international driving permit in the UK. Whatever your licence allows you to drive in Canada you can drive here. You cannot take a UK driving test without a current UK driving licence, for which you would need
  6. Had you gone to the finance company any time between lodging your complaint and receiving the dealers decision they would have logged your Issues and then told you they would await the outcome. I never said you had to go in to battle with the dealer, the fact that you complained and they rejected your complaint was the relevant point, after which the finance company got involved. So just letting the OP know that there is a process to follow before the finance company will get involved!
  7. You could try Saga. My new for old cover on CMC policy ended at 5 years, unless I wanted to pay extra for premium, which was prohibitively expensive. Saga gave new for old to 15 years at less than my previous renewal with no silly caveats.
  8. thank you for all your information
  9. Could be the pressure switch which starts/stops the pump is set too low so the pressure does not fall enough when a tap is opened for the pump to start again. Some pumps have the pressure switch built in to the back of the pump socket and others have one in the pipework. If you can find the pressure switch you could link across its wires to see if the pump then runs.
  10. Is there any sealant down the sides of the cupboards against the walls ? We had this in a static caravan when the cupboards needed moving to replace the carpet. You could try sliding some card between the cupboards and wall to see if you have missed any fastenings.
  11. Vehicle registration and VED does not give entitlement to parking. It is an unfortunate fact that in the UK we have a very common problem which is very uncommon (but not totally unheard of) elsewhere in Europe. Unwelcome trespassers. Many of our car parks have physical height restrictions which the land owners have found necessary to prevent the trespassers entering. You can guarantee that if you have a public overnight area for motor homes with water, toilets and other facilities but no height restriction it won't last long. A long term, lawful, solution to this problem would be e
  12. See the 4th post for a way to rid yourself of screeching brakes. It is not a permanent fix, but it will last a fair while. Dunno about the roof vent though!
  13. We are parked opposite the building with the caravan in,fish and chips from an Airsream tonight,thanks again. John.
  14. Thanks, Moorgate. Most kind of you. I'll see what the situation is like in early January before making up my mind what to do - maybe I'll let the train take the strain!
  15. Then my old car is in a funny situation.
  16. Interesting ?...Our park owners have given us an extra free month (February the coldest month ? ) ..To use our caravan..... But no mention of a free drain down ?.... ( They charge £85 per drain down ) Doesn't bother me as I do my own ......But a lot of people rely on the park to do it !
  17. I don't think that has even been thought of ?... I think it going to be the responsibility of the individual owner of the caravan ? In fairness I suppose site and park owners are as much " in the dark ?" , With the whole situation ?
  18. It wouldn’t be as it’s for professional medical use only some paramedics are still not equipped with them which is madness.
  19. You are quoting a 2 year old post so the price would be different today..
  20. I suppose it depends if a smaller workshop could manage the work. I went for dealers as someone advised they may have the parts. I think the hardest part of the repair will be getting the parts....we currently have a large split that is jut covered by tape at the moment and am concerned the water ingress will get worse in the coming months. How long should I be prepared to wait you think whilst still paying the finance company? Hmm that's interesting re GRP.. wouldn't Lunar panels only be made in the ABS though? Thank you We waited 6 months for a replacement back panel also wit
  21. If a vehicle restricted to 50 is holding up a lot of vehicles I think they would still be obliged to allow the queue to pass after a few miles. Tractor drivers have been penalised even travelling at their best speed. A limit on your vehicle does not exclude you from consideration of others!
  22. The club would value your van against a new ones list price if still made, if not then that's where it got a bit odd, least with CMC. Mine is not made by Adria anymore so I was told the assessors would agree a value if and when. I wasn't comfortable with that but my van is now 6 years old so went for market value in the end. It seemed rubbish to buy a new for old policy when the value offered would not have been enough to buy the nearest replacement. Op sorry to hear of your news. I've heard good things about CMC so hopefully it all goes ok.
  23. Thanks for replies....i'll try raising the tray
  24. Mine say "runflat", the Bridgestones they have fitted have neither "runflat" or "RFT" as they are `standard` (but extra load) .
  25. So until recently we had a Grand Cherokee. It pulled the caravan lovely, and the wife was more than happy to use it during the week as her car. For some reason in a moment of madness I decided to sell it, and replaced it with a Range Rover Sport. We've been away with the caravan, and it tows it's without fault. It even all works! The problem is that I didn't ask my wife's opinion before buying it, and she hates it, so it's going. She's come up with two replacement options, which I'm happy to go along with. Either an E-Class estate, will be around a 2012 model, or a 2010ish M-
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