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  2. Steve05

    Cordless Drill

    I get that and we don't bother with them either. My dad - must be about 30 years ago - got one of the first (low power) battery drills and had a rod welded onto a socket for winding his steadies. Miles ahead of his time and used to love helping out others. I inherited this tool and (once) tried it with a modern 18v makita, far too fierce IMO. PS my wife does the winding - she's not got a clue about emptying the loo though and I know what job I'd prefer.
  3. Glynn

    Unidentified light switch

    Thanks for that, having taken the switch off I found it had been disconnected, I've reconnected it and all is good now.
  4. Yesterday
  5. There is the swanage railway which has steam specials and i believe the flying scotsman will be visiting https://www.swanagerailway.co.uk/ A couple of sites alongside or very close - http://therailwaycampsite.co.uk/ Haycraft Caravan and Motorhome Club Site
  6. mprcomp

    Tips for easy of put up

    We own a Suncamp Deluxe 390 which is a great air awning when up. Not as easy as some as more pump up points but not bad either. The two biggest issues with it are 1) Snagging on awning rail on the new tamar as its an entry point didn't used to be as bad on older van with point at bottom of van 2) The amount of time putting pegs in. Often don't put all in to save time. I want to use it more for weekends to give extra storage but it's a good hour job to put up. I have three kids so need to try and reduce setup time when just away for a weekend. Any tips?
  7. mprcomp

    Buyers regret?

    Well at present going through and getting rid of debt. Since no Council tax this month just paid off wife's overdraft. Next month is the start of the attack on C C. That should be gone by summer. Then it's attack on the money left for this which is around 5250 at present. Maybe like you say we keep it for another couple of years then see lay of the land.
  8. AlwynMike

    Van battery charging from car bodge

    Just to add, for those interested, the (warm) fridge drew just a little over 8 amps at12 volts. Dometic 8551
  9. Can this battery be d.i.y replacement or will it need to go to the dealer and be done in the service. I have read on other posts this may be a common problem of caravans at this age.
  10. frenchcamper

    Dometic RMS8551 constantly running

    Hi My fridge is running costantly. It is the same on gas or electric. I can see that there is only one temperature sesor attached to the metal cooling fins. I tried disconnecting the sensor and the temp control leds flash. I tried closing the connectors but it made no difference. Is there anything else that I can check ? If not, I guess the only option is to replace the complete control panel. Any advice please.
  11. Mr Plodd

    Should I leave electric on?

    As with many other subjects you will get a wide variety of views/opinions as to the best regime to adopt. I now have a new van with a factory fitted solar panel so, as it gets sun most days I will not bother to plug it into EHU. On my last (non solar panel equipped) caravan I kept an eye on the battery voltage via the control panel. When it dropped to about 12.1 v I “plugged in” for 24 hrs. That seemed to work OK. I did exactly the same when I had a Motorhome. Over eight years I never had to replace either the starter or two leisure batteries (none were new when I bought the MH) so I reckon my regime worked reasonably well. Andy
  12. kiaboy

    Awning light

    When I had the twig aerial replaced Coachman sent me
  13. kiaboy

    NEC Caravan Show

    There is if the other half says NO NO NO
  14. logiclee

    New Santa Fe with 8 Speed Auto

    It's a torque converter auto and unusually in today's world Hyundai manufacture their own auto. Search for Hyundai Powertech and you should find lots of information,
  15. GaryB1969

    Tow bar electric clicking noise

    When I fitted a towbar to a Land Rover Freelander the dedicated towing relay was (I think!!!) under the dashboard and replaced one that was already there. This used a pre-wired loom that came as part of a kit. If the OP's car has similar it could well be easily heard if it's near the driver.
  16. Jaydug

    Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 15

    Good to hear you're safely home and it was nice to meet you too. There were three new blog followers turn up at El Pino this year. I'm on the last leg of my journey north. Ferry on Sunday. Home late Monday night.
  17. When a cooper makes a new barrel for wine,or spirits, he sets fire to the inside for a pre determined time depending on how much charing you want, to flavour the contents over time, this is called "Toasting". People think that the number 13 is unlucky as that was the number of turns on the knot of an hangman's noose, its wrong six or seven was the normal number. After the mass murderer, Dr Harold Fredrick Shipman committed suicide, his hearse leaving the prison had the number plate K3 HFS.
  18. I have my van "stored" on their site as I haven't got a tow bar fitted on my car yet. the storage facility is £500 a year I think. the site is £25 a night (when you are using the site) but, apart from a games room there is noting to do there which we love as we can just sit and relax.
  19. Just a update to this. I had the I van panel replaced on whale instution,works fine at the dealers. Soon as I was on site guess what it happened again. This time wife said oven won't light. Stuck my head in it was sparking on another cable and a piece of the oven body. The cable had a small nick in it, i Wrapped some insulation tape round it and not had a problem since. So much for the dealer doing a full investigation.
  20. We used washing up liquid in the water when flattening paintwork prior to repainting, it makes the water wetter but also removed wax and contaminates, as for polishing a car/caravan, polishing is a word we used for both polishing compounds and for wax polishing. We know there's a vast difference in polishes, from compounds to swirl fillers and in the final protective coatings, but its a bit like hovering the inside of the car after going to the seaside despite using a dyson or vax. Also salt is a very efficient electrolyte if corrosion is desired
  21. Had one in old van which kids could tip up but then it just goes to waste. A few people have had issues with water running down behind the sink in the first Adria's with this but some had poorly fitted waste. I would check this when looking as it could be tipping away too fast sloshes water over the back of the unit.
  22. CommanderDave

    Caravan price increases

    Expecting a euro / pound difference would be my guess to have a midseason price increase . After the vote and I ordered my European motorhome it went up 10% the year after and the manufacturers warned of a 5% possible increase if the euro rate changed midseason . I saved £10k by ordering it a year in advance . Remember majority of the components in a caravan or motorhome come from Europe so any rate of exchange will effect the prices and knock on to secondhand prices . Dave
  23. chris76

    2018 buccaneer q's

    I tried knocking the heating down to 2 kw last night and there was no ticking at all, mind i can’t say for sure the heating was on at all last night
  24. No point in using postcodes on their own outside the UK as they are normally just a huge area -- we use addresses on our sat nav if we have not got co-ordinates or use POIs if available.
  25. ancell

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    No it was NOT dirt cheap! It was RELATIVELY a LOT more expensive than today. In 1962 70%+ of UK households had no car. By 2016 that had fallen to just over 20%! We have never been so well off😂😂
  26. pigsfly

    Thetford fridge problem

    I think my fridge problem might have been a site supply voltage problem, as I tried it on a different site on the way home and all worked as advertised. Perhaps a sparky with more knowledge would know if this could have been the problem kot pigs
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