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  2. Help on electrics

    Hi this is my first post for some help i have a Swift Challenger 490 se. Nothing wrong with it at all. But i Sadly lost my Wife last year but we was going to buy a camper until this happened so i didn't buy 1 as it`s not the same. So i made my mind up to Buy a Van and put what i can into it from the Caravan i now have an Iveco Daily so far Me & my Brother-in-law Fit the Toilet cubicle with the Flush fitted in Fixed the Seating. all pic`s to follow. The Problem i have is when i Disconnected the Power Modular System PMS 2000 & all the wiring and fit it back the Wiring for the dome lights / Toilet light & Flush & Fridge 240v / 12v / Gas with the Sink Unit, All working fine on the 12v then at the Weekend i just put a 13amp plug on the Main wire and switched it on for the 240v all 240 working. Well the Fridge & the Battery Charger as Ive not fixed anything 240 els as yet . . Now when 240v Switched on the 12v dose not work via clicker for Cooker / fridge / Toilet flush / All Lights anything 12v stops working. Then i unplug 240 all 12v working again. I don't know where i went wrong. But i had to cut a few wires and re-connect some not all as most was for Towing & Car hookup witch most are still on the loom. i have the Wiring Diagram in the Log book all Orange & White are Earth. . But Pink & Slate Gray are Live and when the Battery is connected up i also have to put the Pink & Slate Gray wires Together & push them into the live to make all the 12v work. Ii never had to do this wile it was all in the Caravan as i plugged in the 240v and it over rides the 12v & it did i just pushed the Charge button to Re-Charge so ???? Any help would be most helpful Some Pictures of the Caravan now as im only fitting all the front end of the Caravan to the size of the Van i Bought i have fitted the Toilet Window for now other Windows to go in when the top cupboards get fitted once the Wiring gets sorted out Grrr & the Camper Pic`s will be to follow in a couple of days as there on another Camera.
  3. Over 85% on twin axles

    So thats 4 so far, I dont think many insist on both wheels being locked.
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  5. New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    Not possible at our storage site, no electric or water supply. Dealer assured us that he carried out a full handover procedure, but obviously without us present, the day before he delivered the caravan. Not ideal but he is 100 miles away. Bob
  6. Dorset CL recommendations pls.

    Washingpool Farm including great farm shop on site. Lovely views into Bridport (walkable) from all 5 vans positions. Heavily book though.
  7. A6 allroad v freelander sd4 v xc60 v Audi q5

    Not interested in fast performance to be honest. I just want a car that will boss the caravan, be reliable and be a nice everyday vehicle.
  8. Anyone Towing with a D5 Td6

    Towing 19 to 23. Depending on which way the wind is blowing. 30 odd single. I would say better than the D4. But dont check as often as i used too.
  9. Which towbar for Honda Accord? New caravanner

    The choice is down to personal preference, however, if you decide to go for the fixed flange towball you MUST get the Al-KO compatible towball, and not the standard one normally supplied by the main makers. Failure to fit the Al-Ko towball will cause severe damage to the stabiliser hitch fitted to all modern vans.
  10. Which Sat Nav Is Best ?

    The "dumbing down" of TomToms was the main reason I switched to Garmin. Itineraries were so useful and could be planned using "Tyre" or similar external software. When that facility was removed I swapped to Garmin simply because BaseCamp offers what TomTom used to offer but considerably more. Excellent software that takes a little bit of getting comfortable with but rewards with fool proof routes.
  11. Towing/Charging query

    In addition to what Andy said above you also do not have to turn the power off, its designed to do this when the engine is running anyway (as long as the towing electrics are wired fully and correctly). As a check to make sure its working, here is an extract from the manual; When the vehicle engine is running both the vehicle battery and the leisure battery LED’s will ash in unison to indicate that they are connected together and are being charged by the vehicle. The manual also states: Please ensure the system shutdown switch on the PSU is in the “on” (button in) position before driving (see 2. 3). This will ensure the electronic system is active and will therefore be able to control the charging process, supply the refrigerator and monitor other system circuits. ps, welcome also.
  12. Will a Skoda do the job?

    Get a removable towbar problem solved when no trailer/van. Dedicated electrics disable the sensors when trailer/van connected. This is what I am doing on the Yeti.
  13. I have seen many French campsites with notices saying they don’t accept TA’s OR certain makes of Caravans (usually the those makes that are favoured by the travelling community!) Its their business so they can of course impose whatever rules they wish. I have a pal with an almost new Transit van that has a crewcab and five seats (plus side windows) and a Bailey caravan. He has been refused access a couple of times in France because of his towcar!! Andy
  14. Barbeque for two

    Got the lotus type from Lidl for £30 or £40 great BBQ. Look up lotus BBQ the Lidl one is identical. Must use lumpwood with these. They are ready to cook in seconds of igniting. Last year my mate gave me one of those single burner ones with the disposable cannister that slots in the side. I then saw Aldi had a grilling pan for it so got one to try. It sits over the top so is effectively the same as a cadac type top with fat drain off. Great the grill pan is big enough to cook burger and sausages for 4. Have to say I much prefer this and all in it would have cost about £15 at most for both bits. The gas is cheaper in the UK. One cylinder lasted long enough to cook two meals. I've had cadac and others but don't use it enough to warrant the weight of it and extra gas bottle.
  15. A tip for all Buccaneer owners

    It appears the strip is not a standard fitment for these top of the range vans. You have to spend half the amount you have paid to get a nicely finished van. So unless you can convince your dealer its missing😉 you will have to fund it yourself.
  16. Green Flag

    That is true. ..I know of an instance only a couple of months ago where they had to go to a hospital at weekend to get the required notes which were faxed to Green Flag before collection. geoff
  17. Camping travel club 2018

    We have even more, David in Cheshire! Last year I had some given, and bought some cheaply, but we still have some on our Gold Card. ............ We were keen to have them because the site we store on accept(ed) Camping Cheques as do (did?) another couple of favourite sites. But I'm not at all optimistic about current developments. The Facebook page for the Camping Travel Club has had no posts since 28th June 2017 which given that they only changed their name in 2016 seems very odd for an organisation which should be keen to promote itself as much as possible. The Camping Cheque guide book and map has been discontinued, and the App and website haven't been updated - not indications for a business hoping to build a bigger and better business!
  18. 2005 Wash Basin wanted

    A big thank you to Gordon 7912 I looked on the first name on your list (jg trading )and found the L shaped sink top iv been looking for in 5 mins Thanks for your help Bri.
  19. Insurance Renewal

    I recently cancelled my insurance on an old car I ran. That cost £40! I had no choice but to accept the charge as the operator said I will have been made aware of the cost when I took out the insurance 8 months ago! Thanks Tesco.
  20. New MOT rules coming.

    Correct spend the money and it will last. Before you know it,you could have payed for a new vehicle with out all the downtime.
  21. Self Sealing Tyres

    We have Contiseals on the Alltrack. Yes all well and good in principle but Continental say that the "sealing" should not be relied upon as a permanent repair. Unless you remove the wheels every week and check,how do you know thet the sealant has been called into action and therefore a proper repair is called for ? Ian
  22. Discovery Sport

    I'm getting 400 ish miles solo, so 340 with the wobble box on the back would be fine by me. Thanks for that. Charlie C
  23. Jockey wheel

    I got it off ebay a couple of years ago from a company called Ketoplastics. They are still listed but only in pairs it seems. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/2-X-PU-10-METAL-Puncture-Proof-WHEEL-BARROW-wheel-4-10-3-50-4-20MM-BORE-/331793344397?hash=item4d406ca78d
  24. Browns caravan park

    Thanks 👍
  25. Is ACSI Essential?

    I have tried quite a few sites on the ACSI Camping Card App and they all show the sites comprehensive amenities via drop down menus, plus the reviews which can be really useful - I know that some will be written in other languages but I manage to be able to translate most or get the gist of what is being said. I have tried it both on my laptop and my phone and both appear to have no problems. Alan
  26. Less Than 1 Year Old Damp In The Van

    My used 'van had not been seen or serviced by selling dealer at all and again non-transferable under Elddis conditions, however,my non-franchise dealer, provided a Warranty policy which covered damp ( which I have not had) but did cover claims on my Thetford Fridge controls and a PCB rebuild. ..OK I now have to pay for this annually but it has proved really worthwhile. geoff
  27. Willerby, Pemberton

    Like that 😀
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