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  2. As the instigator of this thread, I feel I ought to give an update of how it has been progressed. In a word, successfully. After removing - with some great difficulty - the complete tap from the pipework and worktop I went about cleaning it all out and as has been suggested above, I bought a pair of nitrile quad O rings from George Lodge and, after cleaning off the old stuck-on rubber from the original O rings from the tap components, the new O rings were smeared with some old silicon grease I've had in the workshop for quite a few years and fitted them. Not knowing what needed to be removed to get the tap out, the sink came out along with its waste pipe, the metal screening above the fridge was loosened (4 screws removed) and the pipework cable ties cut. I can well believe this whole assembly was constructed BEFORE being fitted into the caravan, 'cos it weren't 'arf a struggle to get the tap out! A bit easier to get it refitted thankfully. With a quick pressure test (yesterday) over about an hour while I struggled to refit the metal screening above the fridge, there appeared to be no further leakage. So, I consider the exercise a complete success. Only a longer test while out on site (next year) will prove it for once and for all. So many thanks to one and all who have contributed to this thread and pointed me in the right direction. I've certainly learned from the experience.
  3. He was an "older" man and the new (2m) tape measures that we were given were marked with metric and imperial scales
  4. If I feel cold I turn the stat up a bit, if I feel hot I turn it down a bit. Works perfectly every time! But I have blown air heating which does tend to circulate the air a bit and prevents hot/cold spots. Andy
  5. Bad you!!! I have some birch twigs if you wish to borrow them to further enhance your overall feeling of “badness” Andy
  6. Many thanks for your post CPDavis - that is interesting. I have read that a modification might be necessary. I’d like to understand what it is exactly and what is involved in implementing it, with a view to me doing it myself or whether I need the assistance of a workshop. Alas mine does not have a valid warranty (previous owner missed a service) but I have read conflicting reports that Bailey will not always cover this repair / modification unless water is actually penetrating the main body - which in my case it is not. I know it’s mad. Needless to say that it is now in a winter cover and dry as a bone! I’ve read on this platform and others it is an extremely common fault, it just surprises me how few reports there are of the actual resolution and the steps involved.
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  8. Timster hasn't been active on the site for over 2 years now
  9. The 490 bus between Ludlow and Leominster stops outside the site. Don’t fancy staying here TBH, there are several nice CLs nearby and Home Farm at Bircher is more attractive too if you don’t mind being on grass. The same bus stops across the road from that site as well.
  10. Good choice. Her's will fit under a treat. Maybe not yours. In all seriousness we can fit 2 chairs and 1 footrest in place of the last 2 chairs.
  11. Apologies OP. Thanks for putting it so nicely Moorgate.....
  12. No see the post above your post. (Although the list contains a few errors)
  13. And changing a number plate on a caravan is HOW difficult exactly??? Totally pointless thing to do, a couple of sticky pads and some Velcro and the numberplate is altered literally in seconds. Or a self adhesive number plate stuck over the top. You only have to look at the number of “cloned” cars that are around to appreciate the futility of any caravan registration system, it just won’t work. Andy
  14. Well we had a fabulous time there in August and have booked again for Easter, right beside the fountain. Brilliant views, open countryside and fabulous facilities. We loved it (obvs).
  15. Trailers are name of manufacturer and ID numbered since 1982 under UK regulations and must show the MAM . All trailer manufactured after 2012 must be EU type approved and have a Vin plate showing the EU type approval number . Trailer manufacturers use ID numbers as they are required under regulations that they have keep records for any traceability for safety recalls Dave
  16. PR1


    Ours comes direct from ACSI every year.paid for on direct debit!
  17. WOW - I know that some people change their car every two or three years but I never thought that anyone would change their caravan every two years! That makes it a VERY expensive hobby. I wonder what had changed so dramatically in two years that a new caravan was required. We have a 2006 caravan which we have had for five years. I thought about changing it a couple of months ago but found that would cost a few thousand pounds. OK we have the money but would that make caravaning for us any better ???? After some though we decided not so we will stick with what we have. Alan
  18. Geoff (Shipbroker-not Stockbroker) sadly passed away sometime in October, I believe.
  19. Thanks Moorgate for Aviva tip. Have now taken out a Silver two dog policy with Aviva. Confirmed they do cover any duration up to 6 months max in the Policy year to EU / European Countries within Pet Passport scheme. Hopefully will never need to make a claim. M
  20. Ask your dealer and then find them Online. I think we paid our dealer £26 for both covers for our Dometic fridge which is probably a different model to yours as ours is the RM8551 although the vents look similar.
  21. Not really a blanket statement as even before the CMC had their Caravan Cover they were more expensive than many mainstream insurance companies. Same post code as caravan kept on a CASSOA Gold storage site.
  22. Yes the caravan is covered by third party insurance whilst attached to the towcar, andwill cover damage to a third parties vehicle. If I understand Dave's post what he is saying is, that the tow car owner should take out third party cover to protect them in the event of the caravan being damaged, as the caravan owners insurer would look to recover any costs if the caravan was damaged whilst they were towing it. It depends on the policy wording and how the tow car drivers insurance views the status of the caravan, if they acknowledge it is not owned by the driver then it becomes a third party and would be covered under the tow cars insurance, however it is more likely they will stand by the standard terms and insist it is not covered by them except for damage to a third parties vehicle, and is not their risk.
  23. Thanks for all your replies, I thought I set notifications up but for some reason they didnt come through. I'll upload some pictures of the before and ongoing works BH. Jaydug, I've just had a quick look through your projects, they look excellent, I'm sure I'll be using them for plenty of useful info.
  24. My 'van is booked in for mid-January, as I had to chase them! The normal turn round time there is 3-5 days, but because mine is to be "squeezed" in between other jobs, it will take longer to finish. I don't mind as I will not need it until at least March and it will be under cover 'til then.
  25. difficult one really, the warranty companies stance sort of makes sense, if you delay a repair for a long length of time before getting the repairs undertaken, then it will get worse, so should they have to pay for that?, however on the other side of the coin you delayed over the driest time of the year, so you could argue that its unlikely that its got that much worse since initial inspection, so could of been missed or only apparent upon starting the repair. simply the delay in repair is what makes the whole thing difficult, manufactures are a little more lenient that insurance backed warranty companies
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