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  2. No, just like every monies collected by Government nobody knows.
  3. Do we know how they distribute them? Do police forces that collect more fines get more funding?
  4. I remember it being raised to 40 .........
  5. Bought one last week. Easy to fit, better than our old clamp (and lighter)
  6. The alarm fob has an on/off control button for the awning light so when you approach the van at night you can remotely activate the light as you approach try this in combination with the switch on the control panel. The instruction sheet from Sargant should also give information.
  7. We’re in Albert (Camping Velodrome). Quite empty but a lot of one-two nighters. Mostly German and Dutch but one or two English. Lot of small tent campers on bikes/motorcycles. Weather has been hot (26) until today when it was 20 with heavy thunderstorms.
  8. You are correct all the fines goes into the consolidated fund (Gov bank account then distributed accordingly)
  9. have you proved it to be faulty? macafee2
  10. I was under the impression that speeding fines went directly to the government. Is that not right? I was also under the impression that each force chose how many cameras to put in and where to put them
  11. This point was referred to yesterday at 1650 and again earlier today by MartinJB.
  12. What's also being over looked is the "Manufactures warranty transfer" from the current owner to a new owner and the fee to transfer ownership of the warranty by the manufacture. Just take a look at the form within the caravan manual.
  13. Today
  14. Thanks for the contributions. The BCA unit seems prone to failure from what I've read. I've found a number of postings similar to mine and replacement seems the way to go. Cheapest price is £95 for a Powerpart unit which David 38 says is the same.
  15. I used the Green one part foaming glue from Ebay and have had excellent results? its a bit messy as its expands out of the holes and even after wiping up the excess, they still expanded more over noght and needed scraping off ! Floor is now solid!
  16. My 2017 Sterling is currently with dealer for brake replacment, bad squealing on braking (not when reversing) For the OP it sounds like they have been "over adjusted"?
  17. My 4 months old Bailey Vigo 2019 is going in next week for a complete brake shoe and hub replacement because of squealing
  18. Have been to Wells, Waterrow and Old Oaks. All highly satisfactory.
  19. Annoyingly Bailey DONT include a leisure battery in the MIRO for my caravan, but in the handbook it states to never use it without one ???? Andy
  20. Thanks for all your replies. I will check them out
  21. We are at Les Nobis in Montreuil Bellay, not full. Asked for two weeks but the very nice owner said no problem if we want to stay a bit longer. Quite a few brits on site. Weather changeable but looks same for most of France. Its been showery today but warm. We come back mid July when k7ds start to appear
  22. Nope your manufactures warranty is offered to the purchaser & is contracted to them. A dealer or independent will be the repairer authorised to carry out the work but the manufacturers warranty contract is between you & the manufacturers. If your statement was correct why would you be responsible for servicing the caravan to uphold the manufacturers warranty.
  23. My premium with CaravanGuard this year has gone DOWN by about £70, that’s despite me now having a new caravan, as opposed to the previous five year old one! And yes it is “New for Old” cover. Its ALWAYS worthwhile contacting the insurer direct and giving them a hard time at renewal time, I do exactly that for all my insurances an always get a reduction. Remember insurers are like banks, they are NOT your friend. Andy
  24. We are thinking of visiting Holland and our old RAFG haunts later in the year. Might try the site at Bracht. We found a couple of sites in ACSI book near to Roermond and Venlo too. Fond memories of going to Roermond and Monchengladbach from my tour at Wildenrath. Venlo and Nijmegen favourites from Laarbruch! We could fly into Laarbruch as was, Weeze airport now! Might pop to Rheindahlen see what is left!
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