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  2. We have a Challenger 480 and it fits ours perfectly so you should be fine - they are now in 300 and 400 lengths, so as long as you have at least 3 metres of straight length on your awning rail, you can fit a 300 or if you've got 4 metre, get the 400 length. One word of advice, make sure you get the new 2019 model, as you can add side panels if you want later, this was only available on the 2019 model. Make sure you don't get old stock!
  3. Thank you all will try to find out if the thetforod seat fits ours, if not will see where my local Red Cross is. thanks again all xx
  4. Hi what do you mean by mechanical fault thanks
  5. Management has decided we are having a trip out in October, said management fancies Moon & Sixpence in Suffolk, anyone been there recently? Any comments? thanks Martin
  6. We'd be tempted to try some CL's if only to get away from those who selfishly cut across your pitch to save 30 seconds. CMC sites seem to be going down the everyone out for themselves route sadly.
  7. Google told me this, hope it helps. SERIAL: There is a connection fault between boiler and panel. Normally, this is a mechanical fault in the connection between the heater and panel. To re-set, break the main current and then start again.
  8. Hot/warm newspaper does it even quicker.
  9. I agree with using newspaper to dry out your shoes and keeping their shape as well. We were at a site earlier this year and it rained solid for a week, as I had to walk the dogs a few times a day it gave no time to dry my shoes so I ended up wearing my shower crocs.
  10. from a fellow Cumbrian.
  11. WispMan

    Waterproof phone

    My daughter has a dedicated sealable plastic bag for her smart phone and it has a lanyard attached. She uses it to take her children kayaking on Lake Windermere so she can make an emergency call if needed.
  12. I agree that newspaper works well and is quite fast.
  13. Thanks Alan First time we ever stayed here we couldn't get into the cul-de-sac so we stayed in the bays at the front which are also designated caravan parking bays. Since then we’ve always stayed as I can literally pull in unhitch and crash for a few hours without having to risk driving into the cup-de-sac area and finding it full again. I appreciate that might be different to what others do but it suits us and is a designated caravan parking area. It was also the area one of the other posters to the thread was asking about hence the photo! Mike
  14. Control panel on my bailey unicorn Madrid keeps saying Control panel on my bailey unicorn Madrid keeps saying serial Control panel on my bailey unicorn Madrid keeps saying serial and the heating won’t work I’ve just bought the caravan
  15. I've edited the title from your name but perhaps you could elucidate a bit on your post.
  16. Our use of club sites has been declining over the years for a variety of reasons, price being only one. We've always preferred to do our bookings on-line, but there are many other sites - and a few cls - doing exactly the same now. In addition, unlike the clubs, some sites are doing late availability deals just to fill the pitches. When will the clubs acknowledge that it's better to have an occupied pitch and some income rather than an empty pitch and no income. For the first time ever, we've not used a club site so far this year. Instead, we're using a mix of cls and small private sites, together with some of the larger commercial sites when they have their seasonal special deals on.
  17. Control panel on my bailey unicorn Madrid keeps saying serial
  18. Years ago my dad was a car transporter driver , he was forever having trouble with one guy in Sheffield who would park his mk1 Escort on a corner near T C Harrison’s Ford dealership while he was in the bookies , he was asked to move it a few times but one day he wouldn’t budge , my dad had every key for the Escort , only about 10 I think , he started the guys car , loaded it onto his now empty transporter & left it on double yellows at Atterclffe on the way back to the M1 , he never had a problem after that !.
  19. A twitter quote "So you have diverted the entire M20 through a set of temporary traffic lights on the A20. Please tell me you didn’t knowingly do this? Sellindge to Ashford is horrendous." Time to sack the Kent councilors.
  20. Today
  21. How would that cause overheating of the battery just out of interest?
  22. I don't think people realize the problems shutting the motorway causes for the people of Ashford, when I worked at Lenham trying to get home was a nightmare even using the back roads. You have my sympathy Doosan.
  23. My cortina could be opened and started by anything resembling a key!
  24. PowrTouch manual for Classic style agrees "3.3. Greasing the Powrtouch It is essential that the unit is re-greased periodically, or at a minimum every six months, clean and remove old grease (using a WD40 or similar cleaning solution) and then regrease all moving parts. i.e. Locking cam system and the sliding motor mounting plates as shown below. Any silicone based grease will be suitable but Powrwheel Limited firmly recommends the use of a spray on motorcycle chain grease available suitable stores." Some Evolution model covers are retained by a screw in addition to the spigot clips. But PowrTouch provide pictorial instructions on their website for covers removal, including where to 'gently tap' to release the clips.
  25. No it does not worry me but it worries owners when their Alko warranty is refused for overloading on axle failures . Dave
  26. I got soggy feet last year, but found these Storm Socks, keep feet nice and warm and dry
  27. How did you get away with the 'Oh damn'? I got pulled up for using the word 'hell' in a post the other week! We are fortunate that our van sits outside the back door, with duplicates of all our domestic consumables. Clothes into van the night before, food in just before we go and we're off! Cheers Keith
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