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  2. We have one on our Sprite Major 4 EB. The biggest issue is hitting it with my head or back when standing up after winding the rear steadies! Doubly so if the bikes are on. I also need to leave more clearance between the back of the van and fences etc. to give room to access the bikes. No discernible impact on stability, but I can feel more buffeting from the bow wave of HGVs and coaches.
  3. Our caravan is parked on the drive at the side of the house and is plugged into the garage, not switched on most of the time, just when needed. I have a dehumidifier that I use for a couple of days now and again (controversial I know) and I put a small oil filled radiator on now and again. When it is a nice day I leave the door open to give it an airing. The van has no damp but the humidity varies between 60 and 65%! which I think seems a little high? The only thing that brings it down is if I whack the van heating on full. I don't seem to be able to find out what would be a reas
  4. The East Lancs with Scotsman are currently featuring in the Lloyds Bank advert on TV. For the record the fishing boat at the start is at Amlwch in N Wales, and the beach is Beadnell Bay in Northumberland.
  5. Recommended tyre pressures are based on cold tyres, accepting that they will heat up during a long run. Adjusting them hot will result in them being too low when cold. This will, in fact, result in more heat build up. You should however get your brakes checked to ensure that the heating is not due to them binding.
  6. I must mention Lincoln Castle and Cathedral- great places to visit. As is obvious from the list quoted on this thread, there are loads of castles in the U.K. - many years ago we had an American couple with 2 daughters ( around 12 years old ) rent the house next to ours. The guy had a “ thing “ about castles and took the family away every Saturday/Sunday to view one or several. This went on for some 18 months or so and the girls had to write up a description of what they had seen after every visit. As one can imagine, the girls got sick and tired of the regime and I doubt if they have ever
  7. That’s exactly about the same that mine went up by, almost 70psi 🥴
  8. North Yorkshire Moors. A series of lovely little stations from Pickering through to Whitby. Goathland was used both in the TV series "Heartbeat" and the movies of "Harry Potter". My friend booked us a dinner trip which was really lovely.
  9. Not surprising really, many buyers transfer the battery out of their old van. Also how would Swift Group or the dealer know what capacity leisure battery you want? Low capacity to save weight, or heavy duty for off grid use?
  10. I bring my cat. He's a brown tabby mainecoon. Surprising how many people have walked over to him, because they thought it was a dog, as he's very large. He too is on a lead. He doesn't have a collar, which he would get out of, but a harness, much safer. In all the years that he's been away with us, he's managed to escape once. We'd gone out for the day, and it was warm, and we'd left the windows open, but the fly screens down. One of them had flicked up, and he jumped out of the window. Anyway, when we drove up to the caravan, he just strolled out of the hedge behind the caravan, and h
  11. The temp of the tyre can go up by quite a large amount. I had them fitted to my old van on a journey from Birmingham to Portsmouth the temp went up by 10 degrees the pressure went up by 15 psi . a ferry trip of 8 hours and a 5 mile journey to the campsite. Three weeks later when I was about to return BOTH valve stems had developed a leak. The fitter that came to my rescue thought that the stems were to long so fitted shorter ones These were still on when I sold the van
  12. Hi Paul, the site my pal is on insisted on the skirts after the storms, due to all manner of junk folk store under the vans being scattered far and wide damaging other vans and some of the sites facilities, very little of the damage caused could be attributed to property blowing around from a particular van, unless it ended up wedged in whatever it had damaged and had identifying marks on it, I haven't called by since so don't know about ventilation measures, but there obviously will be some. The site has always insisted on plastic decking of a particular colour, supplied and fitte
  13. Hi, I just bought a new Swift Sprite major 4SB last month and was really surprised to find that even though i spend over £18500 it did not come with a leisure battery. I may be new to caravaning but at that price surely it would come with a battery. Just make sure that you ask before you turn up to pick your new caravan up, we didnt and had to pressure the salesman for a second hand one.
  14. have a look on Caravan finder. Are you looking for new or used?
  15. Saw the well. I bet the grid took some shifting. Me and my two brothers would chuck stones down to see if we could hear them hit. I know now why we couldn't hear anything. We said it was bottomless Another castle to visit in Dorset is Corfe. Has a terrifying history. Its one of those castles, that when taking a picture around sunset, its really atmospheric
  16. I volunteer on the gloucester warwickshire (gwsr.com). There are CMC sites at both ends of the line (Broadway and Cheltenham Racecourse). The line is about 14 miles now. Highly recommended! Edited to add photo.
  17. there are so many now, but I do like the Nene valley railway, and staying at Ferry Meadows CMC site in Nene country park , catching the train to Peterborough, what's not to like?
  18. I recently fitted Tyrepal TPMS valves to my tourer. I inflated tyres to recommended PSI and set low and high pressure alerts on the sensors. After setting off and into my journey I noticed the tyres heated up considerably and hence the tyre pressures increased dangerously close to the high pressure alert on my Tyrepal sensors. I was amazed at how hot the tyres got and the increase in tyre pressure. So much so, I stopped and deflated the tyres back to manufacturers recommended pressures and set off again. For the remainder of my journey the tyre pressures stayed at the recommended pressure. Was
  19. I Have bought myself a new Swift Sprite Major and it has the fittings on the back to take a bike rack so i bought myself one but obviously just now i cant use it but was just wondering if anyone has one and the pro's and cons of having one. Look forward to your replies
  20. Visited Devil's Bridge in Wales. Its the home of the Vale of Rheidol Railway. Plenty of parking at the station. I've attached the timetable for trains running to and from Aberystwyth. The site we stayed at was Red Kite Caravan Site. Lovely place. https://www.rheidolrailway.co.uk/timetable/ Another great place to visit, is the railway works museum at Swindon. You can even drive a train, although its via video. Its practically an all day outing. The caravan site we stayed at was Plough Lane. You come off at J17 of the M4, and follow signs for Chippenham. The si
  21. Bure Valley Railway, nice little narrow gauge
  22. This beauty - ex Darjeeling in India - guested at Launceston Steam Railway last year .
  23. Superb PR1 - Thanks. East Lancs is on my bucket list for next year. Never been to it and yet is only a couple of hours from me Are the rarely seen locos Drummonds?
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  25. Thomson springs to mind, if you google thompson caravans there is a very good resource with plenty of pictures to compare. Of course it could be something completely different but worth a look!
  26. Before doing this any documents need to be checked since they might say a 2 inch gap has to be left all the way round. This might be in a warranty policy, probably to help avoid damp or to ensure ventilation in case of a propane leak. Plastic decking is now available which will save on having to treat/paint it every few years and it will not rot if the ground is damp.
  27. Well that's it Pirelli Scorpion Zeros again. Choice made and front 2 fitted ready for MoT in Jan. £120 each from local Formula1 Autocentre. (255/55 R19 111V.) I noticed they are dated Week 40 in 2020 so it's nice to know they have not been sat around in a warehouse for long. Rear 2 have plenty of tread but O/S is 5yrs old and there is cracking at base of tread so I won't tow again with it. Clearly my 7000/year has let age rather than wear catch up with that one. Thanks to all for advice and interesting debate. Tyres are clearly an emotional purchase!😃 GB.
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