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  2. If you are worried about reversing a caravan you should not be towing it in the first place. its about time that anyone who tows a trailer should take a test!
  3. Hi Motor home use of sites depends very much on Location. For example Hawes and Thirsk sites are on the edge of towns and driving a motorhome can be avoided. Recently we spent 4 nights a the Lower Wensleydale site and motorhomes were in a minority with no more than a dozen on the site. It's 2 to 3 miles into Leyburn for shopping eateries etc. As a side issue the site is fairly priced and the wardens are superb. In the case of other club sites my wife and I spent 6 days on a very good commercial site near Bridlington at £22.00 a night after finding the CMC site was a tenner more a night for the same period. I feel that the club sites are getting rather expensive and I suspect this has a greater influenced on site bookings rather than the cubs lame excuse blaming the beast from the east.(this month's mag) Sandy
  4. Far more worrying than the wrong country would be the wrong side of the right mountain, or the wrong end of the right town!
  5. It's that time of year so it comes as no surprise that the 'dehumidifier' topic has opened again. And also the time when I set up my 12volt dehumidifier in my van in preparation for going away with it in a few weeks time. Between now and when I board the ferry, it will run for several hours each day, keeping the atmosphere and more especially, the upholstery dry. Three days ago, when I took the dehumidifier in there, the reading in the van was 82%. Now it's a much better 63%, whilst outside it's 97%. If that means I'm trying to "dry out the world", - ok, I'm happy to try. But does it works the other way? If damp air is being sucked in, isn't warm air being pushed out when the fire's on. So why put the heater when you're cold. You're attempting to heat up the world????.
  6. Did that once, then made the mistake of washing up in the van. No matter how much drain cleaner, or how many types, the van always had a lamb smell when you opened the door.
  7. May I suggest you check as Mike suggests above. Check any settings and if W3W is still wrong, read their FAQ list before saying its not safe to use. That's a very commending statement Maybe a more appropriate title might have been :- Problem with W3W. Advice please. With computers, phones, apps, etc., 99 times out of 100 operator error is applicable.
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  9. Depends on where one wants to be Durbanite and what the other options.
  10. Hi Folks Sorry for the delay in replying. No, no progress at all. The light covers are removable ( they're just screwed in) but there is no slack in the wiring to allow access behind the silver rear shields. The photo is a different configuration to mine but the principle is the same and the actual light clusters look to be the same. In my case the plate fits around those clusters and is sealed around the outside with mastic so definitely could be cut through - but that plate has curved edges so there is no way of inserting a blade underneath to cut any bonding - and it is bonded in three places to the caravan wall . As far as I can see, unless the bonding could, for example, be heated from the outside to soften it, I would have to cut through the plastic plate, remove the bonding somehow then re - bond a new plate onto the van. I have received no information from Coachman at all , even to confirm that to be the only solution or whether I could get a replacement surround plate. Pretty annoying!
  11. A lot of knowledge in the marine world about dehumidifier use in boats in winter... There are two factors to bear in mind. Despite the comments made about "drying the world" you do need a bit of ventilation. Secondly, the humidity of the air changes with temperature. When temperatures drop near or below freezing, dehumidification is a waste of time, because most of the water is out of the air anyway, so if using a refrigerant based DH, put it on a simple time switch, otherwise the DH just freezes up. If using a dessicant DH (which is what I use on the boat) then they actually monitor the humidity and will go into standby when at the right level... The dessicant type does produce a bit of background heat which is beneficial in this sort of usage...
  12. We looked at Cello in 2015 so obviously they have moved. on. One of the better tests for pictrue quality is to see what the picture is like when standing to the left or right of the screen almost looking at the picture side on. If still watchable and retaining the same definition regarding brightness etc then there should be no issues
  13. Flying Grandad


    THESE people should be able to help. .https://www.swift-caravansales.co.uk/swift-spare-parts/. I've dealt with them before and got what I needed.
  14. W3W remembers your last "fix". Were you in Bala the last time you used it? Although the map or sat picture will show where you are, the 3 words will remain at your last position fix, which may be some time ago. What is one of the adjacent squares called where you are now?
  15. You're assuming that the site would be otherwise fully booked through the whole of the week.
  16. We were booked in at a CMC site but then decided that the cost of the 7 days was not warranted so found another site at a third of the price that the CMC wanted and booked there instead. Bonus is that it is a fully serviced pitch with water and waste connections!
  17. I’m not a fan of W3W, but to be fair they do say that occasionally it will get it wrong, but it will be so far out that it couldn’t be mistaken. Coincidence, though, that it does position you at reception on a caravan site, albeit Bala, Wales, not Spain! John
  18. I've been towing a Buccaneer with the 3litre D5 for 2.5 years now (not continuously ) and yes it is a little more twitchy than the D4 and possibly needs a little more care in loading but still a great car.
  19. Look where it says I am! https://w3w.co/beauty.unsecured.partly This 3 word address refers to an exact 3m x 3m location. Tap the link or enter the 3 words into the free what3words app to find it. I am in Spain!!!!! Fortyfoot
  20. When I bought our Volvo V70 the Volvo dealer fitted a Volvo branded tow bar. I popped the caravan on when I got the car home and the tow ball was visibly much too high. My son, his wife, my wife all sat in the back of the load area and the height of the hitch barely moved. Since then I have set the caravan nose weight at the maximum specified with the hitch at actual towing height. We don't usually have much weight in the car as there are only 2 of us. No stability problems at all. The caravan appears to be slightly nose up, but its fine.
  21. +1 VinnyE, take it easy, get recovered for more adventures next year.
  22. I find the Velar more stable than the RR it replaced, but the RR may have had some wear in the bushes. Ian
  23. We are on a commercial site and there are far more caravans than motorhomes. Actually looking out our windows I cannot see any motor caravans on the site which is a very large site with over 100 pitches. Got an email asking us to vote and I guess who I did not vote for as the person IMHO has created a lot of disrepute for the club? I appreciate a poster on here will jump tot eh defence of the Caravan Club and the poster is entitled to defend and voice their opinion.
  24. All one needs to do is read the first few pages of the Elddis manual for all the answers regarding MIRO. See page 2-3 which states Mass of the caravan in running order (MIRO) This is the weight of your caravan as it leaves our factory plus the following: A mass of 10kgs per gas cylinder, the cylinder number is equal to the number of connections provided at the regulator. I am not familiar with the Affinity. Although it can take two cylinders, are there one or two connections for gas bottles. Can you hook up two cylinders?
  25. I think the regulations change on 4 hole mountings against just the 2 hole . Lower towball is available on a C4 mounting . http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=132401401041&category=33653&pm=1&ds=0&t=1510751583000&ver=0 Dave
  26. Swift recommended disconnecting onboard pump over winter. This from their forum recommendations on winterisation: "Disconnect the inlet and outlet pipe from the onboard water pump, using the quick release tabs, and re-run the pump for a short time, to ensure all the water is removed. Leave the system disconnected during storage." I had a pump fail from ice forming in the lowest point where the pressure switch is located even though I thought I'd drained it properly.
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