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  2. Usually a loose screw that hold 5he runner to the side. Remove the drawers then observe carefully as you pull out the table. The runners have holes in them and you can usually tighten the screw by access through the hole.
  3. Yes gives abit of motivation now, ive not seen any other heron posts on eBay or for sale, and all the ones on here are from years ago I may have the only one left!
  4. My point was why turn the wheels at all? Whether the flat is there for a week or six months doesn't make any difference. It's not going to get so bad after a standing for many weeks that it won't get ironed out after the first few miles of its next outing.
  5. Once the drugs in an issued prescription is out of the pharmacy door, it CANNOT be re-stocked
  6. Why do you think dealers care? Besides, if a dealer had a car that no customer had even wanted to take on a test drive for months, It would have been packed off to an auction. More generally, why does the caravan need to be driven around? Why not pull it forward for a part turn of the wheel, or jack each wheel just off the ground to turn it.
  7. Our local coop allows one person to enter at a time only one person per row maximum. You must go up and down each row you must observe the six foot rule at all times-no cash at check out allowed swipe preferred. Six foot rule line marks for outside waiting. Seems its down to local management? For the Doubting Thomases😀 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-52082641
  8. I have the exact same problem on my new pagent. Drawers came out no problem but see how am going replace runner without full removal of unit.my dealer is 120 miles away. Bruce
  9. If he has severe asthma that puts him in the shielded group and he should be in isolation. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-shielding-and-protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19/guidance-on-shielding-and-protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19
  10. Profile says OP has an Ace Jubilee. They last posted in August 2016 with a battery problem in a 2004 Bailey Pageant and never came back after starting the topic. Hope they come back to clarify the points raised on this one.
  11. I thought that that was some kind of punitive community service.
  12. He’s got Asthma, carries one of those puffer things everywhere, my sisters boyfriend has been told to stay at home by his employer for this reason.
  13. It's only a couple of weeks ago that the government was getting loads of flak for not bringing the the 'lockdown' in quickly enough. The experts said they didn't want to do it too soon as people would find it tough. We're one week in, and some folk want to rebel already!!!! And the papers are stirring it.
  14. I watched a you tube video of somebody that is a full timer. There were a number of vans parked at a layby in Derbyshire. Seemed like a dead end road. A police car stopped to investigate and the driver asked some questions. The following day a police van arrived and asked more and appeared satisfied. The full timer stated that the police had closed the road to others and asked if they needed a water supply delivery. So the police might well investigate if they are able
  15. Even-adult-Andrew Marr today referred to people not accepting the 12 week lock down. Then in his interview of the Italian minister for health he brought up lock down riots in Italy. I thought that was typical journalism of the Red Tops I was surprised the hear it on a current affairs show for grown ups. Gove was his usual straight talking fact giving self😂😂
  16. Most labour is organised by a gang master not the farmer. The farmer pays the gang master.
  17. These are the very people who are unwittingly probably spreading this virus amongst the community and will probably be the cause of even stricter restrictions on Everyone’s movements in the not too distant future. Michael Gove alluded to that distinct possibility earlier today on the Andrew Marr TV programme. Its always the totally inconsiderate few that impact on the majority. I would be inclined to speak (nicely) with the company and express your concerns. Durbanite Have you raised your concerns with your neighbour? Andy
  18. Sounds promising. It's always encouraging when things start being put back together again. I reckon you'll have one of the best sorted herons in the country before long.
  19. Today
  20. No pun intended, but that could be "food for thought" if the travel restrictions are relaxed in time for the harvest. At the moment that is something none of us can predict with any kind of accuracy.
  21. But please sir, he started it Andy
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