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  2. battery trivia

    If you are deciding to disconnect your car battery for charging, make sure you check and see if there is a procedure to follow for letting the car go to “sleep” before removing the positive lead. Failing to follow the correct procedure and just pulling the lead can sometimes upset control modules and lead to further problems
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  4. BBC talking about caravanning , wow.

    Some of Dan Trudgian's video have been helpful to me which is why I'm one of his many subscribers. He has also inspired me to crate my own caravan content.
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  6. Driving an auto

    I haven't driven an auto regularly since the 60s! I do remember that it's best to forget about your left leg. The left leg is now redundant and you only use the right one. You soon get the hang of it and it is not longer an issue. John.
  7. Nose Weight

    for the info. Like yourselves, we wanted long sofas so Ti for us.
  8. Unicorn S4 Satellite dish

    Thanks for all your replies. The reason why ask is that I have had a snipe sat dish fitted to my Unicorn s1 Pamplona for four years. We are swapping to a S4 Pamplona next week and I have asked my dealer to fit my dish to the new van. They have contacted Bailey to confirm it will be OK and Bailey have replied by saying the warranty will be invalid if the dish is bonded to the roof and additional holes are drilled even with a truma gland for the cables. Has anyone else had this issue with Bailey and have you had the OK to fit a dish on the roof?
  9. battery trivia

    +1 via my CTEK. Not had to charge this D4 yet but used the method on my previous D4 due to a grumbling battery.
  10. Really! I am sure my dealer would have informed me!
  11. Unicorn 4 Valencia

    Our S4 Cartagena can also fit 2 large loo chem bottles in the loo compartment, not sure if our caravan has sealant in the joints will look tomorrow. enjoy your new caravan, our first trip away in our Cartagena is on Tuesday we have 15 nights to test it out😀
  12. Unicorn S4 Satellite dish

    We’ve had a Roadpro satellite dome on our S2 Cartagena which we removed before we traded the van in, which was fitted to our S4 last week, we’ve had the dome for over 2 years we’ve not found many sites where we are unable to receive a signal we caravan all year round & was away over 100 nights this year, not had a problem anywhere. We used a tripod with a dish before that had more trouble with that if windy it blow over or lost signal because the dish moved, the dome is much better on a roof our reason in getting a dome & not a dish if there is a frost you may not get a dish up or down if frozen.
  13. Misty's second service 30% damp

    My 2 year old Affinity has just been in for 20 to 30% damp above front nearside window and below the water inlet. Both caused by bad manufacture the windows not fitted correctly and the wheel arch on the offside not sealed properly. I've had 5 new caravans in the past 17 years and this is the first that has had damp after 2 years so much for SOLID or not so solid as in my case. Of the 5 caravans only my 2009 Coachman Amara suffered damp while I owned them and only then at its 5 year service with minor damp in the front.
  14. New addition to the family soon!!

    Wonderful, both my son and I would love a Bulldog but my wife and I both work full time which makes this impossible as it would be unfair. If only I could convince her to work part time!
  15. New caravaner

    Even worse - caravanners stuck behind motorhomes which have such low power-to-weight ratios!
  16. Col de Tende and Beyond

    I have travelled up from Drap through Sospel to Breil sur Roya in a panel van 6. 0m (now have caravans) and had to do a couple of double takes at the hairpins. Personally I would not attempt it with a 7. 3m van the hairpins alone will be difficult and the road itself is narrow.
  17. battery trivia

    Which way? Using the trailer socket or the engine compartment terminals?
  18. battery trivia

    My cousin charges his Touareg in this way whilst he works away.
  19. Unicorn S4 Satellite dish

    We have a Snipe Automatic dish but have it free-standing, so I can place it with clear line of sight to the satellite. So easy to set up - take the receiver out of it's case, place unit on the ground, connect cables to caravan, switch on control unit and sit back whilst the Snipe does it's thing. All done within a couple of minutes. I also have a cable lock alarm to secure the receiver to the caravan.
  20. Nose Weight

    Pebble, we are also Delta owners (we have a 2017 RI). We originally had ordered a TI and had to cancel the order because of nose weight. Our Audi Q3 has a nose weight limit of 80 kgs and we managed to get the factory to confirm that the ex works nose weight on a TI was 91 kgs, so we cancelled the order. The dealer did come back very quickly to confirm that if we still wanted a Delta then we could consider an RI as the nose weight on that caravan is only 67 kgs ex works. That was a weight we felt we could work with, but even now our preference is still for a TI due to the longer front seats.
  21. New caravaner

    You want to get behind a tractor in France then. ....we were stuck behind one for over 30 miles and if we showed interest in overtaking he moved to the middle of the road! We had the same problem in Spain around the Bay of Roses. geoff
  22. Caravan Storage and Insurance

    The van is unattended if there is nobody in it or in the immediate vicinity.
  23. battery trivia

    Car electrics/electronics get ever more complex.
  24. Caravan Storage and Insurance

    Even though the storage owners are living on the premises they are not living in your van and it is therefore unattended. My Gold Cassoa storage site has recently had a breach of security. The owners do also live on the premises our van fortunately was not the target but I have since had the tracker changed to a proactive device for peace of mind that I can check it's current position on a regular basis from home.
  25. Battery.

    The conventional wisdom is a high capacity battery, but only because true leisure batteries don't like the high starting current that movers take - if ALL your caravanning is on-EHU then a medium capacity car battery will do the job. I use the mover for our 1500 kg caravan and the 75 Ah car battery, retired from car use in '09, but always on EHU apart from one night a year en-route to Scotland.
  26. battery trivia

    So pins 9 and 13 aren’t permanent supply? On my car and every other one I’ve been involved with it’s been a permanent supply. Nothing to do with smart charging systems at all and no different electrically to connecting the crocodile clips to the battery terminals, just safer and more convenient.
  27. PURSUIT 1 WEIGHT PLATE UPGRADE U-TURN. Has anyone had a weight plate upgrade on their PURSUIT 1 ? if so please see below e-mail as owners may have been overloading their axles by 50Kg which could have damaged the rubber elements located within the axle, i would advise you have the axle inspected by an ALKO approved repairer. I've provided photos to demonstrate the difference in tolerance between good and failed axle positions for the convenience of owners.
  28. battery trivia

    On the handful of occasions when I've put the car battery on charge, the charger and plug/socket connection to the extension cable are in the engine compartment and cable goes out between the grill and bonnet, locked as normal. It's never occurred to me to use the trailer socket - wouldn't have been an issue on all the cars I wired myself but I'm not sure about factory-fit. My present VW Touareg has 12v terminals in the engine comparttment, specifically for connecting tyre pumps, chargers, jump starts, etc as the AGM battery is hidden away under the passenger seat.
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