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  2. Thought I'd found something on eBay a lot cheaper but sadly not. You might get one around a fiver.
  3. It's like listening to a worn out record...
  4. Did the OP not mean the Camping and Caravanning Club? Or were responders just too keen to lay the boot in to CMC to notice?
  5. Anyone have sources for alternative brand replacement caps for aquaroll, I'm not bothered about having the plastic lead\lanyard fitting. I keep loosing caps, perhaps some of them are being liberated by persons unknown, discount card price at one retailer is £6.30, a bit steep for a plastic cap .
  6. My twopenneth: : My car is Euro5 but it has a smart alternator. You can spot its action if you observe the voltmeter - when the foot comes off the throttle the voltage goes up, and vice versa. :My CTEK charger will charge an AGM battery at 14.7 volts compared with 14.4 for a wet battery. :If the car's ECU has been configured correctly it will detect when a trailer is attached and will modify the alternator behaviour to accomodate the auxiliary battery.
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  8. Sometimes I reckon you should get out a bit more - sitting doing some of your strange comparisons must really wear you out. You could even watch a bit of telly
  9. Dear God that is £6.955 per gallon !!!!!!! What is your Real World fuel consumption.
  10. Hi again B G. Is this because your on board computer is set for giving MPG ? Hi Ern. Does this also apply to your car/vehicle ?
  11. Means nothing to me! Price per litre?
  12. Mr Plodd

    Tyre test

    Tyre compound has a far greater influence on grip (in the dry) than tread pattern. Andy
  13. Here is a YouTube link to one of the latest EKL reviews. Does not do justice to the fishing though if that is your thing.
  14. Comforting to know. That’s why it’s better than the DSG in the Tigshed!
  15. Good find! Makes sense to me but then I am/was and electronics engineer. About £150 for a 30A system box designed and made in Germany then. Cables and fitting would of course be extra. Glad I have a standard alternator as my car is pre Euro6. I don't see the point of having a Gel battery in the van but this unit will be needed for either type of liesure battery as we learn that the Smart alternators back off when the starter batteries hit 80% capacity as so could leave your fridge un supplied for long periods. GB
  16. Then you are not comparing like for like, not are we talking about rally drivers. My E-Pace has the option of summer tyres or all weather as a factory option, they both sit on the same 20" rims.
  17. Diesel is £1.29 for the usual amount in Chepstow. xtrailman. you at a larf eh? Me too.
  18. I understand the arithmetic - my fuel volume stays in litres apart from calculating the MPG
  19. Exactly what i was thinking but didn't want to say, I have no idea what i pay per gallon only the Litre price.
  20. Todays conundrum. With the advent of modern technology most new and recent cars are equipped with stop start technology. They will also have smart alternators which vary the charge the system requires. The car will also have either a EFB orAGM type of battery. Most caravans will have a standard lead/acid battery . Is there a problem mixing the two technologies? Will the alternator default to the car battery therefor not charging the caravan battery enough? Will the fridge suffer we connected for power when towing? just come across this? https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/auxiliary-battery-charging-in-vehicles-with-smart-alternators.html?fbclid=IwAR17SIDcUTS5-aTBPayZKp7lc5o7LKxVfBzVrG_JBgXlHJaStCttDJwOMIM
  21. The tread pattern has a variable void ratio so different areas of rubber are in contact with the road.
  22. xtrailman

    Tyre test

    I always assumed a winter tyre would outperform a summer tyre in low temperatures, but now i know different. It appears a good balance for a winter tyre in the UK in the area i live in would be the cross climate... What about when the summer tyre used is wider than the winter tyre used, narrow wheels are preferred in snow by rally drivers.
  23. Disagree - If the tyre is the same size and the gaps between the tread pattern are wider there cannot be the same amount of rubber on the road. Surface area of tread has got to be less on a winter tyre. Summer Tyre - Narrow tread pattern thin shoulder grooves Winter Tyre - Wide tread pattern wider shoulder grooves
  24. Diesel £1.53 per litre on M4 at Pont Abraham Services near Swansea so folks fill up before you get anywhere near there
  25. Les Medes

    Tyre test

    Depending where you live it mostly dry in the summer
  26. I used to regularly tow a 14 feet Brian James trailer behind a 2006 Passat 2.0TDi (140bhp) from 2006 to 2010. It coped extremely well although mine was manual.
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