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  2. Which model is it? The picasso I see on parkers all seem to be 1100 or 1200kg braked tow weight. Except the 1.2 which they're not listing a tow weight for.
  3. We had a 2l Passat. Lovely towcar, but did struggle at times on hills and that's with a van at 1450
  4. kelper

    Gas Locker

    I don't quite understand why you went home after testing everything overnight. I would have gone back to the dealer to discuss the faults and seek a remedy. Or you could have rejected the van. Did you pay the full asking price before your overnight?
  5. I'll have what she's having
  6. Or simply wanted a guaranteed hardstanding pitch? Did that once not realising all the grass pitches at the site we wanted were closed. Not true. They keep adding them during site refurbs. I'll let you count the exact numbers https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/uk-holidays/useful-information/types-of-pitch/ Correct. You have to cancel the first site before you can book the alternative (with the, perhaps small, risk someone may nab the vacancy while doing so).
  7. Correct. If you have a booking but want to change sites online you have to cancel the original before you can book the new site. I did this recently.
  8. My eldest son lives in Barcelona. He and his wife, who is Swedish, have recently returned to Barcelona from six weeks in Sweden. When they first arrived in Sweden they felt very unsafe as masks aren’t worn at all, although some social distancing takes place especially for older people. They wore masks for the first day or two but as no one else did they stood out like sore thumbs so stopped and soon got used to it, it became the norm. On return to Barcelona they now have to wear masks as soon as they set foot outside and this now feels very odd again. I know it’s silly, but I worried about them being in Sweden, maskless, and I’m even more worried now they’re back in Barcelona the way infections have ramped up again there.
  9. Just a few thoughts:- We have a camera on the rear wall of our MH that gives a good view of anything in what's normally a blind spot immediately behind the vehicle. The same would be true if fitted to a caravan. A camera in that location however will never be able to see what is beside the caravan or MH ahead of the rear wall. I don't know if the vehicle you mention is type approved for towing but the legal requirement to see along both sides of a caravan/trailer, maybe addressed by fitting a pair of additional cameras to the front corners of the caravan/trailer that look to the rear along each side, and output to a display in the towcar. Absolutely spot on Andy. I consider a rear wall mounted camera as a good safety addition but in no way do I think of it as a replacement for appropriate side mirrors. I can only speak for a camera mounted high (about 9'6") on our MH rear wall. It gives an excellent view in good weather conditions but it's next to useless in rain as spray is attracted to the lens like a magnet, similarly in misty conditions when condensation forms on the lens. Setting it to a night view improves the situation as the image is then formed by looking in the UV spectrum - but it is still a poor second to having a clean lens.
  10. You sure that towing weight for the picasso is right. Sounds low to me.
  11. Discussing this again with my wife,she said I wonder how many English people down in Spain on sites,in caravans,motorhomes,have actually caught the Covid virus while there. I said,I don’t know,do any of you know of anyone?
  12. This question might be better in a different thread. I’m not a member of the CMC, but I assume it is not possible to book 2 sites for the same dates?
  13. I've been looking into hybrids not just for towing but for general use. From what I know once the battery is out of power probably after say only 20mile for a figure then you are on petrol power only, so that's 148bhp, to pull 1500kg assuming the towlimit allows, it will pull it be the poor engine will be working hard IMO. Rav 4 has I believe a 1650kg towlimit and a 2.5 engine as back up, probably a better choice.?
  14. According to Al-Ko, if you have these wheels... ... you’ll need either: kit no. 1289106 (Al-Ko Secure Compact) if you already have a receiver fitted to your caravan. Al-Ko online store £299.95 inc delivery. kit no 1289107 (Al-Ko Secure Plus) if you do not have a receiver fitted. This can only be ordered by an Al-Ko Approved Service Centre or Caravan Dealear. Both have Insert No 23 and are essentially the same user kit but the plus kit will have the dealer fit hub receiver.
  15. mark-w

    Gas Locker

    Quite possibly but this lock issue isn't the only issues I have. i purchased the caravan from a dealer, they set us up with a pitch at a local site that night to test it out and make sure it all worked. We drove home and complied our list. Emailed it to them so we have an audit trail of the faults, booked a timeslot for the workshop to have them recitifed. Locks being 1 of the gripes and the trim around the door window having 1 of the 4 mounting tangs broken. Took it back to dealer, 2 1/2hr drive to be told to sort the lock nuts ourselves and to fix the surround did we want mastic or double sided tape. Not getting into a shouting match with the fitter was the better option. So email sent listing all the faults which they knew about and not having any of them fixed or resolved and after being promised the manager would call on Friday, so an email this morning was an acceptable timeframe listing our grievances and wishing for a response.
  16. I remember when i was around 20 going down south with 3 mates, driving in the dark I saw something in the road braked to stop but failed and ran over it, found it was a badger already dead. Got back in the car thinking I'll be ready next time so set of down the road only to run over another! Even as a young man with quicker reflexes the thinking time and braking distance meant I was never going to stop despite what I thought. And the brakes had been uprated as an insurance requirement after fitting a larger engine.
  17. Would think they must be aftermarket wheels. Would be interested to see pictures. If they are, have insurers been informed!
  18. kelper

    Gas Locker

    You will catch more flies with honey than vinegar
  19. Also 22" on the SIL GLE, he prefers them to his wife's 19".... Wheel size is a personal choice, but the smaller the tyre wall height the less tyre movement which is suppose to be an advantage towing, ride comfort isnt just down to tyres but also suspension, while road noise is usually increased when wider tyres are fitted. The latter is the reason I bought a SEL Tiguan as it comes with 19" rims and 235x55 tyres, the Rline on 20" 255x45 has more motorway tyre noise, too much for me but is probably a better towcar...
  20. You might need to follow the pipes to see where it goes or you could do a test, set it to a cold setting and see which hot taps then go cold. When you come to drain down it will probably have a non return valve in it so the pipes might need disconnecting from it to get the water out. Hope its mounting plate does not have any sharp edges to cut your hands when you disconnect its pipes.
  21. Today
  22. Spotted what looks to be a temperature control in the washroom, can't find out anything in the handbook. Anyone know if it is for the shower temperature, wash hand basin or something else?
  23. I’ve got 22” on my Discovery. Despite their supposed internal sound proofing foam I find them noisier than my previous Discovery’s 20”. That said there’s no difference in towing. They are horrendously expensive AND much harder to buy even on the Internet. I have found only 2 or 3 websites that list my spec. So much so, I bought a 6th tyre (at a bargain price) and would seriously consider taking it with us on extended EU holidays (when we restart) for fear of non availability in Euro land.
  24. ancell


    Been caravanning for 5 decades now. Mostly in far from dry Scotland. Had Trio Mexico poled awning Dorema poled and a few others. Our Kampa Air Pro has been used in very rainy conditions and winds gusting gale force. Struck it in under 1 minute as the wind rose well above gale at Kiligruer beach site on Kintyre. A poled awning would have blown over the peninsula😂. Like many others we have observed. We will not be going back to poled awnings. The Air Pro is a compact awning and the air beam design restricts the useful space but its fine for us. The grandchildren use the sleeping tent addition when they visit and use the awning for their play room-its survived them😀.
  25. Well it’s an opinion, which is what forums are for. And they did say they were changing the wheels anyway due to damage. 🤷‍♂️
  26. That happens everywhere, always has, always will. Many Calor gas cylinder resellers won't do anything but a like-for-like swap of bottles - possibly as that makes their accounting / ordering simpler. AIUI only the full Calor Dealer / Agents must (should) obey the swap rules and even then there's some official Calor paperwork to fill out to complete the process.
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