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  2. Boris could put us on lockdown again , no fuel shortages then. Cancel Christmas too gets my vote! The so called crisis seems to have been stoked by the media and irresponsible idiots panic buying.
  3. For a moderator I’m surprised at your reply. The original element was approx 14 years old and the replacement lasted approx one hour, based on the time actually used I don’t see how this stretches the possibility of faulty products. As for a wiring fault, well there’s only the live neutral and earth so where can a “ wiring fault” cause a current trip out. As for the over dramatisation and going 9 days without warm water, we did have full use of the kettle so we did have warm water and I think my topic was in no way “dramatic” but fully informative of events as they occurred. Perhaps you just wanted to blow off some steam to get your thread count up. As an update the supplying company have replaced the element free of charge and it has now been fitted and tested over two days heating and cooling and it is working fine.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes the car lights as expected. It is just the caravan marker and tail lights that won't play ball. There is no power coming from pin 5 and 7. Thanks. Will do
  5. Spent over three and a half hours with two of the Inos designers going over the fine detail of our build this morning. They were very helpful and proactive. And a very small part of the outcome is that the condensate drain pipe I made up will be fitted and they are happy to do it It's nice to see that the huge cost of the Inos is matched by the personal service.
  6. obviously, and what would be the problem with a dab on the brakes which we often see with cars fitted with ACC.
  7. There are separate circuits for the left and right side lights. If both circuits have failed, it suggests a common issue such as the trailer lighting module. Have you checked the car lights are working correctly
  8. All models, (manual & auto), post 2010, have a 100kg noseweight.
  9. I bought an Aldi ,Medion 49" smart tv (no not for the caravan) the picture and sound quality is bad. When it started turning on and off at random times, I was told by Medion to unplug it for a while and do a first time install again so it could update the software. We ended up leaving it off for a fortnight. Never again, give me a known brand in future.
  10. That is a good reminder that we are not immune to the virus even when fully vaccinated. This is the reason why we are very careful about crowded places and especially as more people are going without masks. We haven't gone into any pubs or restaurants, and are cautious about crowded shops. We are both late 70's with health issues. Thanks.
  11. I do have that somewhere dunno where mind and not sure on the location of my v5 so cant check that haha i believe i will need a german interpreter to make the certificate make sense haha
  12. VAG always quote "Minimum" kerbweight or a range of weights in some of the latest brochures. Dealers tend to register the lowest figure for Mass In Service on the V5 You could really do with the Certificate of Conformity for your car for exact weight or try a weighbridge. My own VAG is 1585kg declared and 1660kg on the weighbridge. (2100kg max tow)
  13. The Aldi one is better! Has a DVD player as well!
  14. Pop your car round to a weighbridge with aptional equipment and a tow bar it will be heavier than expected. I didn't realise that the caravan MTPLM was so close. Could be OK if you are very careful and not tempted to use the heavy pedal too much.
  15. My brother in law is a care worker and got his first two jabs very early on. Was due to have his booster this week at work but has just tested positive for covid-19. This is the third time he's had it, and he says that this time it has really knocked him sideways, feeling much worse this time. Stay safe
  16. Putting a suitably rated diode in series with the live wire will drop 0.6V
  17. Mabee the case im driving a 2020 passat rline 2.0 diesel looking at bailey unicorn cabrara at 1600 kg mtplm
  18. I did have a similar fault and it turned out to be a fuse buried within the towbar wiring on the car side in the boot so keep your eyes open and trace this wiring :-)
  19. Just had the flu jab, our local Boots the Chemist, had plenty of customers. Booked online and plenty of slots.
  20. Flu vaccination distribution is currently quite haphazard with many GP surgeries chasing their supplies but being told it may not arrive until late October. Meanwhile pharmacies in the same areas are managing to secure their supplies. Our GP practice is extremely unhappy. Their supply delivery keeps getting pushed back whilst the pharmacy next door has plenty.
  21. I can't see the 1/2 volt making any difference as the TV will drop the incoming voltage to 12V anyway.
  22. We both got the flu jab free from our local pharmacy - so much quicker and easier than the local doctors. They do it in under a minute and tell your surgery so they know you've had it.
  23. Possibly a German manufacturer thing my last car was a Volvo XC90 and the OE towbar electrics operated the caravan fridge so I was very surprised that that the VW did not . Thanks to all who replied
  24. You must have been one of the early ones having the original jabs. Quite a few of my neighbours who had the first jab in December/early January had their boosters last week. Ironically, some have not had their flu jab yet and are not likely to get it until end of October. We on the other hand managed to get the flu jab last Saturday in the GP’s first session, but won’t get a booster covid jab before 14 October (6 months since 2nd jab).
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