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  2. fred

    Cordless Drill

    I bet you said that about power steering as well. I got my first cordless drill to wind down the steadies for convenience. Now, I need one because in the storage pitch the back ok of the van is so close to the fence I can’t use a hand winder. I did have a 14.4v drill from Alde I swapped this for a 20 v li on one from Alde its too powerful heavier much preferred the old drill.
  3. There is the swanage railway which has steam specials and i believe the flying scotsman will be visiting https://www.swanagerailway.co.uk/ A couple of sites alongside or very close - http://therailwaycampsite.co.uk/ Haycraft Caravan and Motorhome Club Site
  4. mprcomp

    Tips for easy of put up

    We own a Suncamp Deluxe 390 which is a great air awning when up. Not as easy as some as more pump up points but not bad either. The two biggest issues with it are 1) Snagging on awning rail on the new tamar as its an entry point didn't used to be as bad on older van with point at bottom of van 2) The amount of time putting pegs in. Often don't put all in to save time. I want to use it more for weekends to give extra storage but it's a good hour job to put up. I have three kids so need to try and reduce setup time when just away for a weekend. Any tips?
  5. Small locomotives, sometimes Steam other times Diesel campsite at the station. https://whitwellstation.com We intended to go there for a steam weekend last year but didn't make it. You can even get to drive one ! ETA there is also Ferry Meadows near Peterborough right next to Nene Valley Railway.
  6. mprcomp

    Buyers regret?

    Well at present going through and getting rid of debt. Since no Council tax this month just paid off wife's overdraft. Next month is the start of the attack on C C. That should be gone by summer. Then it's attack on the money left for this which is around 5250 at present. Maybe like you say we keep it for another couple of years then see lay of the land.
  7. FrankBullet

    Buyers regret?

    Be aware that doing this affects your credit rating as I discovered about ten years ago by taking £15k out of cards, banking it, paying the minimum amount and then paying it off at the end then doing the whole thing again. It didn’t cause me an issue but when we moved home I wasn’t fast-tracked on the credit rating like we had been the first time we bought. As to OP, Sainsbury’s offer £7,500 on 2.8% - yes it’s paying interest but it is also naff all and means it actually gets paid off.
  8. Jiffy176

    Buyers regret?

    This https://www.babymonitorsdirect.co.uk/product/koo-di-bubble-pop-up-travel-cot-pastel-polka/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA2L7jBRCBARIsAPeAsaMSi2f5NXiThQmoZe0Af-gsCrQqWWaMOJW_oEr0OczQToL5p3gMHZ0aAmJeEALw_wcB Was what we had, would taking the Dinette table out and putting baby on the floor in the space work better? The cost of holidaying in school holidays is what tipped us towards a caravan and as above started with a damp piece of you know what. I'd love one year not to have to take the caravan and jump on a plane somewhere exotic but the cost is not achievable just now. Most of the sites we have our main holiday on are eurocamp etc and at least we know what accommodation we are getting so there are some benefits.
  9. GaryB1969

    Buyers regret?

    In 2002 we purchased our first brand new caravan (a Sterling Eccles Jewel, you never forget that first new caravan smell). We traded in a damp Coachman Mirage and had to put nearly £9K towards it, borrowed from Tesco over four years. It was a bit tight and got tighter when our daughter was born in 2004 (2 more years left in the loan), We used cheaper club sites (typically ones without facilities) and a travel cot between the front seats (Practical Caravan actually featured us in an article in 2005 on touring with toddlers!). We never regretted it as that initial new caravan purchase gave us a good footing onto the new caravan ladder and allowed us to trade up every few years with minimal extra needed. There’s some great low cost sites and some CL’s and CS’s in great locations for kids. Money is always tight with young kids, hang in there!
  10. Kelling Heath has its own station on the North Norfolk Railway - not cheap but an excellent site. We’ve stayed at Breck Farm which is just up the road, really nice if not as posh!
  11. AlwynMike

    Van battery charging from car bodge

    Just to add, for those interested, the (warm) fridge drew just a little over 8 amps at12 volts. Dometic 8551
  12. staffordshirechina

    Sites next to steam railways - suggestions please

    Not railway but steam non the less. On the weekend of 22nd/23rd June there is the Model Steam Road Vehicle Society's rally at the Tewkesbury rugby club, which happens to be right next door to a club site. The rally normally has a run around the caravan site with the charity buckets too.
  13. Can this battery be d.i.y replacement or will it need to go to the dealer and be done in the service. I have read on other posts this may be a common problem of caravans at this age.
  14. mprcomp

    Buyers regret?

    Thanks for that. I think width of tamar is great. We did consider putting oldest in side dinette but means in night time can’t put tv on as she really light sleeper. She would just whinge about it. Yes have air awning which us canny wish had kampa so one air point as opposed 10 on ours but works well sure wuse just having to get on rail. Forgot to say we are cutting down France this year. Cost similar to going to Devon or Norfolk at half decent site. Staying about 2 hours from Calais.
  15. frenchcamper

    Dometic RMS8551 constantly running

    Hi My fridge is running costantly. It is the same on gas or electric. I can see that there is only one temperature sesor attached to the metal cooling fins. I tried disconnecting the sensor and the temp control leds flash. I tried closing the connectors but it made no difference. Is there anything else that I can check ? If not, I guess the only option is to replace the complete control panel. Any advice please.
  16. Lost in the wilderness

    Leisure battery losing charge and fuses blowing on alarm circuit

    Sounds like you alarm battery has failed
  17. In October last year we purchased a brand new 110Ah battery for our 2010 Bailey pegasus 646 after failure of previous one . A solar panel is connected up to keep the charge up and generally does a good job, however on the last two visits to the storage yard we have found that the 5 amp fuse has blown on the alarm. I checked the leisure battery after the first time and it needed charging from flat on a charger at home. Upon refitting the fully charged battery and again replacing the alarm fuse twice after blowing each new fuse all was well. On the second visit yet again alarm fuse blown but battery was fully topped up possibly due to solar panel and the fact alarm fuse blew. Upon replacing fuse to alarm leisure battery voltage dropped to around 12.5 volts alarm functioned o.k. I will be going back this weekend to check it again. Has anyone on the forum any ideas as to what I could possibly check to resolve this, as we all know leisure batteries are not cheap and I could do without damaging this one.
  18. Jiffy176

    Buyers regret?

    Hold fire folks, there are some cracking zero percentage rates on credit card at the moment. I've got a 27month with MBNA. I max them out and leave the money to pay off in my savings account. That then offsets my offset mortgage ( called stoozing for those interested.) OP we are a family of four and have the DK Severn. There aren't many vans on the market that are substantially bigger we got ours when my two were 5 and 3 and they now play more outside than in but we set the back up for them, have you thought about putting a travel sleeping pod/ cot on, we had one they was mesh but the sides zipped in You could sell the van and probably loose 3-4k depending on what the dealers are selling older models for to shift them. There are various ways to do this. My way was to take the money out of our mortgage, as the rate was so low I worked out the extra cost Vs time left to pay off and it worked out ok but being offset I can draw down my mortgage or overpay as I see fit, I just set up my repayments to clear the mortgage by the term. You could do this to pay the card off if it gets toward the end of you zero percentage period and then overpay at a lower amount to clear you back to where you were. I think in your situation if the debt is bothering you then you need to lie low for a couple of years and smash it away as hard as you can, or keep paying it off and tart to a new card when the zero rate runs out. Before making a decision have a good look around Martin Lewis's money saving expert site, lots of good advice there. I would give it another go but have a think about how you do stuff so for example if prepping food my wife uses the side Dinette, we don't use the wardrobe for clothes, they all get folded and go in the mass of overheads, do you really need to hang stuff up? You don't say if you use an awning but stuff like coats and shoes go in that. I would give it another go and see how you can work things differently, it took us a while but the DT has worked out really well with our kids, stick with it. You could try CLs. Having spent my summer holiday on one a coupe of years ago and all it did was rain, it wasn't much fun but as a short term measure that was all we could afford. It's only since my wife has been back at work we have been able to afford a trip abroad. Short term loss for long term gain.
  19. Mr Plodd

    Should I leave electric on?

    As with many other subjects you will get a wide variety of views/opinions as to the best regime to adopt. I now have a new van with a factory fitted solar panel so, as it gets sun most days I will not bother to plug it into EHU. On my last (non solar panel equipped) caravan I kept an eye on the battery voltage via the control panel. When it dropped to about 12.1 v I “plugged in” for 24 hrs. That seemed to work OK. I did exactly the same when I had a Motorhome. Over eight years I never had to replace either the starter or two leisure batteries (none were new when I bought the MH) so I reckon my regime worked reasonably well. Andy
  20. I think that this is near Caernarfon. I completely forgotten about this. But it was the very first place we ever stayed when we got our first Caravan.
  21. Mr Plodd

    Cordless Drill

    If there is a tool to make life that little bit easier to my mind it makes sense to use it. I COULD wind my steadies down (and up) by hand, I just choose not too. Idle? What me? Yes!! Andy
  22. Ern

    Buyers regret?

    You cannot get better than that so be careful not to incur interest on unpaid repayments.
  23. shipbroker

    Cordless Drill

    The day I can't wind my own steadies, by hand ,is the day I pack up. geoff
  24. mprcomp

    Buyers regret?

    I did know about debt but it’s sonething thought would be ok with. Changed attitude to debt after already bought the caravan. no interest as paid 6k on Credit Card that is on 0% for next year or so. Just to be clear no interest as mentioned in opening post it’s on 0%
  25. Paul_B

    Buyers regret?

    I'm led to believe you get more cover from a cc than a loan
  26. Mr Plodd

    Buyers regret?

    Swop to a personal loan as soon as you possibly can. Loan rate 6-10% interest rate. credit card probably nearer 35% interest rate. Andy
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