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  2. I agree With you there. If you have ridden a motorbike you learn to look ahead watching for potholes etc and idiots who don't seem to see you even with your headlight on. I learned to drive a truck in the RAF. My instructor stressed the need to constantly check your mirrors and look ahead as the big vehicle needed more time to slow down and space to manoeuvre. Hard work too as the 4 tonner had no power steering or synchromesh gears so double declutching was taught. Good fun though. I would like to try a modern artic.
  3. I am not saying I am perfect, what I am saying is that I have received vastly more driver training. More training means a higher skills level in ANY field. I respect people trained in other fields as they will know more/ be better at it than me. I always look before signalling, the vast majority just do it automatically and that shows a lack of overall awareness, and that’s the cause of many collisions. As in the oft heard expressions “Where did that car come from” or “It came from nowhere” or “There was nothing coming when I pulled out” Heard ‘em all many hundreds of
  4. I would say that vans are normally quoted as external body length 4.75 would be a vey short van if it is shipping length. My 2 berth is 4.8m body / 5.66 shipping. A taller van is unlikely, but the shape of the trailing edge could vary and might help. If I changed my van my priority would be one with as little wood to rot would be a priority, speaking with grim experience.
  5. Indeed. Although I have no advanced driving training other than a HGV license which I've never used in anger and several recognised off road courses I do have years of accident investigation experience and have worked with the HSE on several occasions. Human factors is one of the biggest areas of concern currently no matter how experienced and trained the individual. No matter how good you think you are and how highly you are trained you will make mistakes. How many crashes do we see involving lorries? Emergency vehicles? Human Factors.
  6. Below is a link to the Highway Code which states that you should signal before overtaking a cyclist. https://www.highwaycodeuk.co.uk/using-the-road-overtaking.html
  7. Indeed I do, but I don’t waste my money on more expensive fuel than I need to, it costs enough as it is. All those who say they monitor their fuel “brim to brim” I would just point out that every journey is different and has so many variables it’s impossible to do a credible comparison. Air temperature, humidity level, weight of vehicle, vehicle loading, traffic conditions, driver behaviour etc etc. To those who believe the (scientifically unsubstantiated) claims of the “benefits” of premium fuel carry on because, with a bit of luck you are subsidising the more sceptical of us.
  8. I wonder how many who have disagreed with me, and other, police Class One drivers, also argue with other trained experts in their particular field, such as...... Doctors Tax experts Electricians Chefs Teachers Electronic engineers Pilots Plumbers Architects Nutritionists Opticians and all the other experts they deal with in their daily life.
  9. MartinJB


    Welcome, Firstly, is the Alde screen on its control panel (has power and responds to commands with no errors)? We need a bit more info including year of Alde...?
  10. Thanks Andy! But we all know you slipstream HGV’s to save a few bob !
  11. Hi Pauline, what distance do you have between the van and floor?
  12. It is ludicrous, but the manufacturer can put whatever conditions they want to in the warranty! However, the CRA has no such conditions and the dealer would have great difficulty proving that panels cracking after less than few years were "fit for purpose" when sold. Sadly, it will take some cases being taken all the way through the legal process before dealers and manufacturers change their attitudes.
  13. Poppinz


    Alde heating. All of a sudden my alde boiler won't fire up. The gas and water supply are ok. I can hear the solenoid working any ideas.
  14. I’m the opposite, I’ve tried premium diesel and see benefits in fuel economy. I normally average 55 mpg in my CX, using premium I get 58. Many years ago I had a petrol engine Renault, I’d had it 6 months from new when it failed to start so got towed to the dealer. They couldn’t find any fault and suggested fuel issues, I used Tesco at that time. from then on I switched to BP and had no subsequent issues. A couple of years later Tesco petrol was reported to be prone to contamination. I’ve always used BP since, and use ultimate when towing.
  15. Today
  16. I would always indicate to overtake a cyclist, but once in position to overtake I would then cancel my indicators. this has two benefits, alerts following traffic I’m overtaking, and also avoids activating the lane assist function, which could endanger the cyclist. I don’t get the argument you shouldn’t indicate in case someone misunderstands your manoeuvre for overtaking , but should indicate to exit a motorway even if you don’t need to slow down, (which in my opinion you shouldn’t, but I would always indicate anyway ).
  17. Press release Schools and colleges to reopen from tomorrow as part of Step One of the roadmap Step One of the roadmap begins 8 March 2021 with pupils returning to face-to-face education. The Prime Minister has today hailed the collective efforts of the public to bring infection rates down so we can start Step One of the roadmap, with pupils across England returning to school and college from tomorrow. Throughout the pandemic, the Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer have been clear of the benefits that being in school brings to the physical a
  18. With the Caravan Club, they have 42 'Affiliated Sites' which are privately owned but branded as if they are Club sites. I guess this is similar to the Camping Club which now has a few 'Franchised' sites which again are privately owned. Interesting to see that the Camping Club expect a minimum investment of £400,000 towards a total cost of anything upwards of £800,000. There is an initial fee of £35,000, and the Club takes a number of annual fees such as £5,000 for marketing and £3,000 for IT services. There is also a commission of 10% of all fees collected. Minimum size of site 5
  19. I love Honest John and his analysis of cars but beg to differ with him on this one; I have tried premium fuels-I am a mpg nut-keep a record of every fill and calculate it brim to brim all the time-dad used to say it's agood indicator of engine health but I can't get out of the habit-even our EV has its own spreadsheet and miles per kw and equivalent mpg based on current petrol andour unit electric price is calculated. AND from my findings-on every petrol care we've ever had premium fuel has made absolutel no difference whatsoever to mpg to the noise of the engine to 'discernible' engine power
  20. For the last 10 years we have spent 5 to 8 continuous weeks a year off grid in Scotland using a free standing 50w panel plus controller. Our power demands are low, no TV (no reception) all LED lighting etc. Very long daylight in the highlands does help, but rain does not. I made up a cable to connect from the car battery to the van battery directly as a back up, but I have never had to use it. The caravan battery is a standard 110AHr battery. Our biggest electrical power demand is for the water pump for the daily shower, but again we are economical with that. We do however get thoug
  21. I wish manufacturers would concentrate more on body shell / floor longevity than constantly improving the bells and whistles that buyers are generally drawn towards like fools gold! My friends nearly six year old Bailey Discovery just had service - damp rear corner floor- inside and out - with soft (rotting) wood underneath. Such a shame. I had more or less decided my next van would be a swift Elegance - completely wood free construction - however still read with amazement that these models - still up to 2019 models (so far) can suffer with bulkhead / floor to wall inst
  22. That's sad-still plenty of choice-add Suncamp, Outdoor Revolution and Bradcott to your list-all good!
  23. Schools and colleges to reopen from tomorrow as part of Step One of the roadmap Page summary: Step One of the roadmap begins tomorrow with pupils returning to face-to-face education. Change made: First published. Time updated: 12:15am, 7 March 2021 ________________________________________________________
  24. And if they assume you are turning right and come up the inside??? If you don’t signal in those circumstances there is no room for confusion. On a quiet high speed road I would signal to pass a cyclist but only if there was following traffic so it would alert them to an upcoming hazard. But never in a town.
  25. The reason for indicating when passing a cyclist is to make others aware of the hazard, especially useful in heavy traffic.
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