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  2. electricity charges for electric cars

    I think the GMFV on the car was about right, but she got a huge deposit contribution on it, something like £5k plus the government grant. Toyota lost money on the mk1 Prius, something like £5k per car but it was a long term investment in hybrid technology, having proved the tech it makes them a fortune, so whilst manufactures are currently probably losing on their EV lines the prize is making it commercially viable.
  3. washing caravan in cold weather?

    The day I’m asked to stop washing my van will coincide when I cease being a member of any of the two clubs. Dont get me wrong I don’t use a hosepipe but sparing use of water in a small bucket, it’s actually a plastic gallon can with the side cut off. I find it’s nice and small, doesn’t use a lot of water plus it has a convenient handle on it. I can just imagine what I would say if being addressed as Oi! Sadly this appeared to happen on a Scottish site. I do hope the members don’t think we’re all like that. I refuse to sit in a van which has dirty windows and filth up the back.
  4. Ford Kuga (2. 0 ltr)

    Unfortunately I have to fit a mobility scooter plus my little dogs trailer which I tow behind my scooter in the boot (my little dogs are not well) everything else needs to go in the caravan in the rear bathroom floor/shower to reduce Swift Conquerors 480 nose weight.
  5. A website to record fuel use and other data

    For me, it's because I've been an engineer all my working life and keeping detailed records of what you do is an integral part of that.
  6. Lithium ion - a battery of consequence.

    In a caravan application the weight saving is generally well worth paying for, particularly where the battery box is at what is already the heavy end of the van, the question is, "how much?". Prices seem to vary enormously from sub £400 to eyewatering! I would be very interested in buying one if I were convinced about reliable lifetime at the lower end.
  7. CLEANING YOUR BALLS......!!!!!!!!!!

    Mine used to creak like mad going round corners, due to the amount of dust from the pads. A good clean sorted it.
  8. Lithium ion - a battery of consequence.

    My power drills, and various garden tools now all run in Lithium Batteries. They are habitually run to flat and do not appear to suffer any adverse consequences. I would expect the van battery to do the same. Is it worth it at about £600 for a 100 amp. Not sure at present. We all know that a 120 amp leisure battery is only a nominal figure and you get probably 50% of that before it's output is compromised. Given that Lithium reputedly hang hang on right till the end, and we have 160 w of solar, That should be enough. On the positive, then I would be able to ditch 'sparky' the honda genny. So that's 30 kilos less in the boot. Ditch the fuel can as well ( hate the smell of petrol). Then save about 10 kgs on the van load allowance and it all adds up. Think I'll hang on for now the prices are dropping fast will be interesting to see where they sett;e out as well.
  9. Ford Kuga (2. 0 ltr)

    Same as Oscarmax - full load + 3psi . If the caravans only at it's MiRO and the Kuga boot and rear seat are empty I don't add the extra 3ps and it tows really well.
  10. electricity charges for electric cars

    How long can the leasing companies, or maybe Renault in this case, stand that sort of costs?
  11. Lithium ion - a battery of consequence.

    The batteries used in power tools as I stated are encapsulated and they use dedicated chargers designed for that tool. A battery for a power tool is a lot cheaper than a £700 lithium leasure battery! I have used about 100 LiPo batteries in the last 5 years everything from single cell to 5 cell some fail some die over winter but they cost less than £50 down to a fiver so its all part of radio control flying. Personally I just cannot see the £600 advantage over your £100 leasure battery for a touring caravan. You certainly need Lithium for high power to weight applications like full size and model aviation though.
  12. What towcar do you use for your Buccaneer

    Volvo XC90 T8. Effortless driving and towing though I find it best to retain some battery charge for stop/start motoring and hills. 320hp from the front wheels and 2litre petrol is fine, but the extra 80hp on the rear axle from the electric motor does make a difference when needed. The car's plenty heavy-enough and takes 125kg nose-weight easily, with air suspension. Recharge by plugging-into 'van on site! Cheers, Andy
  13. New tow bar . no ATC

    I take it you are a engineer who knows more than Ford and would also appear to be now a towbar electric expert?
  14. DIESEL - Dont throw your car away yet !

    I took my information from the highest authority. ..an Audi driver in Morrisons. ......sorry Black Grouse. geoff
  15. Bailey Olympus 2 no 12 volt from battery

    Agree, and often hidden by the battery compartment. ...usually 20amps. geoff
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  17. Bailey Olympus 2 no 12 volt from battery

    The inline fuse is normally under the battery compartment.
  18. I have a problem with my Bailey Olympus 2, I have no 12v showing or operating when I connect the battery. I have posted in an old thread (2014) where someone had a similar problem so I apologise for duplication. There is a possibility that there is a hidden fuse between the battery and the mains/fuse box but I haven't found it. Can someone please tell me where it is located and what exactly I am looking for. The battery wires leave the battery box (over the wheel) and go inside behind the cupboard which has the heater mounted on it with no access that I can see. The mains /fuse box is under the seat next to this cupboard but there is no obvious fuse other than those on the fuse box, which are all OK and the plugs into the fuse box all seem to be in place. I had the battery tested yesterday and they couldn't find a fault (it read 12. 8volts), I connected it to the caravan today and there is no 12v at all. Any advice would be appreciated.
  19. Bailey Olympus 12 Volt Failure

    I know this is an old topic but where was the hidden fuse? I think I have the same problem with my Olympus. The battery wires leave the battery box (over the wheel) and go behind the cupboard which has the heater mounted on it with no access that I can see. The mains /fuse box is under the seat next to this cupboard but there is no obvious fuse other than those on the fuse box, which are all OK. I had the battery tested yesterday and they couldn't find a fault and it read 12. 8volts, I connected it to the caravan today and there is no 12v at all. Any advice would be appreciated.
  20. Thanks for coming back, especially with the picture. From what I can see your heater is actually in good condition. There are no signs of leaking (no tell tale calcium deposits), and the PRV looks as if it has been changed relatively recently. It is very probable that the heater has been taken out at some time in the past, that would not be unusual. As far as the pressure when you opened the drain plug, that is quite normal and is even more forceful when the heater has heated the water, so stand well to the side !!!! The heater relies on a gap at the top of the water, to allow for expansion when heating, so you will never fill the tank to the absolute top. .
  21. electricity charges for electric cars

    At the moment, leasing or PCP is really the best option for early adopters - my colleague took a Renault Zoe on a lease deal which was something like £179 including the battery, at 2 years old she replaced it with another.
  22. Cheapest way to insure two cars

    With Aviva also for 2 cars. For both cars on both the master policy and the sub-policy I am stated as the owner and the Registered Keeper, but in line as L. E. states I am the policy holder for the master policy and my wife for the sub-policy and we have separate NCD. It's worth speaking to them on the phone about who does the majority driving in each car, if your wife does not have a NCD of her own. Before we had a multi-car policy we had 2 separate policies with me as the policy holder and on changing to a multi-car policy Aviva agreed to a starter NCD for my wife as she did the majority driving in our second vehicle. We are named drivers on each other's policies. John.
  23. DIESEL - Dont throw your car away yet !

    Had my Eolys tank topped up in July last year for the second time in the car's 13-year life at 104K miles. I've been waiting for HM Government to come up with a lucrative scrappage scheme to get the car off the road, and now this; https://www. telegraph. co. uk/politics/2018/03/23/theresa-may-accused-betraying-diesel-drivers-abandoning-scrappage2/ Looks like I'm stuck with the car for a while longer.
  24. New tow bar . no ATC

    It is labouring towing a caravan with the extra weight involved, accelerating, braking etc. plus addition loading on tyres. But never mind its your car. I ran mine in 1000kms for towing and 1500kms before using full power.
  25. Unicorn IV Insurance

    My unicorn 4 without tracker is no difference in price as long as I use both alko wheel locks and hitch lock,that’s with the caravan club. I think it was about £380 including replacement cost for twin axle motor mover(£1800) £1900 awning and £1000 contents. regards Doug
  26. New tow bar . no ATC

    The car 'knows' when the trailer is plugged in, it makes perfect sense.
  27. DIESEL - Dont throw your car away yet !

    The engine doesn't stop when the Adblue runs out - it simply won't start next time - and you do geet count-down warnings from about 1,500 miles.
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