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  3. I have an old EDF smart meter which still connects to gas and electric meters after 2 changes of supplier. Although it shows meter readings it doesn't broadcast the readings to the supplier, I have to go online and do it. It may be that your gas meter is faulty, as you suspect.
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  5. We do most of our spring summer and autumn on CL’s. Or rally’s They mostly have room. You will find the eclipse keeps the rain of the doors in bad weather. In hot weather it makes a big difference in keeping the awning cooler Come the winter we may be on CC or CCC Club sites. They usually do not. But during* the winter we only put the eclipse up on the van as a rain shelter. We don’t use the magnum at that time of the year. The eclipse takes just a few mins to put up and is surprisingly stable. I wouldn’t want to use a shadow much at that time of year. I use the eclipse on th
  6. I've used it on every part of the caravan with no adverse results. If you follow the link I gave it lists all the RV surfaces on which it is safe to use - all materials used in caravan construction and awnings. As a bonus to preventing algae and moss, I'm pretty sure from my observations that it pretty much eliminates the black streaks. What there are simply wash off with a snow foam cleaner at the start of the season.
  7. Thank you I am away at the moment on a grass pitch and wanted to have a bulb ready to avoid having to remove screws twice I have been driving for 36 years and I don’t remember ever remember changing a brake bulb
  8. Try and physically look at as many as you can so you can see the quality of the materials and manufacturing. They vary a lot ! To a great extent you tend to get what you pay for, which is why you need to look at them.
  9. Take it out and have a look at it! Halfords or just about any garage will be able to sell you a new one. It’s either a single filament brake light only, or a twin filament stop and tail light bulb.
  10. Thanks for reply but I don't understand it! I don't have night time economy.
  11. My brake light bulb has popped not sure what bulb I need to get to replace it
  12. I use Wet & Forget on the patio and it’s amazingly good. Are you comfortable that it’s harmless to all caravan surfaces including acrylic roof lights, windows, walls etc?
  13. Thank you. I will steer clear of the Kampa. I've been tempted by outdoor revolution??
  14. It depends how much you want to spend/waste. There are cheap & cheerful (Starcamp, lightweight & easy to put up but not particularly robust), there are expensive (Isabella Cirrus, heavy, expensive but extremely well made). Then there are the ones in between (Kampa, a lot of money but low quality materials). I’ve had all of them, I still have the Isabella……… You will find fans and critics of all makes but sadly my experience of a Kampa air awning and Kampa themselves isn’t great.
  15. Hi thank you so much just looked and couldn’t see them any chance you could post the link ? I saw a knaus 2003 ? Is that a high spec make ? Is it very wide ? sorry for all the questions - still learning about touring !! Thanks so much again Wow Thanks I hadn’t seen theseother makes !!
  16. I use Waze on my iPhone and connect it to my cars screen via Apply CarPlay. Waze gives you warnings of hazards ahead, such as vehicles blocking the carriageway, police, potholes, road works, speed cameras etc. All this info is given by other Waze users tapping their screens to alert others. When alerted to a hazard, you have the option of confirming the hazard is still there, or inputting that it has gone.
  17. I've the same issue with my as210, it goes off if I power from LB or mains, the off switch underneath doesn't stop the alarm as I was told it would either I also notic the PIR sensor isn't flashing at all, my feeling is the alarm system has gone up the spout so am reluctant to replace the battery based on the above, any thoughts?
  18. I also use a Tomtom satnav in the car but when preparing a route for towing, I also use Tomtom Route planning which is on the website. I prepare the route on the computer by entering the start point - my home address, then enter the first planned stop. Then a second stop if it's required, and finally the destination. Then there's an option to leave 'now' or at a planned time. Then if I'm pulling the caravan, I change the mode from 'car' to 'truck'. This may alter the route slightly and also the duration of the journey. Finally, I click on 'send stops' and the entire route is sent d
  19. If you want full sized bunks you need to be looking at foreign makes but not much choice in UK unfortunately. Use eBay search for the usual German makes & you may strike lucky. This one for example has full width bunks.
  20. Once set up the front double is plenty big enough because there is no chest of drawers in the way. Larger caravans have longer front benches which obviously convert to a larger bed. But to squeeze the large bunks (as per the Adria) in a medium size van, something has to give! We looked at a couple of other British vans (Elddis, Swift) and whilst I didn't get the tape measure out, the bunks appeared noticeably smaller than the Adrias.
  21. The 2021 demonstrator VIP 520 we looked at last month the lock on the bathroom door wasn't working. Is it another case of over complicating simple things? We've still ordered the VIP 520, but now expecting a few snags after reading various posts on here and FB Coachman Owners Club. The glass cooker hob lid coming loose and flying off is another potential issue, along with the new Dometic fridge with the door opening both ways I hear also has design issues, but never been impressed with Dometic products. On a positive still looking forward to getting our first ever Coachman hopefu
  22. Thank you so much is the front double smaller than a normal front double bed ? They seem to be
  23. Sunncamp Air Extreme 390 Excellent quality of material totally waterproof (tested to the absolute extreme over the last few days in Norfolk) It has a “Bay Window” at the front which gives a lot more space. If you are considering a Kampa Air Awning do your research carefully as many (Including members on f this forum ) have had issues ref waterproofing (there are a lot fir sale on eBay. There’s a reason for that I suspect)
  24. Hi all We've just purchased a new to us caravan and are now looking for an air awning. I don't want the hassle of poles so it must be "Air Only" The width of it must be between 3.8 and 4metres so as to miss windows and lockers. What do you have and what do you recomend? Alan
  25. From the original query, is it possible that the two readings are from different charging rates, i.e. daytime full rate and night-time economy and the meter has switched or been switched between the two?
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