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  2. I think there is info on the ALKO website. John.
  3. Hi. When I unhitched my caravan earlier, a piece fell onto the ground. Looks like the friction pad according to google. Watched a video on it... is it as simple as hit out remaining bit and shove in a new one?. The circular bit came away from the shaft in mine. 2006 Bailey pageant series 5 just got it in March. They were probably never changed before. Any comments welcome
  4. To use a domestic tap you need to fit an alternative to the microswitch, either the modern way with a pressure switch or the old fashioned way with a manual or foot operated switch.
  5. Yesterday I discovered that the scan function of my HP Envy printer/scanner had stopped working and the error messages showed problems with the connectivity to my iMac. After a bit of research it turned out that the latest version of the Apple operating software (Catalina) - recently installed - didn't support the 32 bit HP scanning software I had previously been using. An updated download from the HP support site fixed it.
  6. The test button is on the RCCD. If it does not trip to off, there are only 2 possibilities. The first is you don’t have any mains coming in from yourEHU cable. The second, more concerning is the RCCD is faulty. This could be a significant safety issue, as the RCCD protects you from electric shock if the vans mains wiring develops a fault. Unless you are confident, get a caravan engineer to check it
  7. Instead of micro switches on the taps you could fit a pressure switch to the water pipe after it enters the caravan. A recent topic on something similar where the kitchen sink tap was replaced with a normal house type suggested a pressure switch was about £30 so in this case a simple on/off switch near the sink was installed for about £2.
  8. The tank is usually under one of the side seats at the front. The three grey waste pipes will be one for the kitchen sink, one for the bathroom sink and one for the shower tray, these last two will be the two joined together.
  9. Having looked at a few pictures it looks as though the OP has a flying saucer aerial a.k.a. a Status 300 series. These aerials are omni-directional and dual polarised so there is no means or need to move them. There is a signal amplifier inside the aerial case and the white wire feeding down into a cupboard underneath the aerial will be plugged into a small box. Make sure the aerial is connected to the correct socket and that the cable going to the TV socket is also in the correct socket. There will be two switches on the bottom of the box, one will be the on/off power switch which may or may not light a LED when it is on, and the other is an attenuator for strong signals marked low and normal - it should be in the normal position. If all of the above is correct then try tuning the TV using the automatic mode. If it does not find anything then make up a length of TV aerial cable with a plug on either end (it is easy and there is plenty of instruction how to do it on the web) and connect that from the aerial amp output direct to the TV aerial input and tune again*: this will quickly show whether or not there is a wiring fault. If you still have no signal it is probably best to get someone who knows what they are doing to check it over. A 'wiring fault' can be poor or short circuit connections in the TV aerial plugs, or if the OP is using a socket outlet at the TV end fitted in the middle of a single switch-type plate, try removing the plate and checking that the wire on the back has not broken - a very common failure. Finally two words of advice: if someone says to you that the Status 300 is either no good for or doesn't work on digital TV, ignore them. in my experience the 300 is actually better on digital TV than on analogue. In this configuration the box in the cupboard is just a power supply and filter. The amp is in the aerial and power to it is fed up the co-ax cable so fitting a replacement amplifier box (as now used) will not resolve the problem. If the aerial is at fault then it will need to be replaced and I'm not sure if they are made any more. A last thought: if the OP is trying this out at home, he should take the TV indoors and tune it on a known good signal - the one he uses on his home TV. Thereafter the TV tuning can be ruled out when testing is being done in the caravan.
  10. Cresad

    Water Problem

    Hi Yea sorry it's a 1992 . I'm not surprise with having to do little jobs it's when they don't make sense that bug's me Yes they're micro switches but the kitchen taps have been changed at least twice since we got the caravan were the toilet / shower haven't as they seem to work as normal . Like I said above the kitchen tap seals get changed probably once a week or just over when were using the van , we're usually away for the whole of august , so that about 3 or 4 seals in that time , even on new taps. Adam
  11. I'll get bk to you all van is in storage go down next week try trace pipes don't even know were the tank is but 3 grey waste outlets 2 together one single but I'll get bk let u all know if I get it thanks Thanks for all comments
  12. One possible saving grace is that other countries tend to use collection services in the UK which by the very nature of things will slow down you actually getting the paperwork? Obviously it will depend on how long you are away. Our sons keep an eye on our house and they tend to alert us to unusual post and I am happy for them to open mail. Be interesting to know if there will be changes to this system because of Brexit? David
  13. Hello, I am renovating my first caravan and have some issues concerning pretty much everything. But the main one to which internet hasn't helped yet is about changing the tap in my bathroom. It has a micro switch obviously and I would like to change it to a nicer/domestic faucet. Is that doable or am I dreaming? Why are all caravan taps so "ugh"? Thank you in advance !!
  14. Hello, I am renovating my first caravan and have some issues concerning pretty much everything. But the main one to which internet hasn't helped yet is about changing the tap in my bathroom. It has a micro switch obviously and I would like to change it to a nicer/domestic faucet. Is that doable or am I dreaming? Why are all caravan taps so "ugh"? Thank you in advance !!
  15. we had a few laughs last weekend watching people slowly reverse brand new vans into the campsite. I particularly enjoyed the couple who spent a long few hours putting up the awning; didnt put a single peg in, and then watched it double over the top of their van. And then felt obliged to refuse help because, you know, the disease. We were also pretty pleased to sell our old van for the same amount we bought it for 4 years ago, in spite of a significant deterioration in quality. Corona prices - we had tonnes of interest, even after listing the many faults. We are very pleased with our upgrade.
  16. Same for me. Mid point on the rocker switch when towing.
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  18. Thank you for your advice, I just had an image of the front end of the van coming away on the motorway. Thanks again Mark
  19. If it is the same as my previous van (1995 Swift Corniche) the switch has a central position between 'van and car' this is the position it needs to be in when towed. The 'Car' position is just to allow you to use the car battery if hitched up but the leisure battery was flat for example. Also depending on the van it may have a relay that takes a small time to change over once it gets the switched 12v from the car. Hope this helps.
  20. Our wheel arch covers arrived Friday we took off for a long weekend at Norman Hurst court Battle on Thursday so unable to make use of the new cover,we did however erect the awning it’s a lovely bit of kit, the quality is fantastic, pretty easy to feed into the rail, really like the single inflation point went up really quick using the hand pump supplied 👍 The roof hight plus the upright front means you can make use of the whole floor area just like a polled awning 👍 So overall we are 100% happy with our decision to invest in this awning 😎😀
  21. To be truthful, after 35 years of camping/caravanning, I very rarely use levellers, although I do have a set, just in case. The only time I've needed one is when we went to Ross Park in Devon, and the bloke comes out of reception, unhooks your caravan, hooks it to his tractor, and away he goes, with you following. He then backs it onto the pitch and puts planks of wool to level it off. I have a Milenco Wraith wheel lock, that locks onto the wheel, and doesn't need the bar going into the little hole into the chassis. Its Solid Gold, which is what my insurance company asked that I use. Although I do have two wheel locks, a wheel clamp, a hitchlock and a steady lock as well
  22. We have a pair of plastic ramps (Fiamma I think) and they are not too heavy. Drive a wheel up one and level the caravan. Shove the other ramp on top of the first in front of the wheel and jently move forwards onto the double ramp. Works for me.
  23. Hi All I have a issue with the fridge on my 2008 Swift Challenger 530 when on tow The fridge works well on 240v, gas and 12v when the switch on the control panel is set to “van” Along with all other 12v lights etc in the van. however when on tow the fridge does not work when the switch on the control panel is set to “car”, nor does any other 12v item inside the van. I have tested the pins on the 7S (grey) plug and traced the red (pin 6) and black (pin 7) from the car to the van, there is a small set of fuses the wiring goes to under the front righthand bench set, I’m getting the 13.8v the car is putting out, the fuses (20A car battery, 15A fridge) are both good and tested fine and im getting the 13.8V on the other side of the fuses. I then cant trace it any further as its tied up with lots of other wiring Ive tested all the fuses by the control panel, all are good.. Anyone got any ideas? Is their another fuse somewhere? many thanks Steve
  24. Cheers, Pheasant. We stopped last night at a campsite in Cataluna. No problem there either; just what has become the normal Covid precautions. A cursory check at the French border this morning. We were asked where we were going and told the Gendarme, Millau and Annecy and then back to UK. We are now at Camping Larribal in Millau (Midi-Pyrenees) and you would not know there has been a problem. From what I read, particularly on this forum, it seams like it is only the UK that still has any trouble. I just hope it has settled down by the time we get back in September.
  25. After doing it a few times you can look at the bubble on the spirit level and know how many planks thus doing it in one or two movements. You can put lines on the level representing plank thicknesses. Good solid footing for the wheel.
  26. It covers the car as well , I only wanted UK. I thought they offered Europe as well.. Ok a lot of people have mayday on here
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