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  2. Gordon

    Window Rail End Caps

    Link 3 This is all I've found so far so I too am drawing drawing a bit of a blank. While I appreciate that you would prefer an exact replacement, I wonder if a cover cap such as Coachman use may be a viable alternative? Gordon.
  3. IanSmart

    Easy fix?

    Came back after weekend away to find drawer under sink stuck open. ‘Someone’ can’t have closed it properly before we set off. Now it won’t close. Assume the runners have been pushed past their normal stops and need to be removed to fix. Anyone else experienced this and can give the benefit of their wisdom before I get the screwdriver out?
  4. micktheshed

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    In your dreams maybe. If only pigs could fly. ........
  5. MoonLoon

    Thetford Aspire 2 Oven Door

    Crannoghome. ....thanks for the photos. ....They show exactly what I find with my cooker. My door is LHS hinge yours is RHS, but all else looks same. I have a Lunar Ariva with the washroom door to LHS of the oven so the LHS hinge means the oven door opens against the washroom door. I wonder if RHS hinge would be better layout, but doesn't sort out the seal problem in question. From an engineering point of view, if this seal arrangement is what Thetford intended it is bad design. If the seal is meant to seal then it should close against a flat surface all around and not be exposed for part of it. If the gap is meant to give ventilation when cooking then gat vent should be a purpose made vent that should not be obstructed and the hot air should be directed to a safe place. I can see that keeping the grill door open when using oven may help lessen the chimney effect of the hot air rising. I haven't tried that yet, but I think is only a way to work around the problem.
  6. moorgate

    Brittany Ferries winter timetable

    Yes to Roscoff overnight on that peak season date. For winter travel to Spain the last service on the current timetable is on 4 November - there is still a choice of 5 grades of cabin on that service.
  7. We left both car and caravan overseas when we had to fly home in an emergency when we got the phone call to tell us that a family member was in hospital. We left the caravan on a campsite with an obliging owner and left the car in an airport car park. We found out later that CaravanClub insurance hadn't covered the caravan during our absence, no harm was done, but at the next renewal we changed the caravan insurance to another company in case we ever had to leave it again. People who store caravans overseas and leave them for them for many months often recommend Towergate Baker insurance.
  8. Townie

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

  9. tictag

    Rear facing camera when driving

    That is truly an amazing price for all that kit. I'm currently designing a DIY reversing camera with basic off-the-shelf components and it's unlikely to be cheaper than that - and it doesn't have its own screen (uses your mobile phone)! Amazing value.
  10. Thanks for that - but would your caravan have covered by insurance as you were leaving it "unattended" in insurance terms??
  11. Paul_B

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    I'd be happy if caravans were checked properly before they left the factory
  12. Durbanite

    Elddis Stargazer Rooflight Recall

    I agree that I would trust the AWS tech more, but if there is a dispute you have a big issue as you are then bounced between the dealer and the AWS tech even though the AWS tech may have done the job correctly. After 3 years probably not an issue.
  13. The nearest I ever got to doing a similar thing was to take car and caravan through France and then on to Spain. Stay for two months, then drive back home just with the car. After three weeks at home, I drove back through France to Spain to stay for another two months. At the time I took out an annual Red Pennant policy extended to sixty-six days. So my stays in Spain counted as two separate trips. The caravan stayed on site paying only a parking fee and being watched over by friends.
  14. Today
  15. shipbroker

    Elddis Stargazer Rooflight Recall

    Me too. ....'my' man cannot do Swift Group or, now, Elddis, but Bailey/Lunar/Coachman etc he does up to full rebuilds. geoff
  16. logiclee

    Musing over new tow car next year?

    Only just run in. Have a look at this series. (8 Videos including engine strip)
  17. shipbroker

    Hosepipe ban

    Think we are due a visit from OMF anytime now. geoff
  18. Jaydug

    Brittany Ferries winter timetable

    Most of these recommendations for early booking are referring to Santander/Bilbao bookings. Could it be that yours is to France?
  19. Jill Bath

    Without Car

    Cheeky introduction, I am 62, live in Stoke-on-Trent, have had mobility car taken away by mr government, have to go to a tribunal to get one back. Used to drive all over the country towing my small Ace Ambassador. Electric mover and all other old cons because I'm severally disabled, but I love caranning and can still do it on my own. Had 3 days booked on C&C Club site in Pwhelli from Tuesday til Friday but been let down (probably)by acquantice that was going to tow me there (and join me in a tent). The long and short of it is, does anyone with a tow bar fancy a trip to Pwhelli either for a day, twice, or someone with a pup tent who wants to share my cooker, loo, etc. ,? Jil
  20. JCloughie

    Hosepipe ban

    I think that Mr Fenwick junior. I remember him coming to shows as a lad helping his dad. He washed a big chunk of my van like that. John Just to be pedantic, don’t they all involve a hosepipe? John
  21. Llew

    Hazy scratches on plastic windows

    Totally agree Andy, brilliant informative post from Tourershine as usual.
  22. Crannoghome

    Elddis Stargazer Rooflight Recall

    Au contraire, I would trust my AWS tech more than the average dealer's workshop for most warranty work. Only if it required specialised skills or facilities would I begrudgingly entrust my 'van to the dealer.
  23. SamD

    Has snobbery crept back in to vanning?

    Thanks - given it had doors on both sides, I had wrongly assumed they only did them in the longer version.
  24. logiclee

    Traction Control follow on from Stop/Start

    Well how well this thread has "Drifted" There are numerous systems across the different manufacturers and if we stick to on road systems they usually break down into the following three basic strategies. 1. On detection of wheels spinning the torque is reduced. 2. On detection of a spinning wheel the wheel is braked to transmit torque to the other wheel. 3. On detection of understeer or oversteer individual wheels are braked to try and keep the car on the intended path Manufacturers call these by different names and just because you have a TC/ASR/ESP button doesn't mean you have all three. In fact it can change in the same model line up depending on engine or gearbox choice. Of course these systems have been developed. Many use the ability to brake an individual wheel to enhance the cars handling and feel on sportier cars, as an example the inside front wheel could be braked to enhance turn in. VAG call this an XDS differential and is a preemptive development of all the three basic systems. But it's only software and other manufacturers do similar on some models. Then we have the multistage systems that are not just for high end performance cars. Buy a run of the mill 1 series BMW for example and you will get the choice of DSC/DTC or off. DSC is basically all systems fully on, DTC allows limited wheel spin and limited oversteer and you can then switch these off. You also have to be aware of the driving modes as Comfort and Sport will give you DSC and Sport+ will give you DTC. Many other manufacturers have similar options. Then these systems can be combined with Haldex type differentials, mechanical LSD differentials or even full torque vectoring electronic diffs. The options are mind boggling. Get in an AWD car with Active Yaw Control and torque vectoring like the Mitsubishi EVO or Nissan GTR and try and adjust your mind that if you start to get understeer or oversteer then you need to give the car more power and it will sort it self out. The results and the idea of that do not compute with your brain. Lee
  25. Durbanite

    Elddis Stargazer Rooflight Recall

    This is the case with a number of other brands that will not allow warranty work to be done by an AWS tech. No issue with them doing the service and it is accepted as proof of annual service. TBH I would prefer warranty work to be done by the dealer so save any disputes in the future so a wise move by Elddis.
  26. davido


    This time last year i had a accident in France [i passed out in the heat] on my way to Switzerland with other friends well i spent 1 week in hospital my friends sorted out my health insurance with the hospital leaving me with my documents & mobil & left for Switzerland ok they contacted me often until my phone went dead they forgot the charger all my numbers were on the phone i was up the creak so advise carry your numbers on a piece of paper
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