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Swift challenger 584 sport

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Ian Singleton
  • 2012 4 Single axle Touring Yes Yes 3 Seems only to be rear ABS panel , 4 Yes Yes 4 Yes 1 Rear roof ABS panel cracking, seems to be general fault 4 Not at the moment None 1 used Franchised dealer Absolutely un helpful when a problem arose ,within the first month, contacted them to report a problem of ingress to be told I must contact the insurance company to get the repairs done. Not at least interested. Have been told that this has occurred whilst driving from Wiltshire to Cornwall, it wasn’t there when they serviced it!!!! See gallery https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_2018_04/4731352F-925C-4610-BB35-52AAB18B933B.jpeg.a64182157d200399b73edd52a95f8016.jpeg,monthly_2018_04/B000017A-6B7C-42D4-A5A2-ACAB5DDF1D43.jpeg.3d6bf49d413131284a5a21265db02507.jpeg,monthly_2018_04/C19B4073-9B35-4E28-81B1-E5786F5965FD.jpeg.84c33625a3b69725145f0425cfa770ba.jpeg No
Comfort and looks
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