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Conqueror 645

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Guest HappyWanderers
  • 2014 4 Twin axle Touring 1622 1900 7.99 2.31 10.65 Yes Yes 5 The Alde system appeared to take longer to warm up the caravan than used to be the case with our previous Lunar, so I wonder if the pipe runs are configured differently.<br />The Domestic winter cover is really expensive (£28 on ebay).<br />I was surprised that the radio did not include an IPod facility, the model we have is a Kenwood KDC-161UG which doesn't include apple connectivity and is a shame because the next model up, the KDC-361U does have connectivity and is only £20 more at retail shops. I have purchased an adaptor which plugs into the IPod headphone set and thus sends the music through the radio speakers but a far better solution is a dedicated lightning connectivity as provided on the better Kenwood models.<br />Swift do not include ALKo locks as standard with the Conqueror, and in my opinion should feature in a top of the range model. I am aware that for 2015 Swift have included the locks as a standard feature, pity they didn’t do it for the 2014 models<br /> 5 We prefer the white side finish to the previous grey, the caravan looks great when on site or when being towed The seating area is comfortable, the bed comfortable and the spaces in between are well laid out for our needs 5 We tend to tow at between 50 and 60 on Motorways and the caravan travels smoothly behind our car. 5 Not at this time 5 We have used the caravan for 40 nights since September and it has been great to live in. None 5 new Franchised dealer The handover for the caravan was comprehensive, Audrey from the sales team went through all of the features in detail for us. We had traded our Lunar Delta TI 2011 against the new Swift and there are some significant differences even though size wise they are similar. Yes

The caravan has the upgraded upholstery which looks great, we also love the high gloss cabinets and the sun roof. The Duvalay mattress is comfortable but we also use a heavy topper which probably negates the effect of the memory foam; that said the bed is very comfortable, and we like the fact that the mattress splits at the bed head to provide more day room to walk around when using the bathroom. My wife found making the bed easy with no additional time or effort required for the split mattress.
The power supply unit is simple to use once I had read the manual and is sited in the upper locker which is far easier to access than under the front seats; I also like the control panel which is simple to navigate, with clear gauges.
The onboard water tank is great, it is located under the front seat and it fills easily via the aquaria through a dedicated input.
The Alde system works well and warms the caravan up, I really liked the fact that we were provided at handover with an A4 sheet detailing the bleed points for the system, well done Swift for including this.
The fridge freezer is a Dometic which looks good and has a cool blue light inside.
Interior lighting is comprehensive with plenty of lights all over the caravan.


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