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Major 6

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  • 2011 6 Single axle Touring Yes Yes 5 Fixed bunks mean bathroom space is slightly compromised but we tend to use site showers etc so not a major issue. 5 Yes Absolutely. Front lounge can seat 6 easily for a meal with extendable tabletop from drawer unit plus separate table which is freestanding. 5 It's quite long but I'm relatively new to towing and find it a bit stressful. DH does most of tugging and says you can't even feel it. We have a CRV. 5 Large front window can craze but ours is fine. 5 Absolutely. Coupled with awning it is spacious and tows well enough to be planning a trip to France from Scotland next year. Factory option microwave (not fitted in ours) 3 used Privately 5'10" Male, dark hair!!!! Yes

Triple fixed bunks and separate dinette (makes up to a 4th bed) at the back which closes off so children can sleep undisturbed are great. Gives them their own spaces to read, play, eat etc.
bottom bunk folds up so aquaroll etc fits when in transit and dog bed when onsite.


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