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Alpine 4

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  • 2006 4 Single axle Touring 1022 1230 6.37 2.23 9.03 Yes Yes 5 Minor point only.<br />When the door is open, it covers part of the awning light, so for full light in the awning the door needs to be closed. 5 Yes Very comfortable for 2 adults. 5 Excellent and very stable with both cars in wind and when HGV’s pass.<br />Previous towcar: Citroen C5 2.0 HDi ratio 85%.<br />Present towcar: Skoda Octavia Estate 2.0TDi 4x4 ratio 82%.<br /> 5 No, very pleased<br />I will add, the Sprite is now 7 years old, with NO signs of any water ingress. 5 Yes Have changed some of the halogen bulbs to LED's including awning light and a small LED strip light under the front locker. Ideal when on rallies and no EHU 5 new Franchised dealer Good for the sale and handover, after sales not so good. <br />Servicing mechanic good, conscientious, when servicing the brakes and put on the new one shots nuts (charged for) and when he put back the plastic wheel trims, he even use the same colour plastic ties, 2 grey and 1 black on each wheel trim!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Changed to another dealer after 3rd service (original dealer now closed) https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_07_2013/ccs-45681-0-82145300-1372689310.jpg,monthly_07_2013/ccs-45681-0-05826100-1372689405.jpg,monthly_07_2013/ccs-45681-0-64108300-1372689585.jpg Yes

For an entry level caravan we have found it to be very good with very good equipment levels and value for money, no microwave, thank goodness.
The 2006 version has a large Heki roof light over the seating area, a roof light over the fixed bed, 1 electric hob as well as 3 gas hobs, blown air heating vents at the front and in the toilet, which I understand these are not in the 2007 models.
There are only 2 of us and find the 4 berth fixed bed layout very convenient with plenty of room and comfort, however if used with 4 persons (adults), it would be very cramped and the fixed bed does take up room through the day.
We use our Sprite throughout the year and the heating is very good, full facility sites, 5 van sites and rallies.
Light’ish weight.
No problem with noseweight. Behind the axle under fixed bed is the water heater (travel empty) and at the rear of caravan the battery box (110 amp battery), weight evenly balanced and can get 75kg noseweight (cars limit) without any problem. From 2007 these went under front lockers!!
Inside; light, bright and airy with that continental look.
Single large front window, like it.
Plenty of workspace with a drop down worktop over fixed bed.


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