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T@B 320 RS

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  • 2002 2 Single axle Touring 650 800 5.18 2.00 650 No No 4 It's simply limited by the size of itself. No loo, no shower, 30 litre (optional) fridge. You need to be on full facility sites at all times. <br /><br />I didn't like the fact that pretty much everything is an extra in the 320 (the spec of the 400 is far more comprehensive). Window blinds, fridge, heater were all extras that bumped up the price.<br /><br /> 5 LOVED it. I still am yet to see a cuter, sweeter unit than my red MINI Cooper towing my little silver T@B. Within the confines of its size, yes, supremely. It's impossible to imagine what Tabbert could have designed better.<br /><br />The 1.8 x 2m bed is huge for the size of the van (that's domestic Superking size) - that said, it takes up almost all of the interior of the caravan!<br /><br />But it is a tiny van, so you just can't compare it to a 6 metre caravan with end washroom, fixed bed and separate large seating unit. 5 It towed supremely well on the massively wide 205/15 optional Alloys, with the optional tow hitch. The A-frame is exceptionally long when compared to UK vans and that undoubtedly helped. <br /><br />The smallest car should be able to cope with a T@B. When I changed my MINI for a 2.0 litre diesel Mercedes A-Class it was barely noticeable on the back of the car.<br /><br />Excellent aerodynamics too. 5 If you're buying new, think about specifying the electric underfloor heating rather than losing a cupboard to the gas heater - you will likely be on EHU most of the time anyway. The window blinds and fridge are also must haves. <br /><br />If the van's size works for you, you'll fall in love with the T@B. Everyone does. 3 I sold the van a few years back and am now moving to a "proper" Tabbert, so no. That's in part because it's just too impossibly small for me and two dogs now.<br /><br />For the time I had it though, it was a wonderfully fun caravan, as long as I stuck to full amenity sites. None. The T@B Isabella sun awning is excellent though - it provides you with shelter to take off jackets and boots when it's raining, is light, and takes minutes to put up. Also survived a fierce thunder and hail storm in the Alps with no issues. 4 new Privately I bought from De Klerk caravans in Hillegom in the Netherlands. I found them unfriendly, penny-pinching and I wouldn't recommend them. <br /><br />T@B are significantly cheaper on the continent than here, and if you're happy travelling try Bayer Wohnwagen in Aachen, who have an excellent reputation and are Germany's biggest T@B dealer.<br /><br />Otherwise I gather all of the UK dealers are perfectly fine and good to work with. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_11_2015/ccs-76437-0-31581600-1446637308.jpg,monthly_11_2015/ccs-76437-0-12953700-1446637352.jpg,monthly_11_2015/ccs-76437-0-27684600-1446637370.jpg Yes

There's no other caravan like the T@B. It's cheeky, it's cute, it got me smiles and waves from people all across Europe.

The build quality is sensational - absolutely faultless, perfect finish that is good as any £30,000 van. I had it 5 years, used it regularly and not even a catch broke.


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