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Quasar 462

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  • 2016 2 Single axle Touring 1050 1195 6.155 2.205 9.10 Yes Yes 3 The bathroom tap leaked first time out. 'Lunar have had problems with that tap' said the dealer. Replaced with a different one under warranty. We lost a side marker light second time out, blown off in the wind apparently, 'That happens a lot' said the dealer.<br />The side facing drawer swings open when cornering, we have to tie it up with string until the catch can be fixed.<br />We like to sleep in the dark but at night the interior is lit up by the control panel, the 'fridge panel and flashing lights from both the smoke alarm and CO detector. <br />The most irritating thing of all though, is the fact that the front drawers are fouled by the side seating. They only needed to have made the drawers an inch less wide at each side and there wouldn't have been an issue. Bad design! 4 yes yes 4 Not quite as good as our last 'van but yes. 3 See above. 4 yes. New evolution mover fitted by dealer. 5 new Franchised dealer Good. We had bought from them before. Yes

We have more storage space than our previous 'van, mainly due to the combi heater being smaller and situated out of the way giving us an extra cupboard. Excellent bathroom with lots of storage too. Shower is better than our last one.
LED lighting is very good.


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