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Lexon TL

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  • 2012 6 Twin axle Touring 1460 1680 7.91 2.28 1052 Yes Yes 4 A couple of niggly fixes required under warranty but nothing really to "write home about".<br />Heki gas struts failed, external door hinge requiring realignment, external paint finish requiring some remedial work, etc.<br />Quite nose heavy as a result of spare wheel location so car with highish towball limit required. 4 To our eyes not as slab fronted as some other caravans.<br />Good side profile. Very comfortable and spacious living areas.<br />Being a centre washroom this is slightly smaller than those in end washroom caravans however is far more flexible during night-time.<br />Centre washroom does make walking area a little tight.<br />A very light and bright interior as a result of the numerous windows and skylights. 5 Tows very well behind our Hyundai Santa Fe.<br />Only occasionally slightly impacted when being passed by speeding coaches. 5 Manufacturer had issues with some side panels being marked during production.<br />Light coloured carpets show dirt fairly easily.<br /> 5 Multiple sleeping options.<br />Removable bunks.<br />Three TV socket positions.<br />Two discreet sleeping \ living areas.<br />Good storage space.<br />External gas and 230v points. Royal Hercules motor mover self-fitted.<br />One under seat locker split (diy) into internal and external compartments.<br />Kojack Lite jacking system (diy) fitted. 3 new Franchised dealer A fair amount of chasing up of the dealer required to get some issues addressed.<br />Dealer servicing costs expensive so being done by independent servicing centre. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_07_2013/ccs-52500-0-10058200-1373898703.jpg,monthly_07_2013/ccs-52500-0-78347500-1373898702.jpg,monthly_07_2013/ccs-52500-0-40021100-1373898702.jpg,monthly_07_2013/ccs-52500-0-90449000-1373898701.jpg Yes

Excellent sleeping options including 2 x very sizeable doubles, 4 x 6ft+ singles, etc.
Two folding tables each accommodating 6 people.
Through visibility from car rearview mirror.
Lightweight considering overall size.
Quality \ finish very good for price paid.
Steel spare wheel easily accessible in front locker.


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