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Nova S 620

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  • 2017 4 Twin axle Touring 2180 2500 8.28 2.4 Yes Yes 5 The red knobs on the Al-Ko hitch don't match the colour scheme! 5 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this means it's like marmite, you either love it or hate it. I think it's superb. It has very clean lines with no "corners" It's very comfortable. The two single beds are almost 900mm wide x 2000mm long. The U shaped seating area is very comfortable with the large table able to move both sideways and endways for ease of access. The overall layout is spacious with ample room to pass each other in the main living area. 5 It's big so more cara is needed with towing but that said it is easy to tow. The longer draw bar means that the wheels are further back and there's a bit of a learning curve to avoid clipping kerbs. Overall it feels very stable and behaves itself impeccably. 5 I'm not aware of anything to look out for. It seems to built with the same "i" dotting and "t" crossing engineering efficiency as all German products. 5 With a six month Spain trip starting in a few weeks I hope it meets my needs but based on everything so far I have no reason to doubt. The van was supplied with many extras such as full cooker, Alde underfloor heating, air conditioning, 50l waste tank, upholstery upgrade, movers, chassis upgrade to 2.5t, media package with satellite dish, draw bar mounted bike rack.<br />The dealer fitted a Thule 4.5m canopy as the factory fit 5.5m was too big for the Panorama awning. Also dealer fitted was the E & P levelling system. 5 new Franchised dealer I wanted to buy from the UK but could get no sensible help from any of the dealers for this model. I sent email enquiries to dealers in Belgium, Germany and Holland selecting those that were closest to Calais. With the exception of the Belgium dealers who were unable to help all the others responded almost immediately with positive information detailing the week number that I could collect. With this information I selected the quickest/nearest and started the order process. Halfway through i made a trip to the dealer to view a similar van and put some faces to the names. There were some technical points that I needed to discuss and some of these got bogged down in the email and phone correspondence so meeting resolved all the points. The dealer could not be faulted and I would try to return the van for service coupled with a stay in Holland although I have already got a more local Hymer dealer standing by for service or warranty if needed. Yes

Everything, but mainly the overall quality and robustness. Storage space is enormous and because of the well designed overall balance of the van all the storage can be used.
The MIRO includes all of the additions so the 320kg is actual payload. No need to take off movers weight etc.
The high back seats together with added headrests make for added comfort.
The gas locker is opened by one locking lever exposing a cavernous locker which easily houses 2 x10kg safefills, the spare wheel, water and waste carriers.


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