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Nova 580 GL

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  • 2016 4 Single axle Touring 1690 2000 8 2.4 1042 Yes Yes 5 There are some trivial niggles:<br /><br />Front locker door - the handle can be turned far enough for the locking bars to pop out of their guides. Also turns both ways although clockwise seems to be the correct way. Not sure if this is a fault or feature.<br /><br />Surprisingly poor quality control in a couple of areas; one set of LED lights by a roof light not fitted correctly (roof insulation coming out) and magnetic closers on bedroom curtain/door not fitted correctly.<br /><br />The internal water tank is good; the ability to have an external container as well is good. The design of the switch over between the two is not. There is an external switch to disable the internal pump. However the external pump will always run if it is plugged in, so you have to go outside and disconnect it if you want to use the internal tank.<br /><br />The outflow for grey water is surprisingly primitive. I have seen UK built vans with very visible side connectors which have waste pipes plugged in. This van just has a well concealed piece of black pipe under the van. Hard to position the grey water carrier and the wind can blow grey water sideways.<br /><br />Uprated version (MTPLM up from 1800 to 2000 kg) has 15" wheels instead of 14" wheels. Spare wheel carrier (in gas locker) seems to be still set up for a 14" wheel and it is a real struggle to get the 15" wheel out of the locker because of a hinge in the way.<br /><br />Continental, so only one awning rail instead of both sides as found in UK vans. Mainly an issue for caravan protector at the front, and if you want a sun shade for your car on the other side.<br /><br />The very heavy dining table takes a bit of getting used to, including fitting two rubber bungs into two holes in a squab cover to stop it sliding around during travel. Nice big table, though.<br /><br />There is very little work space around the cooking area.<br /><br />I think a rear view/reversing camera should be a standard fitting. Fitting an after market camera has all sorts of issues with accessing power without affecting the integrity of the body.<br /><br />No extractor fan over the hob; our Hymer motor home had one and it worked very well.<br /><br />Trivial, but the electric hot plate is sunk down to the level of the gas rings with a cut out in the pan supports. This limits you to a small pan. If it was level with the pan supports you could use a much larger pan.<br /><br />Small shelf above the bed head is useful but gets in the way if you want to sit up. Should have a 13 amp socket on both sides not just one (both sides at front of van).<br /><br />Squab covers over the storage at the front are weird. Clip onto a rail and are held in place by a slide over locking piece. However this serves more than one lid (side by side) and it is nearly impossible to get all the lids locked into place. Irritating, but out of sight 95% of the time.<br /><br />Sliding window not-blinds also weird. A bit like net curtains but can't be slid all the way out of sight so are always intruding into the window space. No doubt someone won a style award but never had to use them.<br /><br />Edit: another niggle. The awning channel along the bottom of the caravan to take the wind skirt is not proper awning channel Everywhere else the channel is metal and robust, but this is flimsy brittle plastic and slightly under sized. The Isabella skirt wouldn't pull through despite loads of silicone lubrication. It ALMOST fits, which is the worst kind of not fitting.<br /><br />Edit: another niggle; I can't find a 12V socket anywhere inside. I expected to find one by the TV area but can't. Weird thing is that there is a connection on the outside of the van for inside the awning which has 12V, 6V, TV and satellite aerial connections. We don't have a 12V TV but we do have phones to charge when we are off grid. 5 Yes, very clean lines.<br /><br />The whiter than white paintwork does show dirt from rain and travel, though. Oh, yeah!!<br /><br />Twin beds also allow you to stretch out during the day without having to disturb the dining area.<br /><br />Seating a quality level above anything we found in UK vans. 5 It seems to be very easy to tow and very stable.<br /><br />However our VW Touareg would probably tow almost anything.<br /><br />It does have all the stability bits and pieces included. 5 I've given it a 5 on water ingress because it is a Hymer and our previous Hymer motor home (15 years old when traded) showed no signs of water ingress.<br /><br />Too soon to tell with such a new van (although it was a display model for all of 2016 and parked outside). 5 Does everything we need in luxury. Fitting a TV aerial and a motor mover. You really do need a motor mover with a 2 ton caravan!<br /><br />Seriously looking at a reversing/rear view camera because it is very long with no rear window. 4 new Franchised dealer Kimberley Caravans.<br /><br />Very helpful throughout.<br /><br />I fault them on the pre-delivery inspection because the problems mentioned above slipped through.<br /><br />Post delivery support has been very good so far. Yes

Spacious, modern, built like a brick convenience.

Long draw bar allows bike carrier.

Gas locker well integrated.

Good payload (310 kg).

Enormous amount of under bed storage, plus yet more at the front.

Semi-circular lounge and 2.4 metre width make it very spacious. The extra width is a bonus throughout the caravan.

Big front window with top part opening is very good. Plenty of light in from all the windows and roof lights.

Lovely big fridge, tall and spacious.

Hot water heating with electric heater as well as gas. Keeps the van toasty all the time in February.

Plenty of 13A sockets.

Nice bathroom; shower a bit snug but works very well.


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