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Fleetwood Meridian 560-EK

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Robert Taylor
  • 2006 4 Single axle Touring 1300 1450 7.34 2.23 Yes Yes 5 Shallow lockers, storage space is minimal if four up, making up the main bed can be a pain. no fitted microwave in our model but I believe that the later models did have one, pity that although Fleetwood production was stopped by Adria just so they could have the Fleetwood dealer network no other caravan manufacturer has copied the design. 5 Love the modern sloping wind cheating design and the interior. Even though a bed made up from an L shaped lounge it is still quite comfortable and this layout is perfect for us. 4 Yes, with the length there is a slight movement at limit speeds but nothing untoward, going through towns and that as long as you have a good set of mirrors and are aware of the length there is no problem. We have towed ours as far a Poland, Italy ,Austria, France and Germany and have had no problems 3 Athough we have very little in the manner of running problems we have experienced damp on the front L&RH sides which has been repaired on one side but needs attention on the other side 5 We have had this 2006 unit from new and with our new porch awning it is perfect for us. I have fitted two LED strip lights under the front and front LHS windows along with a single strip LED light under the rear and rear LHS kitchen windows - the original lights worked fine but the LED ones use much less power when on battery only. 2 new Franchised dealer Ordered it from the NEC show but the dealer was very poor. Could not collect it for until the February after the October show but went to view it in the January and they had it in an area full of waste and rubbish, the whole thing was filthy and had the door missing from the shower. When we went to collect it the door was the wrong one and it took a near full blown argument with them before it was found to be the wrong door, the motor mover that they swapped over from our original 'van had been wired up wrong and they had also not swapped over the battery from our van. Would never use that dealer again. Yes
Love the layout with the L shaped lounge, brilliant huge kitchen area that can be used as a changing area with good locker space, separate toilet and large shower, good lighting (which we have enhanced with LED units), not too heavy, good large front locker, comfortable feel to it, although ours is 13 years old it still looks modern.
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