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Touring Troll 540

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  • 2005 3 Single axle Touring 940 1200 5.76 2.0 n/a No Yes 4 Low main roof & doorframe<br />Tiny washroom<br />Standard ex-works van very low spec and has to have lots of options added<br />Small fridge<br />No oven<br />Little worktop<br /> 3 Those looks are what persuaded me to have two over 5 years despite them not fitting a 6ft 2ins person. Banged head on doorframe many times <br />Tiny washroom meant I couldn't turn round when inside. 5 Excellent. That low profile and low centre of gravity really works well. 5 Not really they're bomb proof and last decades 3 It did for 5 years, but eventually I succumbed to the temptations of a van more suited to my size. Be aware that the MIRO quoted is for a very 'bare' van and adding the normal things we expect on a van as options will eat into what looks like an excellent payload. My 540 was supposed to have a 260kg payload, but after adding in the factory fitted options and mover it amounted to around 150kg, the same as lots of other vans. 4 used Privately Hadn't used the van for 18 months so it needed a good service and new tyres. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_06_2013/ccs-42821-0-51368800-1372414848.jpg Yes

Metal tube framed body very strong.
Build quality excellent
Idiosyncratic cult status van
Aerodynamic and easy to tow


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