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Touring Triton

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  • 2004 3 Single axle Touring 850 1000 5.5 2 400 Yes Yes 4 without the top up headroom is low, the "shower" was joke, unless you are less than 4 stone and 5 feet tall, 5 Love it, a true style icon, not changed all that much since the 1950s Providing you are not too tall, yes very 5 behaves very well even in strong winds, and being overtaken by large lorries, doesn't need a large car, 1.6 is more than enough and that's up to 2600m in Africa 4 Nothing special, 5 Very practical if you like touring, people like to come and look at it so you make friends Turned the rear dinette into a fixed double bed, removed the shower/toilet and built a large wardrobe 4 used Independent showroom Dutch company [ Bruggink ] were very good Yes
The overall build quality, one of the few vans that if you took out all the furniture it would not collapse, it's built on a steel cage, so if you wish to modify it it's possible, tows very well, easy to heat, easy to manoeuvre, rarely suffer from damp, very long life, almost non existent depreciation
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