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Affinity 482

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  • 2013 2 Single axle Touring 1183 1350 6.5 2.24 935 Yes Yes 1 Cracking of rear panel<br />Floor delaminating<br />Corner steadies rusting<br />Avtex TV aerial<br />iDC system on bumpy roads<br />TV bracket<br />Cupboard doors opening in transit<br />Main door flyscreen replaced<br />Sealant going mouldy<br />Further update Sept 2014 - waste pipe connection to kitchen sink failed. Water flowed out behind fridge which had to be removed by dealer to rectify the problem. Connection was only pushed on and has now been glued on 4 Yes. I am not a fan of the trend towards front panoramic windows which cut out front locker space and I think the Affinity is a smart looking van. Yes. We have gone from a fixed bed Odyssey 540 and have much more space in the lounge, kitchen and bathroom areas. We use the lounge seats as single beds with Duvalays and have not found it to be a major problem 4 The van is very easy to tow but I have an ongoing problem with the Intelligent Drive Control activating on bumpy roads and round sharp bends. This is very disconcerting when it happens as it is unexpected. 3 Hopefully the SOLID construction will live up to its 10 year water ingress warranty. Would look out for problems with cupboard doors, the door flyscreen and the catches which hold open the shower doors. These did not hold the doors back in transit and my dealer has modified them. I also think the Avtex roof aerial will prove to be a problem.<br />Have just had first service (Jan 2014) and the grill fan and flame failure device have been replaced under warranty as the gas kept going out . No other problems found and NO DAMP.<br />Since this the rear panel has cracked and I have amended my overall star rating due to this basic failure on a relatively new van. Have now found that the floor is delaminating and corner steadies showing signs of rust. Connection of waste pipe to kitchen sink - this failed and is apparently a common fault.<br />May 2015 - the replacement rear panel, fitted in May 2014, has now also cracked!! Being replaced this time at the Elddis factory so hopefully it will be done properly. September 2015 floor has further delaminated. Patience now exhausted so served dealer a Sale of Goods Act letter. 4 Yes. We have been away most months since purchasing the van and we have been comfortable in snow, winds, rain and sun. However, we have lost several weeks of use due to faults being rectified. Transferred PowrTouch Evolution mover from previous van. Dealer modified shower door catches. Kitchen waste pipe connector now glued in. 1 new Franchised dealer Good selection of Elddis vans to look at and fair trade in price on our 2011 Odyssey. Handover was good with everything explained well.<br />Slightly disappointed on the cleaning of the van, both inside and outside - it could have been presented better.<br />Had problems getting a prompt replacement for the door flyscreen. Elddis authorised replacement under warranty but dealer had problems sourcing it from the supplier of the part - they were out of stock so Elddis sent out a replacement from their production line. Cannot fault either dealer or Elddis in their efforts to remedy the problem. However, the problem with the rear panel is another matter. Have downgraded this area due to this problem. Have since discovered the dealer will not do repairs on Solid and the owners are showing little interest in the problems - they leave everything to a young girl who, admittedly, is extremely helpful, as are the service staff. No

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