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Omega 510/5 Merit

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  • 1991 5 Single axle Touring 895 1200 5.1 925 Yes Yes 4 Inconvenient rather than bad .<br />Gas only hot water .<br />Very thin shower tray , replaced mine with marine ply and so much better .<br />Small wheels allow such a long `van to get very close to grounding the rear on some driveways .<br />Original beds rather thin , replaced last year with Avondale ones that are more supportive . 4 Yes . Yes , very . 4 Yes , loading has to be right . Take care on steep driveway entry/exits . 5 My `van has had a re seal at sometime and is dry . <br />The stable door is poorly fitted though and can let a little water in over the top lip when the wind is blowing heavy rain on to that side . 5 Very much so . Reversing lights and warning siren .<br />Replaced rubbish shower tray with marine ply on mini joists and skirting as per a domestic bathroom . Totally sealed using 3 coats of wood proofing and marine gloss and quality bathroom sealant . 5 used Independent showroom Car dealer in Bristol who is a caravanner and keeps a couple as a sideline to the cars . Decent bloke . https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_07_2013/ccs-35302-0-19617900-1372754765.jpg,monthly_07_2013/ccs-35302-0-10491500-1372754782.jpg,monthly_07_2013/ccs-35302-0-48795700-1372758485.jpg Yes

Load capacity .
Light MIRO .
Spacious layout .
Ample storage .
Tows well .
Looks good even at 22yo .
Easy to clean .
Plenty of ventilation .


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