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Omega 482

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Czech connection
  • 2014 2 Single axle Touring 1194 1318 6.4 2.2 928 Yes Yes 3 Warranty on panels<br />Build quality<br />Cracked rear panel<br />Water ingress on large Heki skylight.<br /> 5 Yes Very comfortable and warm in winter.<br />Seating, Lurcher size!!!!!!! 5 Very stable when towed at 75 kg noseweight, car max. 2 The Omega is a 2014 model purchased new October 2015 taking delivery beginning of November 2015, so 12 month warranty started on that date.<br />I did notice stress on the panel corners after 3 months of ownership, then the cracks started to appear after 6 months. <br />A few of niggles were also found after usage, cupboard doors not closing (catches,) plastic trim falling off sliding shower door, then realised the grill/oven fan had stopped working, also noticed that the glass in the microwave door started to show a gap at the bottom between the door frame and the Alko ATC light had stopped working. <br />Taken in for first service, dealer had been informed of rear panel, dealer found 30% damp around large Heki skylight and staining on boarding, new skylight and boarding fitted.<br />That is why I have scored low<br /><br />Would I recommend it, I have put yes, down to a good dealer sorting it out, if the cracked panels happened after the 12 month warranty ran out, then it would be no.<br />The review is after 12 months of usage/ownership.<br />I was lucky<br /> 5 Yes, both on sites and rallies off EHU. No 5 new Franchised dealer Good dealer, sorted out all warranty issues. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_12_2016/ccs-45681-0-48906800-1481824952.jpg,monthly_12_2016/ccs-45681-0-40272400-1481824965.jpg,monthly_12_2016/ccs-45681-0-71978100-1481824976.jpg,monthly_12_2016/ccs-45681-0-30438800-1481824993.jpg,monthly_12_2016/ccs-45681-0-28289000-1481825005.jpg,monthly_12_2016/ccs-45681-0-43887300-1481825940.jpg Yes

Large rear washroom, shower and wardrobe.
Layout of caravan
Lots of LED lighting.
Plenty of storage space.
External sat dish and solar panel connection in battery box.
Alde heating and Alko ATC a bonus, never had before.


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