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Casita 840

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  • 2016 6 Twin axle Touring 1555 1800 8050 2500 Yes Yes 5 Elddis attention to detail still not as good as it should be. I had an issue with silicone shrinking and having to be replaced around external lockers (only lasted a week). All UK manufacturers the same though. <br /><br />Compromises have to be made somewhere, but kitchen worktop space a little on low side really. <br /><br />It should not be 8.05m long (in my opinion). Some sites limit to 8m and the 5cm extra is annoying. There was a reason lots of vans are 7.98 etc. If you really have to go over then it should be worth it, 5cm could be reduced in rear moulding or A frame/hitch, or just body etc. <br /><br />I dont really like the "eco" microwave that auto turns itself off completely and hard to get it to wake up again. <br /><br />It is silly all the Elddis caravans that have the large front locker opening only to horizontal at stomach height. very awkward and annoying to use. It really needs to open more. <br /><br />There is no master light switch. Switch by door panel only operates a couple of lights in roof, the rest only controlled by each individual switch. Last van had a real master by door, great as I always turn lights off when leaving and back on again coming back, annoying to have to go round every one (there are lots).<br /><br />Overall I really like van and will enjoy it, just listing fully bad points, even if very minor, for completeness. <br /><br /> 5 Yes Yes, very. Space the ultimate luxury and it has plenty. No beds to ever make up. 5 Yes, very stable and easy. You quickly dont notice extra slight width. 4 Elddis seem to use a poor powdery silicone externally, it was almost instantly shrinking and failing (leaving gaps water entered). <br />I would check rear panel and rear light very carefully. It is completely unsupported and a thin sheet of hanging ABS, that moves in and out if touched etc. Cracking and leaks around things like lights needs to be monitored/checked. I dont fancy the chances of good longevity from something that moves and flexes all the time, my last van had a solid rear panel just like sides. 5 Yes AWD auto mover fitted, necessary in my opinion. 4 new Franchised dealer Leeds caravans:<br />Pretty good. Small things I would have expected better e.g. switch for optional extra motor mover put right beside consumer unit, even though on opposite side of van and only accessible from inside (you then have to go in, take off shoes, walk across to other side and reach into back of floor level locker to turn on, repeat to switch off), fitting a slightly longer cable it could have been put in locker on other side which also has a hatch to outside as well. I will do myself some time. A couple of other similar things. They are friendly and fine overall. I would use again. Yes

Space, wrap around dinette transforms comfort inside, with full space for 4 or more.

Bathroom great, some professional reviews list it as a bad point not having a window, I list as a good point and on last van never opened blind. Who wants people looking into bathroom? It does have a roof hatch, openable.

Bed is comfortable. I dont find access at all restrictive.

Plenty of equipment inside, nothing else I would want.
I like the blown whale heating, fast heat up, quiet to sleep up to position 2 electric (fine in winter).

Fit and finish inside good.


Looks good.

Fully specified, e.g. has ATC and ALKO receivers etc.
Upholstery good (not last word in plushness but with kids not my main priority).


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