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VIP 575/4

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  • 2016 4 Single axle Touring 1460 1700 7.455 2.32 1038 Yes Yes 5 Dustbin - Far too small and impractical.<br />Bed gas struts - simple fix though which I will soon be implementing.<br />Al-Ko Wheel lock - Pain to get on and I may have cross threaded mine already.<br />Radio - poor reception. Cannot see where aerial cable is routed to. It is not directly attached to status amplifier. 5 Yes Very. We found the bed at least as comfortable as our bed at home. 5 Yes. It seems to tow nicer than my previous Elddis Avante 505 which was lighter, although it was more difficult to get the noseweight correct 5 Not that I am aware of. 5 Yes. It was the layout we were after. We have however only been away in it once so far, but we knew what we did not want from having our previous van - Wraparound seating option as we only used the chest in our previous van for the TV.<br />- Plate upgrade to 1700Kg as cost was minimal and car can tow it.<br /> 5 new Franchised dealer Bought it as a Coachman Dealer Special from Sussex Caravan Centre. Bought from the same dealer I bought my last van from. Family members have also been using this dealer for a while.<br />Would not want to use a different dealer. Yes

Alde Heating - so nice and toasty.
Island Bed - very comfortable
Bathroom - good size
Layout - subjective, but it is what we were after
Quality - Build quality feels good. Time will tell.


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