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VIP 560/4

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  • 2012 4 Single axle Touring 1485 1645 7.455 2.32 Yes Yes 5 We have had two warranty issues:<br />BCA Charger. Made apparent in first few weeks. Quickly replaced under warranty by the dealer. Fitted by me(in 10 mins)as time was of the the essence and easier than taking the van to the dealer. <br />Then this year I noticed the bottom door (plastic) hinge had snapped. Didn't impair door operation and was replaced at the first service by the dealer. Who incidentally replaced all the hinges with steel ones. So must be something Coachman were aware of. <br />In either case no real hassle. 5 Very much so. We went from an ugly duckling Pegasus 534 to the Coachman. So you could say we went from the ridiculous to the sublime! The mattress on the fixed bed is far superior to that of our bed at home. So much so, I am now going to buy a new mattress the bed at home. 4 This is a heavy van, no getting away with that. But it is stable and has ATC for peace of mind. No nose weight issues with the coachman. Unlike the Pegasus. 4 The only concern we have is that it is a traditional build method. So even though it had no problem at its last service with regards to damp etc. You do wonder compared to build methods such as Alutec. But it has a long warranty so no sleepless nights. 5 Totally. It's just the two of us and the dog so the end Bathroom Fixed bed layout is perfect for us. The bathroom is very stylish and roomy! Fitted a 100w lightweight/semi-flexible solar panel, for when I take it for weekends without mains power (Stafford V Festival). 4 new Franchised dealer Raymond James Caravans Nuneaton. Good buying experience. Handled servicing and warranty with no drama or issues. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_10_2013/ccs-31194-0-93822400-1380896301.jpg,monthly_10_2013/ccs-31194-0-64787100-1380896320.jpg,monthly_10_2013/ccs-31194-0-17063100-1380896334.jpg Yes

Everything! Looks. Build quality. Specification.
That aside we took delivery of the van and our first outing with it was two weeks holiday. Try as we might we found nothing wrong or amiss with the van at all. No snags, nothing. A big shock compared to our experience with a brand new Bailey.


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