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Laser 590/4

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Mr Nobody
  • 2007 4 Twin axle Touring 1500 1710 7.65 2.18 Yes Yes 4 Poor ground clearance at rear .. damaged rear nearside corner taking out of drive 1st time. now fitted adjustable drop plate to Disco.<br /><br />Opening cupboards above kitchen blocks lighting of kitchen .. Fitted fluorescent under centre cupboard above sink to improve lighting.<br /><br />Generally, poorly thought out lighting arrangement. Many halogen (high current)lights .. no so good if on non-EHU site.<br /><br />Poor user payload allowance .. by the time 4 wheel drive mover fitted, not a great amount left. (Luckily we don't use an awning)<br /><br />One piece door .. would much prefer stable door .. <br /><br />A bit narrow .. previously had 7'6 wide .. this is 7'4 but that includes wheel spats, so really only 7'0<br /><br />Radio speakers point down, so deafen anyone sitting under them, while anyone in the kitchen area can hear nothing.<br /><br />Radio in cupboard .. what a stupid idea .. <br /><br />It's a family 'van? yes .. Young(ish) children can't reach the light switches for the washroom. (one above the door, one on the ceiling light.)<br /><br /><br /><br /> 4 Generally yes, but (for my taste) could do with fwer decals plastered all over it. <br /><br />Bottom line of 'van is flat, instead of raised to the rear giving an impression of drooping bum Yes, very 5 Towed with Disco 2 V8 .. wouldn't really like less weight or power in the motor 3 Note above comments<br />Also note that rating for Reliability/Water ingress is just to give a required answer .. not had the van long enough to comment (3 weeks) 4 Yes As above with extra light in kitchen.<br />Rearranged mug and plate racks in cupboard<br />Planning further extra lights and radio speakers<br /> 4 used Independent showroom No comment yet Yes

Seems well made

Usable layout, good washroom with 2 wardrobes


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