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Kimberley Vision 520/4 Dealer Special

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  • 2014 4 Single axle Touring 1350 1500 6.925 2.260 975 Yes Yes 5 I may be seen as being "picky"...but there are only two things I wasn't happy about...both of which, will hopefully be addressed over the coming weeks.<br />1) Rippled front "Decal Board" above the Front Windows (this only seems to be affecting the Vision Range)...<br />2) Gap between bottom of Roller Blind and bottom of window in Washroom (see anything to look out for, below)... 5 Other people have frequently used this word, in relation to the new Coachman Vision...Stunning!<br />Overall, the textures, fabrics and colours really do work well together...to give a very relaxing ambience, and feel, to the 'van. I certainly find it very refreshing to have a Manufacturer who's outlook and design brief is much more subtle and subdued...than some of the garish and, dare I say it...gaudy colour schemes / fabric choices that have been inflicted on us...in the past.<br />Coachman really do deserve a pat on the back for this one! It is extremely comfortable. I certainly found that the cushions were just right for me: in terms of comfort...and support. No creaks or rattles from the 'van during the night. The new Truma Combi CP Plus heating system is first rate! The heat output will melt you down within 15 to 20 mins...if required ;-)))<br />The water capacity in the Truma Combi is more than sufficient to allow you to have a really good shower...at virtually whatever heat output you can stand. <br />I must say that I am very impressed with both the equipment level...and the efficiency of the equipment supplied and fitted to this caravan. 5 In a word...Yes!<br />We towed on B roads, A roads, Dual Carriageways and Motorways and never felt it get out of shape, irrespective of what went trundling past on the outside lane. ALKO AKS Stabiliser does it's job very well. Suspension is supple, yet well damped. Never felt at any time, that the 'van was trying to "take control". Excellent! 5 I have marked Reliability and Water Ingress as Excellent, based on my initial experience of using this caravan...straight out of the box!<br />The build quality really does fill me with confidence that this caravan has been put together exceedingly well. Our first "shake-down" weekend away with this 'van, didn't throw up anything that caused us any concern.<br />The only things I will pick up on...are...<br />As the caravan isn't fitted with a "frosted" window in the Washroom/Toilet...you will probably end up leaving the roller blind down...for privacy. Be aware that the roller blind, when latched at it's lowest position...still leaves a gap of about 20mm between the bottom of the blind and the bottom of the window...So you may end up playing "peek a boo" with anyone walking past the rear of the caravan :-O <br />I have informed the Dealer of this potentially exciting departure from the "norm"...he is informing Coachman, as we speak...<br />Only other thing that I wasn't happy about...was the Black Plastic "Decal Board" fitted across the front of the 'van, directly above the front windows which seems to be "rippled" along it's length...to a lesser or greater extent...on only the Vision range?<br />I checked the other ranges (at the Dealers)...Pastiche, VIP and Laser<br />...and although the "Decal Board" looked very similar across the Coachman ranges...The other ranges have "Decal Boards" that are "straight and true".<br />It appears that it is only the Vision Range that has a issue with this "Decal Board"...and again...the supplying Dealer is flagging this up to Coachman.<br />NOTE: This would appear to be, purely a cosmetic part...however...IMHO...it detracts from an otherwise perfectly put together Caravan...So I really do hope that Coachman will take this onboard...and find out why the Vision Range Decal Board is "warping"? 5 It certainly does...and also opens up the real possibility of us using this caravan...all year round.<br />It is very light and airy with a very highly spec'd equipment level.<br />The heating system is exceptional for the colder months...and with the external Bar-B-Q Gas Point, 240 Volt Socket, Awning Warmer, Omnivent etc...your choice of internal or external "living" couldn't be better. We went for the Dealer Special version...which was also a "Show Special" offer (with the addition of the Sargent Remote Controlled Alarm System), when we ordered it. So, all in all, it came bundled with a lot of the factory fit "options" as standard. In addition, we had a PowrTouch Evolution Motor Mover fitted prior to delivery. 5 new Franchised dealer Kimberley Caravans were brilliant. Staff were very easy to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble. Hand-over day was a delight...with us being shown exactly how everything worked (this was important, as our last caravan was 24 years old...so technology has moved on somewhat from then). Caravan was well-presented to us, with not a fingermark or "smudge" anywhere to be found on our new "van. Yes

Just about everything. Build quality and fit and finish is superb, so much so...that you forget that this caravan is actually built on a Production Line...and is not individually hand-crafted. E.g. Cupboard door gaps equal and square, all edges flush and true.
(For my sins: As a retired Ex-Toolmaker...I can be quite "anal" regarding fit and finish...and whether something is "right")...
I couldn't really find anything regarding the build quality, or the way, this caravan had been put together.
Everything works...right from the word go!


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