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Unicorn S3 Cadiz

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  • 2015 4 Single axle Touring 1337 1491 7.372 2.28 1045 Yes Yes 5 Only criticisms are the storage of the dining table in the bathroom wardrobe. But I cannot suggest any alternative location so I cant really complain. <br />Minor layout nag: the water drain switch is not as convenient as in previous models. 5 Front looks a bit boxy compared to other more sleek front ends, but it does give better room inside. Very, both for seating and sleeping. <br />The beds are firm and long enough. Mattresses should be easy to replace when and if they sag. <br />We opted for the uprated fabric - a good choice as the leather look finishes the top of the cushions and gives a good flat arm rest when siting sideways to watch TV. 5 Towing with an S-Max 2.0 TDCi is a breeze. Returns 35 mpg towing from Lancashire to Dover. Seems to be 2 mpg better than our S6 California at same wt. 5 Only the clock proved unreliable. Bad batch from China probably. New one sent in the post. And in any case, who looks at a clock these days... 5 We tour abroad as well as at home and this meets all our needs. The solar panel keeps the battery topped up. <br />Inside is now quieter as the pump is outside on the hose and there is no danger of frost damage to an expensive internal pump while in storage. The NS front locker had been moved forward so the awning does not cover the door. <br />We thought that the TV location was inconvenient but this had not proved to be the case. It can be folded well out of the way until required and its not used abroad anyhow. <br />The waste hog goes in the FNS locker under the settee. Muddy shoes in box inside door LHS locker. <br />Plenty of room in gas locker (if carrying one cylinder) for a smelly bucket, hose, blue/pink liquids, damp sponge etc. With no front locker you need to think about storage of Aquaroll. <br />Good location of external points. <br />Digital Alde control panel is so easy to use. <br />We thought the table extension at front would be too small but this hasn't been the case. Isolation switch for mover is under bed as it needs to be near control box. I will replace the wine/bottle storage by adding two shelves. <br />We put a twin USB adapter into the front 12v cigarette lighter to charge phones etc. 5 new Franchised dealer Reliable and good presentation at handover. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_10_2015/ccs-32748-0-54076800-1445267670.jpg,monthly_10_2015/ccs-32748-0-55516900-1445267765.jpg,monthly_10_2015/ccs-32748-0-46408800-1445267795.jpg Yes

The side seats are longer than some other twin bed caravans and allows three to be accommodated each side for dining.
Shower is huge for this van and warm in the winter morning with the radiator.
Enormous mid height fridge is a real bonus. The freezer compartment is larger too.
Alde heating is simple and efficient providing all round warmth, not just from the bottom up as with other systems.


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