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Unicorn S2 Valencia

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Alan Stanley
  • 2013 4 Single axle Touring Yes Yes 4 That round shower is a pain. it's big enough but a a pain to clean and we had a leak that needed dealer fix. A square, simple shower as per the mark 1 is much better bailey. The bathroom should also be fitted with a rad from the heating, it's not cold but can be so so toasty, as our friends identical van is having had one fitted.<br />Big table storage would be better in a proper cupboard alongside the sink, not under the bed. 4 Its a big square cream box with that big window. You either like it or you don't. We do others will differ. Very. Heating superb. Front benches firm and long. Mattress very good. On the layout/comfort level there is nothing we would change 4 Very well we have towed over 4000 miles so far with not a twitch. Easy to load to our chosen 80 kgs nose weight. 4 Nothing has broke. We had a problem with mastic in the awning rail - poor PDI and water escaping from the shower cubical. - poor assembly at Bailey. hence the 4 score Other than that it has been and remains perfect. 5 Yes, both home and abroad - we use both on EHU and off - split about 50/50 when off we use a solar panel and Genny as last resort. (A unique site we own so no neighbours to worry about.) We have used it on temps from -8 deg to plus 30 deg with no problems induced by the weather. Solar panel input/controller. <br />Modified shelf supports and storage. Racking for glasses etc.<br />Extra lights in lockers.<br />Wiring protection in vulnerable storage areas (we do carry some unusual kit)<br />Mirror for SWMBO's hair. 4 new Franchised dealer Sales staff (dealt with them before) very good.<br />Service staff. Some good - some terrible who should be sacked. Those idiots cause more problems than all the rest put together. Yes

Now spent a good few months away over the year. Ergonomically the best van we have ever owned. For the two of us it just works so well. the longer seating at the front and recessed chest of drawers are a revelation. The ability to seat 6 easily or stretch out for a nod is a huge plus. The kitchen works very well good preparation space and storage. Comfortable double bed and good wardrobe. The lighter weight and non dent glass fiber shell, which is much quieter in the rain as a bonus, is brill. One advantage of it is so much easier to clean with no sharp edges etc.
Alde heating what more needs saying about that. That big front window is so so good as well. We can see out properly without bending or sitting down. Every other van now feels closed in. If it had a shower the same as the mark 1 and a bathroom rad it would have scored 5.
Outside the gas locker over the wheels and the bigger front side lockers swallow loads.


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