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Senator Wyoming S6

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Garry G
  • 2010 4 Twin axle Touring 1435 1678 7.89 2.28 1088 Yes Yes 5 Microwave is in an awkward position as it protrudes into viewing area when watching tv (mounted on rotating bracket) 4 Yes, even at 10 yrs old still looks pretty modern Very comfortable, seats and fixed bed mattress 5 As a HGV driver I have had no issues towing this ‘van even at higher speeds 4 Heard about damp issues in some, but luckily not suffered any damp in ours 4 More than meets our needs No mods on ours 5 used Privately Great buying experience... viewed it one night and collected it that weekend https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_2020_07/463B3BB7-77E4-4D01-8235-746DDEB7CFC5.jpeg.6847e236ba73624d74c845d3c085867d.jpeg,monthly_2020_07/BE748D24-C516-4C8E-B93F-22F7F92CF287.jpeg.8dc7abe0bb1610693367c1ae636898ef.jpeg,monthly_2020_07/A915636A-3E36-4CCE-A2B4-99691D796D11.jpeg.2c4c2322b739ff85349437c4f8c02caf.jpeg,monthly_2020_07/771771B5-75DC-4773-854B-A55C1E783363.jpeg.7bdeb9fe99d41690555845a38d7192df.jpeg,monthly_2020_07/1CEECF06-4772-48D9-982F-E928B3508662.jpeg.8b23f4f2a6e7afe7550c41b0d201f8e1.jpeg,monthly_2020_07/E2785729-C515-4B4C-A301-D6083C4AD11A.jpeg.c6f889bcee6173e8522379b7715b7fbb.jpeg Yes

We love the space and layout, end washroom shower seems big for a caravan, fixed bed

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