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Pursuit 560-5

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  • 2015 5 Single axle Touring 1229 1441 7.38 2.23 1045 Yes Yes 5 Inside: to be honest nothing really. The trim is still there and nothing has broken other than a dodgy cupboard lock. My only constant irritation is the towel hooks - they have been designed by someone that has been told to design a hook that doesn't hook anything. So constantly picking the dishtowel and handtowels etc off the floor. But this is so minor and easily remedied. <br /><br />The heating system is amazing and comes with two heating vents at the front; one in the toilet; one at the front door (brilliant for drying shoes) and one at the kids end. However the heating vent at the kids' end doesn't' put out much heat. This isn't due to the length of heating pipe as the vent at the front door is via a longer pipe and that blatters out a tonne of heat, so it's either a fault or something blocking it (needs to be investigated). However saying that, the heating vent at the front door puts out so much heat that travels under the gap in the folding door at the kids' end, that it's never been something I've worried about.<br /><br />Outside: I do wish Bailey had made the front locker doors on either side a bit larger. The space is copious inside, however the doors are small, thus restricting items that can go in the lockers. But this is a minor point.<br /><br />Also, they could've added a large rear locker that could've been sited under one of the large couches the kids use. They are under-used in terms of storage space, so could've easily been used as an external locker for boots and deck chairs etc.<br /><br />I don't know if this was our caravan or on every 560-5, but the door retainer is positioned at the lower leaf, so the top leaf of the door can't be clipped open. I initially thought it was due to the location of the rear nearside window, but it could've easily been positioned to the side to be able to take the top door leaf. So a pain if you like the summer days barn door configuration - doable on windless days! 5 We loved the grey sides and the large front window. Looks really modern and different and stands out in caravan parks.<br /><br /> Very. What more do you need! The seats are comofortable, although the backs could be 5 or 6 inches higher; however saying that, we never sit with our backs to the wall - we sit at angles either up at the front using a combination of the provided arm rests and cushions or against the units. <br /><br />I love the comfort of the beds and have no issues, however my wife has spoken about buying a memory foam topper as she does start feeling her back after a few days. 5 You'd never know there's a caravan behind you. I drive a Nissan Navara and ok it's a heavy powerful tow car, but the thing is so well balanced you forget you're towing a caravan. <br /><br />With the gas bottle located above the axle, it's very well balanced. A must for first time towers.<br /><br /> 5 Thankfully we've not had any problems. 5 Absolutely. We are a very outdoorsy family and regularly come back in a complete state. We don't use an awning, so use the front lockers for boots etc, so having that nearer the front door would've been handy and a place for the myriad of shoes that litter the door, but my wife and I regularly say to one another - what more do you need?! The caravan came with a lot of add-ons by the dealer (Dyce Caravans), who has licence from Bailey to sell their Xtreme Pursuit range. They sell the premium version as standard in their Xtreme range, plus the upgraded soft furnishings - which are an absolute must as most standard caravan interiors look like they've been designed by the love-child of Barbara Cartland and Liberace.<br /><br />They also added the Al-ko jack and wheel lock and their Xtreme range came with the Powrtouch Evolution mover. So they weren't a lot more to buy/add.<br /><br />Minor modifications were more clothes hooks and hooks that actually hook!!! Also shoe storage pockets at the door area. But this can hardly be classed as modifications. <br /> 5 new Franchised dealer Excellent. No problems at all. Would buy from them again. Yes

We love the double dinette layout as with two kids (7 & 4) this was a must. It allows you to close them off at bedtime and at wine o' clock time without disturbing them. The centrally located toilet means you don't have to walk past the sleeping kids.

The kids have their own end to play at their own table; it's big and roomy at their end with plenty of shelving for toys and clothes.

The layout works really well for us as a family; the toilet and shower is roomy enough and overall the caravan doesn't feel cramped. We've had 6 adults sitting eating a meal comfortably enough around the table. We have the upgraded Pursuit with the roof light, microwave, spare wheel etc and extras thrown in by the dealer. As a first caravan, it really comes with everything you need for family caravanning.

We found the finishes to be excellent. No trim torn off to date and we've had it over a year now. Nothing leaking and everything working as it should. The heating system is excellent and has kept us very cosy in some cold weather camping. The bed at the front that we used, measures near a double king size and is very spacious and comfortable.

Finally we love the large front window. I know for structural reasons and for bowing during towing, manufacturers have avoided large front windows, however I've sat in many top-end vans and been irritated that the beautiful view has been partly obliterated by two massive window mullions/pillars. Having one large window seems to let more light in and make better use of the views, however most caravans opt for the structurally safer three front window configuration that unfortunately uses up so much of your view.


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