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Pursuit 550-4

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  • 2016 4 Single axle Touring 1176 1374 7.3 2.3 Yes Yes 5 .<br />Nothing particularly bad at all.<br /><br />I would rather it didn't have a joint in the roof, looks like a leak waiting to happen. But until it does........<br /><br />Only one TV point on the sideboard as standard. Easily rectified, added 240/12v and ariel points to front shelf and offside bed.<br />The wash basin is on the small side.<br />The front sofas are rather wide, which means they are great for sleeping on as singles, but a short ar5e like me needs a cushion behind to get comfy. The seat backs are shallow as a result.<br />Be careful not to exceed standard MTPLM, especially if you have a mover fitted. The option pack and sunroof take over 50kg off your payload. If your licence permits, get the weight upgrade to 1500kg.<br />Damn long caravan at 7.3m, but tows easily and you almost forget it once on the move.<br />. 5 Yes, it looks very smart.<br />The grey sides make a refreshing change from the common white. All in the eye of the beholder, but I don't think it will date quickly either. Yes, very<br />Loads of room. 4 Seams it so far.<br />. 5 I put additional silicone sealant round the shower tray, wash basin and sink back before they were used. The joint in the roof is a compromise to keep an eye on, but no more so than any other manufacturer. 5 Yes, very well indeed Additional 240v, 12v and ariel sockets. All using matching C-line componentry, all looks completely OEM for very little cost.<br />Additional silicone round shower tray.<br />ATC and shock absorbers<br />MTPLM plate upgrade 5 new Franchised dealer Yorkshire Coast Caravans were great to deal with.<br />Caravan was delivered clean and faultless https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_04_2016/ccs-77752-0-78182100-1459761461.jpg,monthly_04_2016/ccs-77752-0-23040800-1459761479.jpg,monthly_04_2016/ccs-77752-0-59531600-1459761514.jpg,monthly_04_2016/ccs-77752-0-11982700-1459761537.jpg,monthly_04_2016/ccs-77752-0-63052300-1459761783.jpg Yes

Feels really solid and well built. No problems or faults whatsoever at handover or following the first couple of weeks out. Everything works very well. Truma combi and controller work really well. The single beds are a good size. The front sofas are long enough to use as single beds unless you are really tall. So the three of us have no setting up whatsoever at bed time.
The bathroom is a good size, The fridge, hob, oven, grille and microwave all work great. Loads of worktop and storage.
We have the Amaro upholstery upgrade, which in our opinion gives a much nicer feel than the cheap standard offering. It feels as upmarket as a Pegasus, without the cost or odd front window. The sunroof and big front window keep the inside bright and airy.
Tows well, despite it's length.

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