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Pegasus 546

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  • 2011 6 Single axle Touring Yes Yes 4 Main sink drain runs under the van and freezes in winter. Considering this is a winter van this is poor design. We have to disconnect the pipe and put a bucket under it to allow the sink to drain. We also had a problem with the internal water pie freezing. This pipe runs near the fridge vent and is exposed to the outside. This was solved by lagging it. 4 Great Yes very 5 As mentioned , very easy to tow, in fact towing with our freelander I have to be careful not to break the speed limit as I forget it's there! 5 I believe the pre 2011 models had a cheaper window cassette and was prone to failure. Ours had a rear window leak but was fixed immediately by our dealers Flintshire Carvans who I would happily recommend. 5 Perfect. None. 5 new Franchised dealer Superb. Yes

Our first van.
Fantastically warm. Separate area with bunks for the kids so they can go to bed early and give us some ' our time'
Tow' s a treat


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