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Pageant S5 Monarch

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  • 2005 2 Single axle Touring 1062 1238 6.489 2.19 950 Yes Yes 5 What was really bad - nothing. There was a build defect - the fridge condensate drain had its drain bung left in place by Bailey, which had caused water to flow out the front to soak the partition wall. The roll out/fold out small front table looked liable to break, so I added a removable support leg, it then becomes usable for two, for a full meal. Front centre window marked due to the two panes making contact from wind pressure whilst towing. The Remi roof light sealing rubbers tend to rot away due to the sun. Grill jet had been made the wrong size, so the grill was almost useless. Oven was difficult to make it remain lit on initially lighting. Analogue battery meter not that usefull. Lots of volts drop through the 12v panel PCB. Long blown air to bathroom going under floor, meant most of the heat was lost. Mostly these issues I have resolved myself. <br /><br />Still needing attention is the awning light - a poor idea, which was not even slightly sealed again the weather and the interior rusts away. 5 I'm am not style conscious - its a caravan and function beats form. Yes, very and a nice layout for two. Relatively massive bathroom space. 4 Seems very stable on tow, not the slightest wobble in a thousand miles so far. 5 Check that fridge condensate drain pipe bung has been removed. From outside, remove the vent covers and look for the clear plastic pipe, which discharges into an evaporation tray - make sure the pipe is not obstructed at the end with a bung. 4 Yes. Removable leg added to front roll out small cantelevered table, to make it more robust. Mover. 12v volts drop through panel improved. Digi meter added. Light added over the worktop opposite the kitchen, strangely - it was the one area which lacked any quality illumination. <br /><br />Long blown air pipe completely removed and the original outlet placed along side door to outside, near the heater, so it blows across towards/ under the bathroom door. The heater was useless before and the outlet in the bathroom only ever blew a cold air draft. Now it makes the caravan good even in sub-zero conditions. The heating system and its controls now work wonderfully well. The warm air flow under the bathroom door is adequate and makes the whole van much, much warmer than before. An essential mod, if you hope to use the van in other than mid summer. 5 used Independent showroom I bought it as a superficially damaged repairable, from a dealer who specialises in such, with some minor damage to the O/S skin. Other than that it had been serviced on time and was immaculate inside and out. With a terrific discount due to the damage, which I repaired to my own satisfaction for just a few pounds. <br /><br />It has been my most satisfying purchase in 50 years of caravanning. No major faults, just minor niggles I could easily sort out, plus the obvious damage repair. Yes

It seems to be a 2005 layout model due to the circular shower, although registered as a 2004.

An incredible amount of storage. Proper domestic mixer taps all round, with good pressure. Great bathroom size with plenty of room and a very large rounded shower space. Large fridge and larger freezer section. Plenty of work-top facing the kitchen. Usable roll out small table, plus a large free standing table hidden away which can serve in the awning. Two over six foot beds or they make up into one large double, they work well either way. Removable carpets work well, but they were maybe an option(?). It tows stable and no problems with with setting up the nose weight. No damp issues at all now, nor as far as I can tell, any previously. 16 separate internal lights, means you have light where you need it, but takes a lot of current.


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