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Pageant Magenta

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  • 1996 2 Single axle Touring 904 1148 6.213 2.19 873 Yes Yes 5 A bit short in length, we tend to take loads of stuff for walking, swimming etc but it suffices. 5 Except the dated stripes. Very,hmmmm 5 Behind a 3.1 litre intercooled Isuzu, no problems. 5 Loads of switches and isolators so listen when someone tells you what does what. <br />I didn't and have finally figured it all out. 5 Very much,we are in it as I type this and it's peeing down and blowing a hooley and we are toasty and dry None that I am aware of. 5 used Privately Luckily for us he was moving to Selsey and there is a covenant on his new house banning caravans so he sold it too us at mates rates. Yes

Its soooo much better than a tent.
Well made, despite its age everything works.
Shower,water heater,blown air heater,,,, we love it.


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