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Olympus S1 464

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  • 2011 4 Single axle Touring 1350 Yes Yes 4 Natural noseweight 85 Kg - I gave up towing it with a 75Kg noseweight car.<br />Leaks into front lockers, damp on wooden flooring (fixed under warranty). <br />Interior fitments feel flimsy (no breakages yet) 5 Yes. it is a small fixed bed layout that is only 7'2" wide. Good size and layout for us. Yes. Fitted bed comfortable 5 Yes with a car that has aleast an 85Kg Noseweight limit. 4 For ALL ALUTEC 2010/11/12 vans. Check for evidence of damp under the front lockers' plastic liners. Check all three before buying. if bare wood, no staining - good build, likely to stay that way.<br />Black painted wood - has had damp and has been treated - ok<br />Bare wood with staining - water ingress has occurred at sometime and has not been treated. Must be treated before buying. 5 Yes Increased amount of LED lighting.<br />Fitted shelves in top lockers. 4 new Franchised dealer Very good apart from an issue with the transferring of Mover from old to new van - promised it would be done, then couldn't do it. Yes

ALUTEC Construction. Solid walls and roof construction. No damp in the walls, roof, front or back walls.
Good layout. Good fitment level. Comfortable for 2. Tows well with the right towcar.


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