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Rialto 640-6

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  • 2002 1 Twin axle Touring 1280 1550 7.9 2.18 Yes Yes 5 Wheels were not balanced when purchased. Balanced at first opportunity after collection.<br />Filament lights by the bunks get hot - replaced.<br />Clear glass to bathroom area requires blinds to be closed making it dark when using the loo.<br /> 5 Yes, simple clean lines. Yes 5 Yes, with an appropriate towcar 5 The front locker is not waterproof, and there is a gap at the rear through which small objects can be lost 'en route' - beware. 5 Yes Yes, the water system was modified to include an onboard water tank.<br />Additional side indicators added to the end of the front locker.<br />TV table by lower fixed bunk is too low as standard, so I asked for it to be supplied but not fitted. I then fitted it at a more appropriate height.<br />Additional shelf with front rail support added at the foot (rear) of the upper fixed bunk.<br />Florescent strip lighting added to fixed bunks and small LED light fitted to the lower dinette bed as the standard filament lamps got very hot - not a good idea for where children are likely to sleep.<br />Added mirror privacy coating to rear bathroom window, allowing daytime use of the area without closing the blind, while still allowing through-vision for towing. 4 new Franchised dealer Good https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-83810800-1372429882.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-97406300-1372429891.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-34041900-1372429907.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-80182300-1372429930.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-95504600-1372429960.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-76061500-1372429971.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-15452300-1372429985.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-49151300-1372429994.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-39530700-1372430007.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-89121100-1372430013.jpg,monthly_07_2013/ccs-6-0-07077500-1372756355.jpg Yes

Just about everything . . .
Practical six berth layout, well built.
Interesting graphics on the fixed bunk sides, and a sturdy ladder to the upper bunk.


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