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Argenté 640-6 (Dealer special badged as Windsor)

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  • 2005 6 Twin axle Touring 1350 1600 7.92 2.3 1034 Yes Yes 2 Side folding bunk cushions do not fit well on lower bunk.<br />Wide body is mounted on a standard width chassis, allowing flexing of the floor, and in our case causing the bodywork joints to fail because of stress.<br />Clam door on the shower distorted so the magnetic holding strips did not align.<br />Lack of attention to detail during manufacture.<br />There were numerous faults with the particular model we bought, that hopefully will not be the case for all.<br />With some reservation I would recommend the model.<br /> 4 Yes Yes. Seats offer good support, and the fabric, although light in colour, was easy to clean.<br />The bed also offered good support, until one of the bed slats broke where there was a knot in the wood. 5 Towing was never a problem, although at first the additional body width was noticeable. 3 Shoddy factory workmanship. 5 Yes. The leading edge slat for the front double bed was a sub-standard sandwich construction that didn't feel safe to sit upon, and was was starting to crack so was replaced with piece of solid ash wood that felt much more secure.<br />I am not particularly heavy, but the plastic bed slat runners distorted with time, and so were supported by two lengths of timber under the overhang, stained to match the trim (see picture of the modification).<br />Additional side indicators added to the end of the front locker, as the towcar's indicators are easily obscured by the wider caravan body (see picture of the modification).<br />Added mirror privacy coating to rear bathroom window, allowing daytime use of the area without closing the blind, while still allowing through-vision for towing. 3 new Franchised dealer OK https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-42813800-1372427274.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-26062800-1372427280.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-19163900-1372427286.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-48102900-1372427290.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-65643200-1372427305.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-65448500-1372427310.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-78052700-1372427316.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-26676600-1372427323.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-45394800-1372427328.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-69842800-1372427332.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-90969900-1372427336.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-44491400-1372427341.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-55360500-1372427345.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-70545100-1372427351.jpg,monthly_06_2013/ccs-6-0-04662500-1372427360.jpg,monthly_07_2013/ccs-6-0-27076300-1372755758.jpg,monthly_04_2017/ccs-6-0-11159000-1493579259.jpg Yes

Practical six berth family caravan. Wider body gives the impression of greater space. Fixed bunks are practical, and can be screened off. Folding side bunk is easy to erect. Standard microwave. A good size kitchen worktop makes meal preparation easy. Dedicated clean and dry spare wheel storage in a locker under the caravan floor.
With a body length such as this, if a full awning is employed, you can seat over 20 people for a meal.


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