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  • 2013 5 Single axle Touring Yes Yes 5 Not the caravans fault but even though the gas regulator is well above the cylinder valve it has failed. It is a Trauma GOK regulator it has been replaced with the same plus a Trauma inlet filter to hopefully overcome the problem.I have dismantled the old regulator, not only is there a brown oily substance in the inlet side but the diaphragm had started to disintegrate which resulted in a loss of gas to the equipment. I have read a number of forum articles discussing this. With today's technology I would have thought it was possible for the manufacturer to Identify where this oily substance is originating and find a solution, maybe they are making money by not doing so and ripping us off in the process. 5 Yes Yes 4 Relatively but it is slightly wider than your average caravan 5 None 5 Yes on board water tank 4 used Independent showroom OK but 18 months later I am still waiting for an open door retaining catch despite it being promised before I bought it Caravan Company you have failed me on this task Yes

Good layout good lighting good equipment
well built. Central heating nice shower and toilet area


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