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Altea Sportline DK

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  • 2013 6 Single axle Touring 1157 1300 7.23 2.29 1000 Yes Yes 4 Kitchen worktop space is rather lacking but by adding a fitted chopping board over the sink area has increased this somewhat. The fridge could also do with being a little bigger, especially as we are on a seasonal site...both points is why we gave the caravan a 4 star. Vent/Head/Winter boards should of also been added to the bunk beds to aid in air flow and help cut down condensation in this area, you'd be surprised at how damp the walls can feel after a nights sleep during the cold weather. We have since added our own versions of these and wow what a difference....easy job. We have also experienced staining on some wall boards inside the cupboards situated over the kitchen area....we expect this comes from using the microwave, kettle and hob. 4 Externally we do love the way it looks and notice other companies starting to use it too. Still looks very modern, fresh.<br /><br />Internally everything looks clean, simple, modern and easy on the eye, not to mention a neutral colour scheme thus giving us the chance to add our own extras and soft furnishings in the styles and colours we wanted. Fab!! Yes, very. We use a quality memory foam mattress on the front seating area when turning it to bed mode so find it very comfortable and spacious. Our son and friends that have used the bunk beds have said that they too are very roomy and comfy, which is great to hear.<br /> As the bathroom is to the side we have lots of walk through space which makes the caravan seem open and airy. We also love the LED lighting around the caravan and the soft close draws in the kitchen area with quality metal runners. Such simple touches like this makes the caravan seem comfy, homey and special. We have also enjoyed adding our own soft furnishings and so fourth like cushions, bed linen, crockery etc etc to add extra warmth and colour. Love it!! 5 Had no problems towing. Felt very stable and having the larger A frame no doubt helped this. 4 Backing was coming off the bottom of the mirror in the bathroom and we also had some rust showing up in the kitchen sink but these have since been replaced by the dealer at our caravans first service. We also experienced an ongoing issue with one particular storage locker button even though replaced twice, we have been waiting for another replacement part to be sent out to us since our caravans service but have yet to receive it! On a positive note the caravan comes with a 10 year water ingress warranty so that says something!! 4 Almost, primarily because we use the van as a static on a seasonal site rather than as a tourer we find the kitchen work top area and fridge a bit too small to fully meet our needs, other than that the rest of the caravan is great. External electric socket, electric heating element, extra sockets inside, TV bracket were all added via the dealer at purchase. Had Venture install the larger Heki rooflight at the same time our caravan was serviced earlier this year as well and it looks fantastic and the extra light speaks for itself. We ourselves have modified the bathroom sink/shower, so now have a separate tap and head for each where before it was all in one. We've also added a water filter and a connection point for an external wifi aerial as well as a handy hanger on the main door and a hdmi socket. Other simple things added have been a wire double cup/mug rack and a matching plate holder, both of which come with plates to secure them to the inside of one of our cupboards. We also purchased a similar matching cutlery holder which we use in the top draw of the kitchen area of which we have also slightly adapted to make use of the draws depth. Vent/Head/Winter boards have also been added to the bunk beds. This aids ventilation and cuts condensation down. Mattresses used to stop air flow so adding these have been brilliant. Not sure why they are not put in as standard as they are everywhere else in the caravan?! For reference we took a lot of photos during our purchase and onwards of which you can find here....including info on how we adapted the bathroom taps and so fourth so you may find some usefulness out of this.Just copy and paste the following link into another page. http://s1220.photobucket.com/user/appleby7/media/Our%20Adria%20Sportline%20DK%202013/DSCF0687.jpg.html?sort=6&o=0 5 new Franchised dealer Venture Caravans were great when purchasing the caravan and were great throughout our first year of ownership - very good helpful dealer and would recommend them for purchase. Their service center side of things wasn't so good though as to the condition our van was returned to us in after its 1st service, this is run by someone else. The work itself was good but the mess they just left was not!!<br /> Yes

Having been an owner/user of this our first caravan for just over 12 months now we feel ready to add our review here.

The build quality seems exceptional in this van as are the large impressive bunk beds. The DK version especially has a very good separation of headroom in them making the bottom bunk even more suitable for adults to use too. The caravan also has winter backs on each of the seating areas plus in the cabinetry which is a great feature as they allow for airflow all around. Bunk bedroom end has a separate side seating area across from it and so the room can be closed off via a quality concertina door. This has come in very handy to use as a dressing room or when one of us has been ill or has suffered from a migraine or 2 not to mention the usual use of the room by our son and his friends for games, tv, relaxing! As there is a handy cupboard in-between the beds and seating areas, it can be used for both a bedside cabinet - great for drinks in the night and early morning and a for a TV, although a mounted TV bracket allows for this cupboards top to be clear for other things. We also use the seating area in this room for meals and it has seated 3 adults and one 11 year old just fine. If you have 3 or 4 children/guests staying in this area then this part of the caravan literally turns into a dormitory!!! Fantastic!

The main front seating areas are also ample and very comfortable with space to stretch out or relax against making it a perfect place to crash out and watch some TV, read or enjoy the views. There is a lovely large window to the front with smaller ones on each side of the van maximizing the natural light. Bringing out the dinner table that is stored handily in one of the cupboards allows for at least 5 people to sit comfortable here and eat (This is also us utilising the wrap around seating area). Haven't tried it with 6.

The kitchen area comes with a 3 gas burner hob, combined oven/grill, 90L fridge with small top freezer compartment, large sink and a handy microwave in one of the overhead compartments. The area also has adequate storage for crockery/cutlery/cookware

We have the sportline dealer special which came with a few upgrades/extras which included a Maxiview satellite system/sat dish (we chose to have this instead of roof aerial), carpets - which have been fantastic as not so cold or noisy underfoot, the wrap around seating cushion upped the dinner table capacity but also allows us to relax over it and stretch out. Love the small grey granite lift up table and the microwave as well as the upgraded upholstery. Externally the alloy wheels, spare tyre, alko stabiliser and the sportline graphics. Majority of these items can be purchased separately anyway at any time if you have the Altea so great to know if you don't want the initial expense!

Another love is of ours is the bathroom even though compact it still has all you need from the toilet to the sink to the shower to the storage spaces. As the bathroom is situated in the center of the caravan it means no one sleeping at either side of the caravan has to disturb the opposite by having to walk past. This really is a good feature. The shower curtain looks adequate to protect the electric flush toilet, towel rails and holders from any water from the shower head, although haven't actually used the shower, other than for washing our hair in the sink. The sink/shower taps/heads have become even better with our tweek of them as have the cupboard door knobs in there. Very easy to clean too and because of its compactness, means the extra room within the caravan has been used elsewhere, which was one of the reasons why we chose this particular caravan. Its also always toasty warm when the Truma blown air heating is on as there is also a heat vent in here. Brill.


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