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Altea 542DT

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  • 2011 6 Single axle Touring 1300 7.23 2.29 Yes Yes 5 Couple of items possibly should be included within standard spec such as electric on the heater, rather than "electric prep".<br />Front bed "shelf" causes 15mm drop in bed on one side. Easily sorted (see my threads on this) but the one poor design feature I have found on van.<br />Fridge smaller than some others. 4 Yes very much so. Many UK manufacturers now following Adrias' lead and designing the curved front ends.<br />The heavily tinted windows add a touch of class and help keep cooler inside. Bunks very comfy per kids (and a quick try by me!) and spacious.<br />Side dinette fits one adult and one child each side so no need for front dining to be used. Solid foam cushions seem durable and firm to sit on.<br />Front lounge comfy and plenty of room for 4, or more with a squeeze. The bed it turns into has problem of shelf drop as mentioned but once sorted its big and comfy overall.<br />Kitchen space usable, and dinette table extra workspace.<br />Bathroom very usable space and feels more solid than some others we tried. Good shower and no fill tank for toilet as all runs from one supply which makes set up and drain down much easier (and saves on pink fluid!). 5 Yes. Long A frame helps stability. Curved front must help aerodynamics. Extra width helps keep planted on road.<br />Can be slightly nose heavy from factory so check noseweight and if car can take up to say 90kg you should be fine and will tow well.<br />problem will be keeping weight down overall to within the 1300kg as lots of storage on board and large van for this weight! 5 Ours was 2 years old when we bought and haven't found anything wrong so far, says a lot to me!<br />Warranty transferrable as long as has been serviced by Adria annually, so balance of 6 years water ingress (new ones 10 I believe) available if you ever need it. You don't see to much about damp Adria's however due to their continental construction method and quality control at their very modern factory. Says a lot to me also!<br /><br />EDIT 26/7/13: Slight leak from Reich bathroom tap which apparently can be an issue to watch out for. Watch out for pump occasionally priming and check for leaks. All replaceable under warranty if less than 3 years old but worth a mention as so little else to mention! 5 Very much so. This was our first caravan after changing from a folding camper so that we could do more all season camping and easier set ups for weekends.<br />We researched a lot before buying so was sure this would meet our needs and has so far very much so, and indeed exceeded some. Gradual ones as we go such as adding cross slats to bed to make more comfy. previous, owner added status aerial and external aerial point, TV bracket so can be viewed from front and back and extra sockets inside.<br />We will add the electric element for the excellent blown heating. Have added front lounge only carpet from local carpet shop<br /><br />EDIT 2/6/14<br />Have now added blue Alko shock absorbers - easy DIY job 5 used Privately Private seller, very helpful and was easy transaction at a decent price for us. Yes

Amount of internal space and width.
Great size bunks at 2ft 6" wide.
Good size shower room that doubles as usable dressing room.
Quality feel of whole van inside and out.
Long A frame.
Lightweight for size of van.
Great value for money for quality on offer.
Polyester sides and roof, no worries about bikes, awning poles, footballs etc!


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