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Adora 532 LD

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  • 2007 5 Single axle Touring 1160 1400 7.2 2.29 980 Yes Yes 5 I can't say that there is anything I'd consider bad about the van and any shortcomings are perhaps subjective.<br />One thing I did come across recently was that the oven only had ONE shelf which is slightly unusual but that could be down to the previous owner(s) removing one at some point.<br /><br />While we're on the subject of the kitchen, we were used to an end kitchen with extra worktop space in our last van so the Adora's central kitchen is a compromise. To be fair it does have a pull-out shelf to give extra work space so it's really no different to any other van with a central kitchen. It's also worth noting that unlike many caravaners, we like to cook meals in the caravan so maybe we expect more from a caravan kitchen than most other users do.<br /><br />The wardrobe is not full height and therefore not quite as spacious as in our last van and we do miss the top two shelves which were great for putting your 'smalls etc' on but as there are only two of us, it's not a problem but it might be a little tight for a family of 4 or 5... certainly it wouldn't be a deal-breaker even if I did have a family and was looking at purchasing the van as there's no end of overhead lockers to make use of.<br /> <br />Other than that, there's nothing to complain about and I'm quite pedantic when it comes to finding fault! <br /><br />If I was to offer one word of advice I'd be careful about overloading the large front locker as it could make the nose-weight too heavy! 5 Externally, I can't say it's the most attractive caravan I've ever come across but it's certainly far from ugly and typically European in styling. The curved front should help it cut through air resistance and it's certainly an appealing van to look at.<br /><br />Internally however, it is a very welcoming van - pleasant colour scheme with everything performing as it should.<br />I particularly like the large Heki rooflight which gives the van a very light and airy feel.<br /><br />It came with a complete set of unused fitted carpets - we haven't put them down and to protect the 'wood look' flooring surface we've put down three matching non-slip rugs which we found in LIDL for around £10 each - they still give the van a warm feel and it certainly makes things far easier to keep clean than fully fitted carpets. Is it comfortable? Absolutely! I've only owned the van since last summer and each time I visit it, I am amazed at how homely it feels and it's as if we've owned it for years. 5 Now I've not towed this van as it was given to me as a present by my daughters and delivered by them to the site it's kept on but I'm reliably informed by both my daughter and son-in-law that it tows very well. In fact my daughter had never towed anything until she tried with this van and had no trouble so if a novice at towing can manage it, then it's fair to say it must be pretty good.<br /><br />The van also has a longer than usual A-frame which does help with towing and the platform on the A-frame makes it easy to stand on when cleaning the front top of the van, which in itself is a bonus. 5 Nothing really to look out for other than you'd look for in purchasing any used van.<br /><br />This was my first winter with the Adora and I never visited the site where I keep it from the end of October of last year to mid-April this year and was concerned as to how well it had fared with regard to water ingress over winter.<br />I need not have worried... it was bone dry and smelled as fresh as if I'd used it last week instead of nearly 6 months ago.<br />There was no mildew or mold to be seen or smelled anywhere and the cushions etc were also bone dry. A credit to the build quality. 5 Absolutely! <br />We wanted a van in which we could leave a rear bed set up with full length front day beds and this van fits the bill.<br />The shower room is also very important to us as we never use the site shower and it's great.<br />The kitchen is well appointed which again for us is important. I'm maybe going to replace the cushions of rear dinette with a custom made mattress to make the rear bed permanent ( for us) and maybe add a couple of extra spot-lights in the front area to aid reading but the van is so well appointed straight from the factory, there's very little to modify so for those who like personalising their vans, it might seem a little boring as it comes with all the extras as standard.<br />Oh, just a thought, maybe an extra 240v socket but hardly anything else. 5 used Privately I was given the van as a present but my daughter purchased it privately and said the seller was excellent and honest to deal with so that's all I can say about this. Yes

For starters, the build quality really shines through in the fixtures and fittings. Everything has a really solid feel about it, unlike so many other vans I've looked at. There's just nothing flimsy about anything in the Adora.

The kitchen drawers for instance feel like those in a substantial modern domestic kitchen, likewise so too do the compliment of 16 overhead lockers
The fridge is of a decent size and works very efficiently with a decent sized freezer compartment and the oven and 4 burner hob plus a substantial s/s sink/drainer with glass cover complete the kitchen area so you'll never be short of a freshly cooked meal.
The combined shower room/toilet is really well appointed, spacious and very functional with the large mirror and selective down-lighting giving it a light and airy feel.
There are numerous matching cupboards and shelves to keep every conceivable toiletry imaginable. The blown air heating feeds the shower room so no matter how cold outside, a shower is always comfortable.
One of the reasons why I really like the Adora 532 LD is the layout, particularly the spacious rear dinette which can be converted into a 'fixed' or permanent 3/4 bed which is what we have done. There are two substantial wooden sliding doors which can section off the rear to provide a very private bedroom.
There is also an additional 'pullman' type bunk at the rear which can be set up to provide a 5th berth if needs arise.

The Truma water heater and the blown air gas/electric heater ( fitted as standard) works very efficiently.

The front seating area provides 2 full length very comfortable day beds with thick cushioning and very pleasing coverings which no doubt would provide a very comfortable night's sleep if used as a double or two single beds.

The center console drawer/cupboard also allows for a pull out breakfast table as well as somewhere to place the TV etc which is close to the arial socket etc.
For larger families there is also a large free-standing table housed vertically in a slot covered by a narrow door alongside the wardrobe. We only use the large table when we have extra guests or outside if we have a barbecue.
There is also a built in stereo 'Car Radio /CD ' player with speakers and external arial as standard equipment.
There are factory fitted external connections in the form of a 240v socket and a gas point for a barbecue/heater.
The front locker is huge so you're never stuck for space.
Overall, for a van built nearly 7 years ago, there is little to wish for and it offers a very well appointed van at a reasonable price.


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