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Caravan reviews

Our caravan reviews database full of genuine owner reviews and comments written by our members.

As a member you can add reviews of your current and previous towcars to our database with a simple form. Just head to your manufacture of choice and select "Add caravan review".
    1. Abi

      Caravan Talk members with Abi touring caravans (or those who have previously owned Abis) can post a review in this section.

      Although Abi now focus solely on the static side of things, there are still plenty of pre-2001 tourers on sites and roads up and down the country. Do post your own legacy-preserving review, just sign in to your CT account and post away.
      caravan reviews
    2. Adria

      This is the Adria caravan reviews section on Caravan Talk - members are able to review their Adria touring caravans past and present and post them here.
      caravan reviews
    3. Avondale

      Avondale owning members can submit reviews of their caravans here. You can add your own review to help preserve the memory of this iconic brand (and help prospective buyers of second-hand Avondales with your feedback) by logging into your Caravan Talk account and clicking on the green ‘Add Caravan review’ box.

      Avondale sadly went into administration in 2008 after 38 years of manufacturing, but it will be a long time yet before the name is forgotten...Avondale touring caravans can still be found all over the UK and beyond.
      caravan reviews
    4. Bailey

      Whether you own an older Bailey touring caravan or a newer Alu-Tech model, this is the place to post your feedback in the form of a review.

      Bailey of Bristol are celebrating their 65th anniversary this year and are the UK’s biggest caravan manufacturer.
      caravan reviews
    5. Bessacarr

      This is the home of the Bessacarr touring caravan reviews on Caravan Talk.

      Bessacarr are part of the Swift group; the new 2013 range is renowned for its high quality finishing and interiors. If you’d like to submit your own Bessacarr review just make sure you’re signed up and signed in.
      caravan reviews
    6. 9
      caravan reviews
    7. Carlight

      Caravan Talk members can read and post reviews of Carlight touring caravans here.

      Carlight Caravans were established in 1932 and, having gone through numerous development stages in the intervening years, are still going strong.
      caravan review
    8. Coachman

      Coachman owning Caravan Talk members can submit reviews in this section. If you’re looking for a review offering independent and impartial feedback about a Coachman caravan, start here.
      caravan reviews
    9. Compass

      Caravan Talk members who own Compass touring caravans can review them in this section.

      Compass, part of The Explorer Group, will be re-launched as a brand in September 2013, a year after the launch of the innovative SoLiD construction method. Reviews of both earlier Compass models and of the new 2014 Compass caravans will be welcome here.
      caravan reviews
    10. Elddis

      Here you will find reviews, posted by members of the Caravan Talk community, of Elddis touring caravans.

      Elddis are the manufacturer behind the pioneering SoLiD Construction method, which is now used for all of their touring caravans and motorhomes.
      caravan reviews
    11. Eriba

      This is the home of the Eriba touring caravan reviews on Caravan Talk. Members who own an Eriba can offer their feedback here; if you’d like to add your own thoughts, just sign into your Caravan Talk account.

      These compact and instantly recognisable tourers have become a real hit with Eribanauts over the years, earning something of a cult status. Check the reviews to find out why.
      caravan reviews
    12. Eterniti

      Owners of Eterniti touring caravans can share their feedback with the Caravan Talk community in this section by posting a review.

      Eterniti are a newcomer to the UK caravan market, having opened their doors for business in October 2012. Eterniti caravans are famed for their Eazzzzy technology, including the Eazzzzyslide slide-out which offers increased living space.
      caravan reviews
    13. Fifth Wheel

      This is the area for Fifth Wheel touring caravan owners to post their reviews and let the rest of the Caravan Talk community know what they think.

      The Fifth Wheel company was established in 2002 to fill a gap in the UK caravan market for luxury, slide-out tourer. Read the reviews in this section to see if the Caravan Talk members agree with the industry hype.
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    14. 2
      caravan reviews
    15. Hobby

      Caravan Talk members can share their thoughts on their Hobby touring caravans here. To add your own review to the database, simply create or sign in to your Caravan Talk account.

      Hobby, the world’s largest caravan manufacturer, produce over 100 models a day. Hobby Caravans (UK) Ltd are the sole importers to the UK with a wide-ranging sales and servicing network.
      caravan reviews
    16. Hymer

      Members of the Caravan Talk community can read and post reviews of Hobby touring caravans here.

      Hymer have long been associated with innovative caravan design and manufacture and remain popular all over Europe and beyond.
      caravan reviews
    17. Lunar

      Lunar touring caravan reviews, submitted by members of Caravan Talk. In this section you can read what our members think of their Lunar caravans, as well as submitting your own review to share your feedback with the community.

      Lunar have over 40 years of caravan manufacturing experience, and are famed as one of the leading UK manufacturers of lightweight touring caravans.
      caravan reviews
    18. Sprite

      This is the place to find reviews of Sprite touring caravans written by members of the Caravan Talk community. Feel free to add your own review to the collection - just log in to your Caravan Talk member account.

      Part of the Swift Group, Sprite caravans are best known for their affordability and light weights.
      caravan reviews
    19. Sterling

      The home of Sterling touring caravan reviews on Caravan Talk.

      Sterling caravans are manufactured by the Swift Group, and incorporate distinctive internal decor.
      caravan reviews
    20. Swift

      This is the Caravan Talk section for Swift touring caravan reviews submitted by our members. You can add a review of your own Swift caravan to this section by signing in to Caravan Talk.

      The Swift group was founded in 1964, and has been a mainstay in the UK touring caravan market ever since.
      caravan reviews
    21. Van Royce

      Caravan Talk members who own Van Royce touring caravans can post reviews here.
      • No caravan reviews here yet
    22. Vanmaster

      Vanmaster caravan owners can share their feedback by posting a review of their caravan in this section. Former Vanmaster owners are also welcome to offer their thoughts by reviewing their old Vanmasters.

      At the end of April 2013, Vanmaster went into administration and is now under new ownership. We will provide more details on Caravan Talk as they unfold.
      caravan reviews
    23. Other

      If you can't find your caravan manufacturer just include it here and we'll create a new section when there are enough reviews.
      caravan reviews
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