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A repair to my failed rear light.




I was ready to head for home with all the gear packed away, the legs were up and the van was hitched on. Only the lights to check before leaving – and it’s a tedious job when you’re a solo caravanner. Fortunately, a passing dog walker helped me out. All correct – except that I only had three tail lights. The near-side cluster light wasn’t lit. A judicious tap, and it came on, but almost immediately went off again. I decided to leave it for later since I was driving in day-light.

Not until yesterday did I get around to looking at it. The rear clusters on my van are made by Jokon, which remove by simply taking out four screws.




To remove the fitting entirely, the wire on each bulb holder needs to be disconnected. Before doing so, I suggest taking a photo of the position of each wire so that there is no error on re-fixing.

The bulb bar clips to the plastic cover. Clips push side way to release.




The bulb which supplies the rear light is a double filament bulb – that is one bulb lights for both the rear light and the brakes, so the bulb holder has three terminals. The two base terminals are under slight pressure, each being held in the lighting frame by plastic clips. The terminal for the rear light had lost its tension because one tiny plastic leg was fractured.

The brake and side light terminals.   5-watt for side light and 21-watt for brake light.




The red arrow points to the broken leg making contact between the terminal and the bulb intermittent.       Replacement terminals are available on ebay.




The new terminal holders. One assembled. The other still to be done.




With the old terminal holder pulled out, a new one was put together and snapped into place.

Double filament bulbs because of their staggered pins fit only the one way in the holder.

The new terminal fitted to the bulb holder.




I took the opportunity to remove all the old bulbs, clean up the holders and give them a smear of silicone grease, before fitting some new bulbs.


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