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There is safety in a recommended source 'Word of Mouth'

Martyn Raybould



We have all heard the term in just about everything, Plumbing to Builder, Servicing workshop to Where to find a good Dentist.  

'Word of Mouth' is probably the most important term for someone with a need and only want to use a trusted or recommended provider.  That's why Engineer Aftercare Warranty, retail Caravan, Campervan and Motorhome warranty products not only directly to owners, but by working closely with trusted sites like Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS), CaravanTalk, Shield Total Insurance, ValetPRO cleaning & maintenance products, Phantom Tracking and others.  

Lets choose one example with the Approved Workshop Scheme.  The AWS is the official body of caravan manufacturers, dealers and fixed/mobile workshops, they are the only ones who can fix your new van when you have a claim under the manufacturer warranty.  You have to be 'Approved' to become a member, which means you have to show ability, experience and understanding of caravan and motorhome habitation sections, including Corgi gas requirements for safety.  Your equipment must be officially calibrated and tested periodically for reliability and safety, so that you the owner can relax knowing an AWS workshop did your 'Hab' check or service and you can enjoy trouble free and safe holidays with your family.

So, the next time you are considering buying your insurance or replacing a caravan warranty for peace of mind, see who your trusted source recommends, your friends, family or forum/members.  Then decide.

We at Engineer Aftercare Warranty wish all CaravanTalk members, be safe and well at this time.

Martyn Raybould MD  


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